Friday, April 17, 2009

new link : Panel Wars

A new blog has joined the ranks of the ever growing blog roll : Panel Wars. I discovered the blog through one of the german comic message boards I frequent which shows that I really should visit them more often since the blog is online since 2007 so shame on me.

Now there should be some clever and funny words by yours truly about what a wonderful blog Panel Wars is. And I really wrote a wonderful introduction to the blog. It was funny, it was witty, it was was almost as good as sex. What it also was is deleted. That´s right. Just seconds before I got to post it my computer just deleted the whole thing and I´m back to square one.

I will try to recreate it but every artist knows how difficult ( and ultimately futile ) it is trying to recreate a masterpiece. Okay, here´s my second try. Now what did I write ? Something like :

Panel Wars is entirely in german and if I had to describe what it´s about I would say : the future. Because reading it makes me realize I´m so far behind on everything that it´s not even funny. Things I never heard of ( Dark X - Men ? ), reviews of comics that I haven´t read yet ( Jonah Hex 42 ) or comics I just read ( Blue Beetle 36 ) makes me wonder where he gets his comics.

By the way, yes issue 36 of Blue Beetle was really awful and nothing like the rest of the series. I don´t know what DC was thinking when they assembled the creative team for this one. I just hope that they come up with something far superior for the 10 page co - features that are going to be in Booster Gold. I mean I just bought the issues 15 to 18 of Booster Gold even if I had decided to follow the book in trades. Come on DC, don´t make me regret this !

Anyway, Blue Beetle has the SUBZERO stamp of approval. At least till the last storyline. But everything else is gold.

Back to Panel Wars : covering the latest movie gossip, comic news, sales charts and interviews as well as single issue reviews there are some spoilers ( something I try to avoid and which can be quite challenging from time to time ) but the overall level of spoilers is quite low. So all my readers who have no problem with the german language should check it out. There are not that many posts from 2007 and 2008 but that´s because it used to be with a different provider. The older reviews will be posted but that´s going to take time as I myself can testify. At the moment I´m thinking about getting a second registration at blogger or with another provider with my other blog because I´m nearing the limit of picture downloads.

I´m sure there is more I wanted to say about Panel Wars but like I said that was deleted by the science gods. My first version was much funnier. In any case here´s the direct link but you can also find it on the blog roll from now on :

  • Panel Wars

  • Now before closing yet another post that is not about comics a short info about my own blog. I´m always trying to make this as reader friendly as possible. Now the last few days I was working on old posts adding the links for new readers as well as banners at the end. I also added some amazon links but only where I had already done recommendations. It´s not like I´m littering the blog with amazon links.

    Anyway, while going over my older posts I discovered that you can also go through the posts one by one. I have already limited the number of posts that appear on the first page to four. But if it´s still to much for your computer just click on the first post and you can read all subsequent by just clicking the " older posts " gizmo. And last but not least here´s a clip of Hugh Jackman on Free Comic Book Day.

    That´s all for Today and next time we will finally come to something comic related. Promise.

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