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Happy birthday cosplay goddess Yaya Han !

As I promised here´s my post paying homage to this incredibly talented lady and I know that I am late but I wanted to have at least one comic related safe for work post just in case anything goes wrong with this post.

And since the safest bet to achieve that is not to write too much - and because I am constantly writing about Yaya Han - I´m not going to say too much and let you guess what connects the pictures I chose for this post for yourself. My regular readers already know the answer anyway and all other just have to go over my latest posts. Now like in my comic related posts I have kept it down to 23 pictures ( exceptions are posts with black and white original art since I always try to include the color version of it but only count both pictures as one ) and after I was done I was a bit embarrassed because I have posted pictures from at least half of these cosplays before and never noticed that thing they all have in common.

I guess I´m getting old or I just was too preoccupied with the other thing I mentioned to notice. Anyway, that is enough mysterious talk for now and before we come to the pictures of Yaya Han - which is the part you probably can´t wait for - I just want to mention again that even if one is in peak physical form the body does not stay that way forever and I know from personal experience that when your body starts to deteriorate it´s not fun. So if you want to capture something for posterity do it now. 

So far I have made five posts on Yaya - two of them are pretty safe but the other three are absolutely not safe for work - and I keep mentioning her on various JLA casting posts and any other posts involving asian sexbombs like Kiana Tom, Ava Cadell, Akira Lane, Miko Lee, Gail Kim or Minka and I swear the completely NSFW BIG YAYA HAN POST is still in the pipeline.

Today I just want to address a few birthdays, some of them new, some of them callbacks to stuff I mentioned in previous episodes. With our first candidate we have a bit of both because Matt Ryan - who celebrates his 37th birthday - is currently playing DC´s magic con artist supreme John Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow but he has also guest starred in episodes of Arrow. He may become a regular on that show but as much as Constantine is an interesting character his own show didn´t last very long.

I know that I pimped it when it was still on tv but if you have missed it I urge you to give it a try, especially if you liked his appearances on other CW shows. As I said there is the thing that for some reason every tv show that is about magic or demons has to involve a war between heaven and hell with the hero stuck in the middle. But aside from that it´s a really well made show that could have lasted longer if you look at what´s on tv.

What is not on tv - or at least not on regular tv as far as I understand - is the new animated digital series Constantine - City of Demons. Although calling it a series is probably too much since like The Sword of the Atom - which we had in our last post - the episodes are really short ( around six minutes ) and you can basically see the entire thing in an hour. I don´t understand why DC keeps chopping up these cartoons but I´m just glad that they continue his story somehow. So far five episodes have aired.

Who got plenty of exposure - although not as much as I hoped - is german sebomb Ruth Moschner who turns 42 since she started her career on Freitag Nacht News. Which was as much critique on politics and politicians as you are ever going to see on german tv. Unlike America, where you have shows like The Daily Show where politicians are called out for their bs in Germany you can only do that as long as it´s supposed to be in the form of a joke or satire. Any real deconstruction of politicians gets you taken off tv very quickly. Anyway, back to Ruth Moschner, despite playing Secret Agent DD on Freitag Nacht News it´s not known if she really is a DD as the only thing that I could find out about her breastsize is that it used to be more. I am never quite sure where Ruth stands because on one side she openly talks about sex but on the other side she also openly said she would not do PLAYBOY pictures until she´s a granny. Yes, I keep coming back to the subject of doing these kind of things when your body is in it´s prime but like Yaya Han Ruth should consider that the way she feels about this subject might change when she´s older and then it´s too late to do any pictures to compare them with the current shape your body is in.

Here is an odd clip from when Ruth Moschner was on Stefan Raab´s talk show and tried to get him to touch her boobs to confirm that they are real and that she never had any plastic surgery. Now there are two things I find odd. First off, for a woman who makes a big secret of her cupsize she goes to great lengths to prove her breasts are real. And I always suspected that Stefan Raab always talked a good game but then whimped out when push came to shove because from the way he tries to avoid touching the breasts of a very sexy woman you could almost think that he´s gay.

