Monday, October 31, 2011

And a Happy All Hallow´s Eve to you !

Welcome, my fellow ghosts and werewolves, vampires, zombies and other creatures of the night. Happy Sammhain, praised be the Goddess and all hail to the Green King and all things fertile and growing.

Another year has passed and we meet again on All Hallow´s Eve, the night when the boundaries between the living world and the spirit world are at their thinnest and contact is possible. After Saturday´s long post I didn´t expect to do another one Today especially because I spent most of the day trying to phone some people to get information concerning my new job. I couldn´t reach most of them which on the other hand means I´m not working Today so I can spend the night with the things you ought to do on Halloween.

Man, I was so busy with the new possible new job that I almost forgot Halloween. I had to go to the supermarket really late and when I was finally there it took me at least 20 minutes to find the Milka Oreo bars. Yesterday I watched another episode of SLEDGE HAMMER while trying my first Milka Oreo and this could become my new favorite over Milka Daim.

So I remembered to buy more chocolate but I was totally surprised that some kids were actually Trick or Treating in my neighbourhood. So I wasn´t prepared and by the time I thought about giving them some free comics they were already at the next house. Yes, I think it will be still a few years until Halloween totally catches on here in Germany. Like I said I already did a bit of Pre - Halloween partying on the weekend because german tv stations show all the horror movies during the weekend even if Halloween DOES NOT fall on that weekend.

Which on one side defeats the purpose of the Halloween special since it´s not shown ON Halloween. On the other side it´s nice that they are making an effort to celebrate Halloween at all and Yesterdays CRIMINAL MINDS episode took place during Devil´s Night. Normally they show the Christmas specials on Easter, the Easter specials on Summer and the Halloween specials in May on german television. I think one of the few exceptions are the SIMPSON´S Halloween specials which are shown around Halloween. I guess it´s because they have such a huge fanbase here since they sell ten times as much copies of the comic than in America.

I used to buy all the various comics, mostly the ones with Radioactive Man but apart from the spanish issues I only buy FUTURAMA from time to time and the BART SIMPSON´S TREEHOUSE OF HORROR specials. The german editions of comics like FUTURAMA even have an extensive glossary section because you have to explain things like Neil Gaiman´s Dream, the Speed Force or DC´s various speedsters to the german non - comic reading audience.

I think that´s one of the things why the Simpson comics are so successfull here : the people who translate them expect you to be familiar with the simpson characters but not much else. So anybody can enjoy the comics no matter at which entry level they are.

But back to Halloween. Aside from my last post, where I put all new Halloween things I have already done posts on hot horror hotties , HORRORSCHOCKER , Krabat , the DARKNESS and DYLAN DOG , Richard Corben´s HAUNT OF FEAR : EDGAR ALLEN POE , Richard Corben´s HELLBOY IN MEXICO , part 1 , part 2 and part 3 of my ELVIRA posts and last year´s grindhoouse horror comic double feature time I want to spotlight 2 comics that are guaranteed to give you goosebumps : BATMAN - THE UNSEEN and HELLBOY - THE CROOKED MAN and OTHERS.

Right now I´m sitting in my room with the lights out listening to another episode of GEISTERJÄGER JOHN SINCLAIR. THE JANUSHEAD KILLER is a big fan favorite and I thought maybe some of my readers who haven´t tried the new audioplays, or who have already listened to a few of them but don´t have that particular audioplay, want to join in on the fun. To tell the truth I was on YouTube looking for some clip to watch while listening but I found the whole thing in one video. No picture except the cover but the important thing is the sound. So without further ado : John Sinclair - Der Mörder mit dem Januskopf.

Another REALLY scary thing I found is somebody´s casting for the villains in the big AVENGERS movie that´s coming up. Since everybody who saw the THOR movie already knows the cosmic cube is involved somebody thought that 80s villain / all powerful entity the Beyonder might make an appearance.

Yah, who better to play a mad and omnipotent malignant cosmic entity than the Hoff ? And you know that the movie is going to be sold out all over Germany. Man, those tickets are going to sell better than Sauerkraut with Schnitzel, mein Freund !

To compensate you for that shocker here´s another one but in a good way. Guess who´s the newest addition to Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 ? I´m giving you a hint. It has to do with the three Fs : fur, flying and firing and it´s NOT a ferret.

The next two episodes of SUPERNATURAL are on in a few minutes, so I hope you have a lot of fun tonight, and that you get a lot of candy when you´re trick or treating. And that you picked the right costume IF you´re dressing for the occassion.

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