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World´s Greatest Comics : Savage Dragon

I hate to sound like a broken record but Yesterday I was busy putting the finishing touches on my last post and finally cleaning up all the material I needed for said post ( at least most of it. There are still a few pictures / GIFS where I have to decide where to put them ). So the plan was to take a break during the weekend as the last few days have been packed with things. But wouldn´t you just know it, Today is Erik Larsen´s 55th birthday so I think a special post about the best comic book out there is in order.

As usual I still had some pictures lined up for my interrupted THORSDAY WITH ERIK LARSEN series but since it´s not every day that you turn 55 I wanted to do something a little more about the series SAVAGE DRAGON.

WARNING ! For those that have not read issues 200 and beyond from SAVAGE DRAGON there will be some spoilers ! Proceed at your own risk !

For those who have missed the THORSDAY WITH ERIK LARSEN installments here are the links for my posts about Erik Larsen´s issues of THE MIGHTY THOR under Dan Jurgen´s penmanship ( issue 26 / issue 27 / issue 28 ) and the first one about Erik Larsen´s own version of the god of thunder in his SAVAGE DRAGON series to which I never got around to write a follow up.

In fact there has not been many THORSDAY posts lately because every time I hear more about the current THORGIRL series I have to make an effort not to vomit outright. So if you have been avoiding the current perversion of Thor you might want to skip the next paragraphs. You may remember that when I first heard that Thor was supposed to lose his worthiness and could not lift Mjolnir anymore because of something Nick Fury whispered into his ear I hypothesized that the writer did not come right out and say what it was because he did not know. He had written himself into a bloody corner and had no f - wording idea how to get out of it. The other theory I had was that he DID know what it was that Nick Fury whispered into Thor´s ear BUT it was so stupid that he didn´t want to say it and therefore avoided putting it into a comic book for as long as possible. Which is never a good idea because after a while it can´t live up to the hype and the expectations no matter how good the initial idea is.

Well, I recently found out that what Nick Fury whispered in Thor´s ear was that he never was worthy and that he always knew. Like I said : a worst case scenario. Because not only does this show that the writer clearly has no idea how things work in Asgard - Thor never would have been able to lift the hammer if he was not worthy no matter what he himself might think - but also that he has no f - wording idea who Thor is. Let me just state this for the record : Thor is not some hipster, he is neither a hippie whose most important thing is getting in touch with his feelings and most certainly he is not one of those arthouse cinema fanatics who has nothing better to do than think about himself the whole day long. Thor is a hero, one of the founding members of the Avengers, the defender of Midgard, he´s the f - wording God of Thunder ! He has gone up against other gods, Celestials, time travellers, cosmic entities and even death himself and found a way to triumph every time. So anybody who thinks there might even be a slight chance that this guy has doubts about if he is worthy every time he tries to lift the hammer is more than delusional. Because that line of thinking will get you killed the minute push comes to shove.

So for the moment I´m staying as far away as I can from current issues of THORGIRL and I am waiting until the Epic Collections with Eric Masterson continue. If there are any future THORSDAY posts it will be about that period when Thor was still written with half a brain. Otherwise you get depressed. I mean, there were so many ways a series with a female god of thunder could have rocked but leave it up to the Disney hacks to ruin it.  

Coming back to SAVAGE DRAGON since I have done a lot of posts about this series I´m not going to post all links but I´m including the latest ones :  I already did a post with some of Erik Larsen´s best splash pages from his 200+ issue run and one that was all headshots ( okay, there is also the much clamored for blowjob scene between Horridus and Savage Dragon ).

But the most important one where I really went into detail about what actually happened in the issues was the one about SAVAGE DRAGON 200 a.k.a. the famous Threesome Issue ( which has links to my big SAVAGE DRAGON post in english and german ) where Malcolm Dragon and Angel finally get it on. The post explains the not brother and sister thing.

Now there was a big uproar on the internet which was partially about the brother and sister / not really brother and sister issue and partially about the nudity ( which for us comic readers from Europe is weird that it is still an issue ). At least until issue 202 which according to logic should be called The Foursome Issue because Erik Larsen went one step further and included Malcolm´s hot ex - girlfriend Tierra in the love merry - go - round.

Because it´s his book and he can do whatever he wants. And to tell you the truth, I don´t mind the nudity one bit. Some people seem to have a short memory but when SAVAGE DRAGON started out it was not all about family bliss and raising children but about a big green guy with a healthy sex drive. Sex was a very big issue and there was plenty of hot booty.

