Thursday, April 23, 2009

it only hurts when I laugh

Just a quick post that it may take a while for any new posts. Today I slipped in the bathtub and ripped off one of my left shoulder tendons.

I was at the doctors and so far they don´t think they have to operate. On Monday I have to go to the hospital again for a check up to see if everything is all right or if there is more damage. It hurt like hell for a while but I´m okay right now. I just don´t know if I am going to post much the next few days.

Not only because I might not be in the mood but also because it´s physically taxing. Because of my hurt shoulder I´m wearing my left shoulder and arm in a sling and I still have to wear the street fighter glove on my right hand because of the carpal tunnel syndrome.

I´m pretty useless right now.

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    Nick and Justin said...

    Damn, that sounds painful! Hope you heal up soon.

    SUBZERO said...

    Me too. Still I´m pretty lucky because it could have been worse. It´s not my first brush with death but we forget pretty soon how close to death we constantly are.

    One of my brothers also had a shoulder injury but they had to operate it and it was pretty painful. So I guess I can count my blessings.

    Geier said...

    Badewannen sind Todesfallen, ab nem bestimmten Alter sollte man die Dusche bevorzugen - mit Sitz und rutschfester Unterlage!
    +Danke für die Post!