Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the return of comic news

I have been sick the last few days ( in fact I still am ) so there have been no new posts. Originally I also wanted to do a comic feature on this post since it´s number 225 and it would have been nice to do something special for the occasion but like always the computer crashed right in the middle of it. And since the research for it took once again far too long I have run out of time for today so let´s just stick to some short comic news for Today´s post :

CRY HAVOK goes on hiatus

Yes, due to other things - like life - Nick and Justin are taking a break. After countless panels of pains, fantasy casting for comic movies and LOST posts ( which I will be able to read some day when we in Germany finally catch up ) this is the temporary end for the blog. But they can explain it far better than me so here it is in their own words :

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but we're gonna have to go ahead and retire from blogging. It's time we got serious about art school, which means A) working more and saving money ( I'm about to start a new job, and the schedule is 7 days straight every other week, ten hours a day, in addition to my regular job ), and B) focusing on our own stories and art. It feels great to just write something and have people read it every couple days, but every word I type for this blog is a word I'm not typing for the multitude of comics, films, short stories and novels that are swirling around unrealized in my head, y'know ?

Thanks to the folks who followed the site, and the fellow bloggers who linked to us. Blogging is a lot more challenging and time consuming than it appears, and the folks who can keep it up on a regular basis deserve many respeck knuckles. Also, props to Spacebooger for hosting the Friday Night Fights, which were a lot of fun.

We're gonna leave the blog up for now, and as our labors start bearing fruit we may use it as a sort of showcase or something. Our various projects will need a web presence, after all.

No, CRY HAVOK!!! is not dead, it merely sleeps, and one day all the whores and politicians will shout "Save us!"...and we'll scratch ourselves and grumble "Show us your boobs." because that's just how we roll.

Well, I wish both of them the best, good luck with their future projects and I hope they won´t forget me when they´re rich and famous. Blogging is not as easy as it looks for the reader and it is a tough road to travel. Nevertheless I won´t say goodbye only hasta la vista, brothers. Looking forward to read you again.

27th Salon del Comic de Barcelona

Just a quick reminder that the 27th Salon del Comic de Barcelona will be taking place from the 29th of May till the 1st of June since it still hasn´t been mentioned on Comicgate. Usually it takes place from Thursday to Sunday but this year it´s from Friday to Monday with the Monday being a holiday. Usually the salon has two weak days which are Thursday and Friday and two strong days which are Saturday and Sunday. With this change in schedule they have only one weak day but the question is how many visitors will come on Monday.

In any case my advice is to buy tickets on the first day if you want to attend for more than one day. The ticket lines only get longer each day. Sadly, I won´t be able to attend this year but on the other hand I still have to recover from last year´s convention fiasko ( of which I have to do the last post one of these days ). They have finally released the official poster which was done by EL DIABLO ROYO creator David Rubin and Scott McCloud has been added to the list of artists.

You can find more information on my first post about it :

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