So all those critics who say that SAVAGE DRAGON is going into a totally awkward direction are wrong, it´s just coming back to its roots. Erik Larsen said from the beginning that this comic is going to unfold in real time and one of the consequences is that people get old. Which is why he slowly faded out the original police Dragon and put Malcolm Dragon in the spotlight. And Angel. And Maxine. Who most people found annoying at first but who has become the favorite character for most at this point.

Although there are - once again - some readers who question if a woman with such an insatiable sexual appetite could really exist in the real world.

Now I don´t know if the clichés about asian women I mentioned in my last post are at work here or if it´s coincidence that Maxine is such a sexual dynamo AND just happens to be asian. I can´t say that I am free of all prejudices but on the other side sometimes you have to stop over - analyzing everything and just enjoy the comic. I have to wonder though : when the original Dragon finally goes to heaven ( which according to an earlier issue will be how you imagine it to be ) is it just me or does one of the women waiting for him look like Yaya Han ? Is Erik outing himself here, did he throw her in just for me or am I only seeing what I want to see ?

Now coming back to the fateful foursome, while it did bring back much needed nudity Erik Larsen is not one to squander any story opportunities.

And I´m not just talking about the booty here but also about the fact that Malcolm Dragon had sex with four women. If you know Larry Niven´s book Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex from 1969 about the medical / scientific consequences if somebody with the superpowers of Superman had sex with a normal women it should not surprise you that Malcolm gets them all pregnant. Which not only leads to all kinds of stories with the babies - like that Dart tries to steal them to use for her own sinister purposes - but also serves to put the characters onto the path of becoming more mature persons who now have to deal with raising a family. So the family of cop Dragon and his kids expands to Malcolm Dragon and Angel and their kids.

Man, we have to talk about Dart for a moment here. Because Erik Larsen is a real master of coming up with new menaces for the hero to beat. In the beginning this new Dart seemed like redeemable but she has turned into one of the meanest, nastiest foes and every time you think she can´t get worse Erik finds a way to up the ante. Of course where Dart is Kill Cat can not be far behind which means every now and then the Deadly Duo shows up. Not nearly often enough but as personal favorites go this ranks pretty high. It´s good to get a healthy dose of comedy relief especially if Kill Cat tries to rescue his damsel in distress of choice who is not as innocent nor as helpless as he imagines. Apropos imagining things, one of the best story parts are the hare - brain scenarios that Kill Cat comes up with to explain Dart´s strange behavior ( she´s a super villain, dude ) which often seem to come right out of the comic books the big two produce. And speaking about favorite characters I have to give a tip of the hat to everybody´s favorite mischmasch of the Hulk and Huey Lewis a.k.a. Neutron Bob.

Who got put out of commission by Dart pretty easy but with Erik Larsen you never know. While he is known to kill off main characters without any warning and unlike other books people who die in SAVAGE DRAGON stay dead he is not above to bring back certain characters. Because while dead means dead here there is always the possibility of the offspring taking up the mantle - like it happened with Dart, Angel or Malcolm Dragon - and as we just recently learned in the brilliant CRISIS ON EARTH X crossover on the CW ( which I hear is better than the overhyped Justice League movie ) no character is truly gone forever as long as you have 52 alternative universes. So there may be a way for Neutron Bob to come back from this.

And it´s not like he was killed off. He just lost his powers. Which - again - is something in SAVAGE DRAGON that can change with the turn of a hat. People get super powers or de - powered all the time and that´s not counting all the guys who injected themselves with Dragon blood only to unceremoniously explode in a smear of blood when you least expect it. 

By the way, as the resident super heroine closest to Power Girl Angel is one of my favorites and I would like to see her get more screen time. 

Ever since the foursome with Malcolm Dragon, Angel, Maxine and Tierra I was hoping for a foursome that includes Angel and Angel from Dimension X but sadly that is no longer a possibility. Not that we got to see any explicit scenes of the foursome while it happened. We only got the before and the after and what happened in - between was left to our imagination.

Unlike like what happened in the last issue but we will come to that later.

No, the only scenes we got of any version of Angel during intercourse was the Angel of Dimension X getting it on with Mister Glum. He is a perverted piece of work ( which is probably why so many readers can identify with the guy ) and I guess Pat Benatar was right after all : love IS a battlefield.

