Monday, July 30, 2007

Short Birthday post

This week has officially started good. Today I´m celebrating 40 years of excellence with pizza, pie and lemon beer. That´s what celebrations are all about : pie and lots of lemon beer. Life is good.

When I was still in school I could never celebrate my birthday with the other kids because it was always during the simmer holidays. And in my family we never had a big celebration on my birthday. Since my younger brother and I always had our birthday one day apart we celebrated both of them on one day and it was mostly when my brother had his birthday. So I never had one of those birthday parties where you invite all your friends. The kind you see on tv and in the movies. I´m not entirely sure if there really are these kind of birthday parties. I mean, I have been to one or two of my relatives but maybe that was all show.

Anyway for me and my brothers having a birthday party usually means hanging around and doing what the one who is having the birthday wants. Going to a certain movie, renting DVDs or just eating pizza and pie. Normally the birthday person has to get the pie to get his presents but I think this year we are going to ignore this tradition. My older brother didn´t buy any pie for his birthday and we had to get it.....I am totally broke and couldn´t buy any pie either.....and my younger brother is going to be in Spain on his birthday so we will ahve to throw his party when he comes back. But that´s okay.

As usual I got no presents from my older brother. What´s new is that he told that I´m too old for presents. But that just a scam. Nice try though. Maybe I´ll try it someday.

Oddly enough one of the presents I got was the AVENGERS VISIONARIES : GEORGE PEREZ trade. 154 pages of the best issues of George´s first run on the Avengers.

My last entry on this blog was about George Perez on AVENGERS / JLA and yesterday and today I was listening to part 3b and 4 of the CGS footnotes episodes. Talk about synchronisity. I think when I have finished with the footnotes I´ll reread the miniseries.

I also got the MARVEL MONSTER EDITION of PLANET HULK from PANINI. This storyline was on my mental reading list and a few months ago I found all the issues at my local comic book shop but couldn´t buy it. Not enough money.

So I was waiting for the trade or better I wanted to see if I could get it for half price at this year´s Comic Action in Essen. Thankfully I now have it and I think it also includes the prologue since the Hulk comic is not published in Germany. I think they will put it out in two volumes.

I had tought about buying the PANINI edition but since it was translated by the ONE GUY I always try to avoid - Germany´s own translation antichrist. But now I got it anyway. That´s Kismet for you. Just when I tought I was out - they pulled me back in.

The last present was the second TORPEDO volume from crosscult. Like the HELLBOY and WALKING DEAD collections this one is also pocket sized. I was thinking about getting the volumes because they will publish the whole series in five volumes and I would really like to have it all in one collection. So far I have scattered issues, a few albums but by far not all of them.

At this year´s Salon del Comic GLENAT was also offering a newly released edition of TORPEDO but since it was in hardcover albums it was way too expensive for me.

Now I don´t know how good the translation is. I guess they have a qualified person and if not that´s not my problem. It´s not as if they didn´t know I was available. Anyway if you don´t know TORPEDO you haven´t been in a spanish comic shop. Because it´s the most famous spanish comic there is. The main character Lucca Torelli is a member of the mob in the 1930s and because his temper he is called " Torpedo ". He´s like the Punisher - but without a conscience. He´s totally badass.

I´m a little late with my post because I was once again surfing on deviantart and putting the material for my blog in order. But I wanted to drop a few lines before BLADE and ALIAS starts. So I hope you all have a good night and I´m off for today. Tomorrow I have to go to the unemployment office. I just hope that my money has been finally transferred for the next month because I´m going to spend my last bucks on the bus ticket to Ludwigsburg. But that´s tomorrow. Today it´s party time. Yay !

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