And we are staying with sexbombs on german tv with someone who has been on the blog before. Unlike Ruth Moschner Simone Thomalla who celebrates her 53rd birthday has posed nude in PLAYBOY and she also showcased her physical attributes in various movies and the neverending crime show Tatort although she is most famous for participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge. She wore a very thin white shirt and as was to be expected her boobs were completely exposed. What was not expected was in which phenomenal shape her breasts were in and everybody was commenting on how fantastic they are for a woman of her age. Longtime readers may remember that I mentioned the whole thing in this post .

Simone was 49 at that time and there was a bit of a scandal - like always with these kind of things - and there were a lot of wild accusations from shameless self promotion ( which it was and it obviously worked ) to exhibitionism. Which sounds weird to me because where is the problem with a stunning looking woman getting naked ? It was a bit ridiculous since Simone Thomall had already been naked in PLAYBOY at that point anyway.

Speaking of which, while Simone Thomalla´s nude pictorial is spectacular she did make the mistake of not doing nude pictures at a younger age.

Like I said, you have to do nude pictures while you are still young and in prime form and I think the latest one should wait is 36 ( hint, hint, ja, ja ).

Next we have another callback to a post although this one is rather recent. It may be just a weird coincidence but in my last post I wrote about Rihanna´s sexy dance scene in Luc Besson´s comic adaption Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets where I mentioned that Rihanna´s first outfit in that scene ( which is my favorite ) was of course inspired by Liza Minelli´s look in the movie Cabaret. Well, Today Joel Grey turns 86 who was the master of ceremony in that movie. He also played asian martial arts master Chiun in Remo Williams : The Adventure begins.

Here is another clip from Rihanna´s dance scene. It is of higher quality than the clip in my last post but the reason why I did not include it then is that the beginning of the scene is missing. Nevertheless I wanted to put it on the blog for those who are still undecided about seeing the movie.

Speaking about Valerian and Laureline, last month I ordered one of the collected editions but the information on the website was wrong so I got the wrong book but because it got damaged I did not send it back. I have gotten the right one in the meantime - although this put a big dent on my comic book budget but allowed me to get one of my holy grails of comic book collecting - but in the meantime I took a look at the stories that are in the book that I got sent in error. Well, it includes Ambassadors of the Shadows which is one of the stories that was used as source material for the movie ( the other being obviously The City of a Thousand Planets ) and I don´t know why people are giving the movie such bad reviews since all of the stuff from the comic ended up being in the movie : those blue aliens whose homeworld is endangered by the war of the humans ( the only difference is that in the comic they manage to interfere before their planet is destroyed ), the little critter who can replicate things and is the only one left of its kind, the squid thing Laureline puts on her head to find Valerian, the shapeshifters although in the comic Laureline is the one who merges with her to take on the look of those heavy aliens, the Shinguz, that Valerian and Laureline are separated and even the opening sequence of how the city comes into being. In any case, since I talked a lot about the movie I thought it about time to lay down some knowledge about the comic. Because one of the reasons why I did not send the book back that I got erroneously - besides being too lazy - is that there are no bad Valerian and Laureline albums and every adventure is a visual feast.

As has become the norm here ever since I promised to cut down the perv factor on the posts involving Yaya Han here´s another selection of five mindblowing performances of a k - pop band and in keeping with the topic of Today´s post I found it appropriate to bring you the best versions of Nine Muses haunting smash hit ( which is going to be stuck in your head for days ) Sleepless Nights. I have to say, I have had more than enough sleepless nights lately - which in turn leads to more posts on the blog - but I would not mind another one if I could spend it with these lovely ladies.

Now if you also suffer from insomnia there´s nothing better to get you through the night than some old school anime and here is Starbirds - The Movie for my spanish speaking readers. I know that in my last posts I have kind of ignored my other visitors but I have just found a bevy of these and there is not always another language version available. Plus this content never lasts long so I want to put it on the blog as quickly as possible.

I could not end without a Yaya Han video and since this is all about the costumes here´s the recap for 2016. I can´t believe this post went off without any hitches. Now if I could only finish my other Yaya Han post.

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I don´t believe showing skin or being sexy is objectifying a woman, I think it´s actually the opposite.

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