And I really thought all my fanboy dreams would come true when Malcolm and Angel went into Dimension X to arrest Mr. Glum. I thought they would fight but ultimately win and then bring Angel from Dimension X over to our world. Then they would deprogram her and the twin Angels would get freaky with Malcolm. But of course Mr. Larsen never does what you expect and while there was some Angel on Angel X action it turned out not to be the kind of xxx action I was hoping for. I have long since given up trying to guess in which direction this book goes but for me there was a lot of potential that was wasted here. Maybe Erik Larsen was getting confused with the two Angels and decided to just stick to one but he could have just parked one Angel in Dimension X or somewhere else. In the latest issues there popped up a lot of clones of Angel´s Mom so there is always the possibility for a clone of Angel but I ask myself why he went to all the trouble of eliminating the Dimension X Angel just to bring her back later anyway. I guess sometimes you do not know where a storyline takes you.

At least the elimination of Angel from Dimension X gave Erik Larsen an excuse to put the spotlight on the remaining Angel again. First up in a story where Mr. Glum tried rebuild his life with what was available at the moment which meant trying to get on Angel´s good side in his own way.

And I´m saying that because kidnapping normal Angel to Dimension X and dressing her up in the other Angel´s outfit ? I´m not sure that is such a great idea. Women can be weird that way. I know it´s comics but SAVAGE DRAGON is more rooted in reality than most comic books ( at least in the way characters react and behave, not so much in the way that there are lots of people with super powers ) so as a reader you get the idea that this schtick is doomed from the start. On the other side who would have thought that Mr. Glum would manage to turn any version of Angel not only into his submissive girlfriend / lover but further than that that he would successfully tame her into his own living nymphomanic blow up sex doll ?

Taking that into account Mr. Glum´s plan of achieving his goal by dressing up Angel like sado / maso Angel from Dimension X ( or should we start calling it Dimension XXX at this point ? ) leaving her stranded and then coming to the rescue like the big hero doesn´t seem so far - fetched.

Sometimes the best plans are the most simple and it´s not like Mr. Glum had meticulous plans before. Mostly he got by with making things up as he went, a lot of ruthlessness and sheer luck. By the way, ever since I started with the first issue of the SAVAGE DRAGON mini series twenty - five years ago I always read not only the back up bonus stuff but also the letter´s page. Not only is it entertaining but there are always some things you don´t catch the first time reading. In this case the story was so engaging that I completely missed that the costume of Angel X had no underpants. 

Which makes total sense since it was either designed by Angel X or the big red sleeze himself and what does he care for underwear ? Maybe I should put this on a t - shirt : I don´t care for underwear. I should copyright that. But seriously since both Angel X and Mr. Glum were constantly doing the nasty Angel X would probably not wear anything under her costume.

And now that I think about it the same goes for a nation of hot amazon warriors. So not only does it make perfect sense that Angel X strolls around commando Wonder Woman should also. Now if only Andy Sidaris could have made the new Wonder Woman movie. But in a way all of the women in his movie were some kind of Wonder Women. Not only where the breast size is concerned but also in the way that they were all strong, capable women who always pulled their weight much more than the guys.

Okay, you are probably wondering how such a big perv like me could miss the whole no underwear thing but what can I say ? It didn´t distract from the story and it´s not like Erik went very graphic with it. He didn´t focus on it - unlike what he did in the latest issue. After the whole merging of all the different earths you might think that things would slow down a bit but our heroes don´t get a moment to catch their breath. As a quick aside I give Mr. Larsen kudos for showing the hacks at Marvel and DC how it is done. Instead of trying to wipe the slate clean and backpaddeling when the reader support - and more importantly sales figures - reach a low point he goes the other way by merging all the alternate universes so that now all stories since the first issue matter. Okay, he got rid of the multiverse but there´s always a way to bring it back again when the need arises.

Coming back to the latest issue of SAVAGE DRAGON I don´t want to spoil too much but since I have mentioned it twice I will say that it reaches new heights of the graphic depiction of Malcolm and Maxine´s squirtfests and that I am not posting any pages from that. Because it´s not only NSFW but it surely would get my blog deleted and that´s an experience I don´t want to go through again any time soon. I don´t even know how to call that issue because something like The Threeway Issue is fairly short while The Issue Where Malcolm Almost Drowns Maxine In Sperm is kind of long.

