Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Part 2 of Solicitations

Time again for part 2 of my comments on the new solicitations. I´m still waiting for new comics from the new comic shop and since I didn´t find much stuff on the comic fair in Stuttgart my reading material is scarce. In past years the trip to Stuttgart was always one of the highlights of the year because I returned with a huge stack of cheap ass comics. The pile was so huge that it took me a few weeks to read it all. Anyway, back to the Marvel and Independent solicitations.

Avengers classic 9

Once again a wonderful Artur Adams cover. Strange how some artists have the ability that even the lamest costumes look cool. I really wish Art Adams would do some interior work. I mean, a cover is still no reason to buy a comic.....well, with the expection of the Manhunter / Wonder Woman cover......rowwwr.

But to think that there could be actual art by Art Adams inside. Even five pages were worth the price of admission. Just a little tip for Marvel : think Enchantress vs. Scarlett Witch vs. She Hulk. Now you´re talking, guys.

Black Panther annual 1

Another great cover. I´m still a little behind on my reviews of new comics.....well, if by a little behind you mean two years.....but I just wanted to comment on the Black Panther title. I´m not a big fan of relaunches and I was not a big fan of the new series. Admittedly you can´t beat art by John Romita Jr but he didn´t stay for much more than six issues.

And I didn´t find the following issues very exciting especially Marvel´s need to establish a new continuity concerning Black Panther and Storm on top of the already existing one. I thought the wedding was one of the biggest mistakes of the book. On top of a continual decline of the art I thought this was the end of the book. Boy, was I wrong.

Reginald Hudson did something I thought not possible : he turned a weakness to a strenght. Normally books suffer when the writers have to include various crossovers. We have seen it before : a series that used to be good has one tie - in after another, all the stories have no beginning and no ending and it just hurts to read it. Reginald put his own spin on it. Instead of letting the series get bogged down by the various tie - ins he uses them to crank up the volume to eleven. He puts CIVIL WAR on top of MARVEL ZOMBIES on top of THE INITIATIVE and just puts the series in overdrive.

Yes, the art could be better but BLACK PANTHER is one of the best written books from Marvel.

Captain America 35

I don´t know if I really have anything new to say about the book or I just want to piss off thousands of readers ( as if ) by posting another picture of the new Captain America. And his gun. And his knife. Has anybody mentioned the knife yet ?

Booyahh !

Captain Marvel 4

Speaking of Captains.....still not sure if I should check out the new series. On one side I´m not much of a fan of stories that f### up current continuity and go against the motto : if it ain´t broke don´t fix it. And is a Captain Marvel without Jim Starlin really Captain Marvel ? His story ended in one of the best comic stories ever. There´s no need to restart it. So I will probably wait till the trade comes out.

On the other hand you have these totally rad ( I think I just dated myself ) Ed McGuiness covers. And you never know how they will be included in the trade. And sometimes you can get a really awesome story by changing ( or tweaking ) the current continuity - just take IDENTITY CRISIS. Decisions, decisions.

ClanDestine 1

This book is already bought. No kidding. A comic written AND drawn by Alan Davis one of the greates comic artists EVER ? Which continues one of his best written and funniest books ? It´s on. Now it´s on.

At least I think it´s a new series. If not then the book is also already bought. Because I already have all the issues. But I think it´s a new series. Wow. Finally. If you don´t know what the ClanDestine is just go and buy the ClanDestine / X - Men trade which not only reprints the mentioned crossover but also the entire run of the issues that Alan Davis did. We are not acknowleding the other issues which were just a dream anyway. Go and buy it. How can you call yourself a comic fan and not own this trade that´s loaded with tons of Alan Davis goodness ? Shame on you.

Fantastic Four 554

This is it. The big one. The showstopper. The maineventer. The mother of it all. Brian Hitch takes over Marvel´s first family. Now we´re cooking. Everything to this point is just filler.


If you are one of those who are waiting for Brian Hitch to take over the art reigns on FF you are missing out on the best run of the FF in a long time. The current creative team is delivering one of the best storylines of Fantastic Four lore in a long time. They even have the Frightful Five in it and the Silver Surfer. I know most people just think it´s filler but I would have prefered it if Paul Pelletier would have stayed on the book.

On the other side Brian Hitch´s not half - bad either and that leaves Paul Pelletier to take over another book. And there are a lot of books at Marvel at the moment that could benefit from a new artist. Like She Hulk a book he´s already familiar with. Or maybe Black Panther. He´s already familiar with the character after FF. Just put him on a book with hot chicks - you hear me, Marvel ?

Due to the fact that it´s now 5 days since I started this post I´m going to end this post now and start a new one. So you won´t have to scroll down to see if there´s new content.

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