Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ready for Salon del Comic de Barcelona 2008

Today I'm visiting an uncle who lives near our house in Spain so I thought I could post a quick update.

Originally I wanted to ask him if he could tape the episode of SLIDERS Way Out West ( the one with Khari Whure in that superhot outfit - sorry couldn't find any pics but here's a clip ) that's on German tv this Saturday when I'm at the comic convention in Barcelona.

Typical. Last time this episode was shown ( some five or ten years ago - I'm not sure ) I didn't pay attention. The day before I had worked very long so I thought that for once one of my brothers could tape it. Normally I always taped it but this one time I thought I could sleep a little longer. Of course that didn't quite work out that way and when I got up I realized that nobody even was aware that SLIDERS was already on. I panicked and had to look for the cassette and run to the VCR and I missed the first part of the episode.

Well, there are not that many episodes of SLIDERS on DVD ( only 2 sets so far ) but not the interesting ones when they got finally rid of Wade ( who only got them into trouble ) and Kari Whurer a.k.a. Lt. Beckett joined the team.

So of course the rerun is on German tv when I'm in Spain. Sadly my uncle doesn't have a vcr to tape it neither here in Spain nor in Germany. So I will have to call my brothers and see if one of them can tape it for me. But being the inutiles they usually are they will probably eff it up. Well, maybe it will be repeated in another five years.

Anyway, that's not the reason why I'm writing this. Today I finally got the information I was looking so know I know who's signing - even though this information is subject to change. Seems like the signings don't start before 16.00 at Thursday when my first priority is to get an Adam Hughes sketch of Power Girl.

The last time I was at a signing by Adam Hughes it was in Germany. He was at some town that was very far away from Stuttgart and we went with the car. It was with the whole CLIFFHANGER crew J.Scott Campbell and Humberto Ramos but all they did was sign so I got a few signed comics but no sketch. This time I'm taking my new, bigger sketchbook and my Adam Hughes Vampirella shirt to the convention. My second priority is to get a Power Girl sketch from Carlos Pacheco. I know I already got a Wonder Woman sketch from him but last year I only had my old, small book. And what I really wanted was a Power Girl sketch but since that was what the guy just before me got I opted for Wonder Woman. I don't know if I can get a Power Girl sketch but at least I can get all my SUPERMAN issues signed.

Then I'm going to see if I can get a sketch by Milo Manara, of course Moebius if he does sign, Tim Sale, Peter Bagge, Tony Harris, Bernet and Pascual Ferry. And aside from that I'm looking forward to spend lots of money on comics. The last two weeks I only had the SUPERMAN issues of CAMELOT FALLS to read. And the CLASSICOS DEL TERROR issues that reprinted the old EC comics VAULT OF HORROR. Which is not a good thing if you are in an isolated region of Spain with a lot of abandoned and decrepit bungalows with strange people living under your roof.

I'm hoping to pick up issue 3 of the reprints of Jack Kirby's KAMANDI and aside from that who knows....
This time I'm even taking a camera so I can get some nice pics of myself with Catwoman, Green Lantern or Flash partying hard.

So maybe we'll see each other in Barcelona.

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