Speaking of NSFW comic stuff, I read online that there is a NSFW variant cover for SAVAGE DRAGON by KrashZone ( who most people know who have been on any websites with adult comic book art ) but so far I have only found censored versions. I also have looked online for the actual variant cover but so far I haven´t found it at any online comic shop.

What I am going to post is the last page of issue 228 which I found even more shocking than Malcolm and Maxine´s sex antics. Although I don´t know what hit home most : that I am five years older than Maxine´s Mom who she says is ancient or that I would totally switch places with Kevin.

Even though she´s ten years older than Yaya I would totally do Maxine´s Mom since asian women age better than most. I recently read in the bonus pages of the complete edition of YOKO TSUNO that Roger Leloup was doing some research in Bali and got to talk with one of the girls who do these traditional dances for tourists. He thought she was about twenty and was very surprised when she told him she was actually forty - two.

So, yep, in a movie adaption of SAVAGE DRAGON Yaya Han could totally play Maxine´s Mom. She does have a larger bust but I would be willing to go with Hollywood casting female characters with sexbomb no matter if it´s appropriate for the chance to see Yaya Han´s big 40D oppai naked.    

Speaking of casting the SAVAGE DRAGON movie, I finally got to mention the fact that Savage Dragon´s eternal love in another life, Alex Wilde a.k.a. die Wilde Alex in Germany or the one that got away is based on mega MILF Halle Berry . Like with the twin Angel situation this is another case where my hopes of getting her finally together with the original Dragon were squashed. I´m not sure if I would like to get her involved with Malcolm though I could totally picture him walking in on her when she´s in the shower - like it happened with Tierra - and Alex seizing the opportunity to find out how he compares to his old man. I mean on one side it could be weird for Malcolm, on the other side Alex is the biggest MILF in the entire Dragonverse and daimn, like Halle she still looks hot !

Which is a perfect closing statement for this post. I´m not sure if I have achieved what I set out to do but we will have to talk about how Airwolf SAVAGE DRAGON is in some other post. Next up on my queue is probably the delayed Joe Sinnott post so I´m going to leave you with another hot MILF from the imagination of Erik Larsen who looks like Wolverine´s Mom.

I didn´t go into too much detail about Savage Dragon 228 because I´m always trying no to spoil things but for those who want to know more Patrick Hayes has an in - depth analysis of the issue on SCIFI PULSE which you should not read before reading the actual comic and there´s a review on NEEDLESS ESSENTIALS ONLINE with preview pages that don´t reveal too much. There are also two links I came across during the research for this post that I want to share with readers : Cain Winstead at SUPERIOR SPIDER - TALK has some unused Ron Frenz covers for Amazing Spider - Man 279 and 280 ( the issues where Spider - Man gave Firelord a beat down ) and speaking of original art, even if you don´t have the necessary moolah to bid on this particular lot you might still want to go to BLEEDING COOL just to take a gander at the complete issue of Thor 134 by Jack King Kirby.

Since my last post there have been two comic related birthdays that I have covered in previous years ( well, actually three but we will come to Teri Hatcher later ) and the first one is Jerry Ordway who made a name for himself with the super hero teams from the WW II era and the resulting legacy characters. He´s best known as one of the foundations of John Byrne´s 80s Superman reboot and the shortlived The Power Of Shazam.

Even if you have only a remote interest in the big red cheese this series that was cut down before its time is a must read even if Jerry Ordway only did the interior art for the last six issues ( he did all the covers ). He was born to write the character and penciler Mike Krause is no slouch either.

Inker Mike Manley also does a few issues but the icing on the cake is The Power Of Shazam 14 with art by none other than the late great Gil Kane.

And Jerry Ordway did do all the art on the graphic novel of the same title that was the lead in for the ongoing series that won the Comics Buyer´s Guide Fan Award for Favorite Original Graphic Album. This book also came out during the much maligned decade of the 90s. I had it on my pull list and it was something I was looking forward to every month. I was so sad when it was cancelled and I weep for all the readers out there who only know the NEW 52 re - imagining and think they know the character.

For some reason comic companies are hesitant to hire Jerry Ordway and you really have to search for his work like his recent five issue stint on Spongebob Squarepants of all things. To honor one of my favorite artists I did a post about the Justice Society of America Annual 1 which was part of the Thy Kingdom Come saga and featured Power Girl´s return to Earth 2. Man, do you remember when Geoff Johns was still writing good comics ? Today the best version of the Justice Society characters is on Legends of Tomorrow what in itself is sad proof of the miserable state of DC Comics.

We continue with Jack Davis whom most people Today know from his contributions to the famous Mad magazine but who started out as one of the regular artist on the best horror anthology comics ever published. I have to mention him as the name of this blog leaves me no alternative.

I just shamelessly use any excuse to put more horror stuff on the blog and last year I managed to write a special double feature with two of those stories for the EC horror cult comics. I may be able to do another one this month but for now here´s a special about the tv series. This is another tv show I have to get in Spain even though it´s going to cost an arm and a leg. But here in Germany it´s just censored beyond recognition. Damn, just look at all the talent in this feature. No wonder they had to expand the series from the originally planned three seasons to seven seasons.

We skip any cult sirens who had an anniversary since my last post and go right to Today´s birthday list which starts with Nicki Minaj a.k.a. Nicki The Harujuku Barbie a.k.a. Nice Nipples Nick a.k.a. Sexy Chocolate a.k.a. Minaj - A - Trois who turns 35. Since I don´t watch music television on a regular basis anymore it took me a while to discover her through her appearances on various award and talk shows. The rapping bisexual sexbomb from indian, african and jamaican descent that looks like Robert Crumb´s wet dream became famous for her mindblowing 40F - 26 - 46 measurements which she presents in most provocative outfits and risque music videos.

Daimn, Nicki has gone on record that she demands to climax every time she has sex but with her massive mammaries and oral skills I doubt any guy would have a problem with that. And I´m not talking about her rapping !

Like I said, I´m not that knowledgeable about her and I may not be the biggest expert on what is art but I know what I like. While looking for a good video of Nicki I found a few which are probably not safe to post and I thought I would have to post The Ultimate Nicki Minaj Fap Challenge but luckily she also had some very funny appearances on Saturday Night Live.

Usually I have a hard time ( no pun intended ) to decide which video to post but thankfully YouTube made that decision for me by deleting all but the one with Nicki playing Kim Kardashian ( and yes, that is sarcasm ).

Teri Hatcher celebrates her 53rd birhtday and originally I just wanted to mention her and put up the link to her cult siren post but then I got started on a tangent about all her connections to comic books, her role on Supergirl and the Legion of Super - Heroes which got so long that I finally decided to turn it into a separate spin - off post which you can find here .

Staying in the DC universe, Jerry Ordway - I mentioned him earlier - did the comic adaption of the Batman movie with Micheal Keaton which had Kim Basinger or like she is known in Germany Kim Blasinger as Vicky Vale.

By the way, Vicky - not a really good name for a woman in Germany but we will come to that later. Back to Kim Basinger, she turns 64 and among the many films she starred in is also the semi - animated Cool World by Ralph Bakshi. Now I am no expert on acting but you know that someone is phoning it in when a toon version has more sex appeal than the real thing.

And since even the best GIF gives you only a glimpse of Holli Would´s real sex appeal here is the best music video with her I could find on YouTube.

To tell the truth, I am not sure if I have seen Cool World in its entirety because I have suppressed so much about this movie. Thankfully the always vigilant Nostalgia Critic comes to the rescue with a video that not only tells you all about it but also goes into all the details why this movie failed - like for instance the fact that the guys from Paramount Pictures rewrote the script so many times that Ralph Bakshi was finally fed up and told the animators to draw whatever they thought would be funny.

Coming back to Kim Basinger, apart from this little lapse she comes across as very attractive in most of her movies ( for one of her best nude scenes you definitely have to check out The Getaway ) and maybe I´m weird but her famous striptease in Nine And A Half Weeks never did much for me and I found her bed scene in My Stepmother is an Alien more arousing .

The first candidate in our Dearly Departed section is David Carradine who has more comic connections than his monologue on Superman in Kill Bill.

Which I found to be partially wrong. I mean, when you look at Superman from a superficial story driven view he is right but when you talk about the post - Crisis Superman from the John Byrne comics or Lois & Clark - The New Adventures Of Superman Clark is the real person and Superman is the disguise. Okay, you are probably wondering what those other comic related roles are. Well, David naturally became famous as Shaolin Kwai Chang Caine on the 70s cult show Kung Fu but he also appeared on other small screen series like Gunsmoke, Ironside, Amazing Stories, Matlock, The Ray Bradbury Theater, Doctor Quinn - Medicine Woman with Jane Seymour, Profiler, Acapulco H.E.A.T. with Alison Armitage, Medium with real live Power Girl Patricia Arquette, Alias with Elektra Jennifer Garner, Charmed with Alyssa Milano ( who celebrates her birthday on the 19th this month and about whom I already did two posts, the main post and the bonus round with her best episodes on Charmed ), Danny Phantom and the first Human Target series with Rick Springfield. On the big screen his movies include The Long Riders, Lone Wolf McQuade, Bird On A Wire, Martial Law with Cynthia Rothrock as well as the midnight classics Evil Toons with french sexbomb Monique Gabrielle and Animal Instincts with soft sex icon Shannon Whirry. He also reunited with actor Jan - Michael Vincent on that movie with whom he had shot an episode of Airwolf.

Finally he played tycoon Nerio Winch in the Largo Winch tv series from 2001 which is based on the french comic series. I´ve only seen the movies from 2008 and later so I don´t know if the tv series is worth checking out. I went to YouTube but the only episodes I found were in another language with subtitles. Anyway, instead of Largo Winch I´m including Cannonball since we will come to the other Cannonball movie a bit later in this post.

Coming back to Kill Bill, the female lead in that movie was Uma Thurman who was Ice in my first ever Casting the Justice League of America post . I thought about a post in honor of her magical boob window cleavage which was so impressive that it granted her an entry in my Search for Power Girl series on my old boob blog but I already did that in 2012 and there has not happened anything worthy since then that I haven´t already covered.

To prove that the photo above isn´t faked I wanted to add a video from the 2002 Oscars but since there is none where you can see much of Uma I made a GIF instead so I can add one more comic book related video.

The paparazzi and journalists have totally blown it on this one. How is it then can get footage of everything people DON´T want to see like celebs without make up or panties but when there is a sexy woman with big breasts and a huge cleavage - and we are not talking about an unknown starlet here - at a public event - and we are not talking about the opening of the local mall in some small town here - nobody is able to just point the camera at her and let it roll ? Even when they interview Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman they do not manage to get her in focus. The same with Denzel Washington´s acceptance speech for the Oscar as Best Actor there is only a short moment where Uma is sitting down. The best you get is in this docu about Ethan Hawke and even there that part is a bit short.

Our next celebrity who would celebrate a birthday Today but who is sadly not longer with us is Sammy Davis Jr who was in a lot of movies with Dean Martin and whom I remember best as one of the endless line of mega stars on Cannonball Run ( I told you we would come back to this topic later ).

Speaking about Cannonball Run, one of my pet pevees on this blog is celebrating all the brave actresses who turn insufferable dreck into bearable entertainment by taking their clothes off or at least show what their Mama gave them and who don´t get enough recognition for that.

Now if you have seen Cannonball Run you will remember the hot waitress with the extra - large double whoppers in the opening scene whose name is not in the opening credits, in the end credits or on any internet page ( and believe me fella, I´ve looked ). Well, just recently I found a clip with some scenes of Farrah Fawcett from the movie and her scene is also in there. So far I just called her The Busenwunder Waitress but now I can tell you that her real name is Vickie Reigle. Now in Germany Vickie is not really a good name for a woman - just ask german singer Nikki who had to suffer a lot of dirty jokes because of her name ( what rhymes with " Nikki ? " ).

Since most people have seen the Cannonball Run movies ( if not you can get them everywhere although the second one is expensive in Germany for some reason ) and you can´t find them in good quality on YouTube I wanted to post a video from The Dean Martin Show but I couldn´t find one with Sammy Davis Jr. Since we talk a lot about Germany in this post here´s a concert Sammy Davis Jr. gave at the Hohenspyburg in Dortmund.

Our last anniversary shoutout goes to E. C. Segar who was the creator of Thimble Theater, the comic strip that introduced a certain spinach eating sailor as a side character. Of course Popeye became world famous before long and you can read more about E. C. Segar over at COMICS ALLIANCE

It should not be a big surprise that I´m closing out Today´s extralarge post with a Popeye cartoon. A few years back I bought a Popeye DVD pretty cheap - or so I thought. The quality is horrible and the only reason why I have not thrown it out yet is that it contains an Abbott & Costello movie.

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