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JLA casting : The SUBZERO Edition begins !

Just when you thought we had finally finished with casting the Justice League movie I´m back with the special SUBZERO edition. Bwa - ha - ha !

If this is your first Justice League movie casting post you read on this blog - where the f - word have you been ? No, really. I have already done eight of these and one of them ( JLA movie casting : ANDY SIDARIS SPECIAL ) even was from this edition instead of the Hollywood edition.

Okay, if you haven´t read any of those posts you´re probably confused so I think I should explain again where these posts come from. Back when I had a boob blog besides my comic blog I did a series of posts casting the female members of the Justice League. This was not meant to be for a real movie but rather it was just a selection of who I considered to be the hottest women on the planet which explains why Beyonce, Janet Jackson or Halle Berry are in it. After I finished compiling my list of candidates I realized that I had too many candidates for one casting call so I split them into two categories. The first one was christened the Hollywood edition and I put mostly actresses in there who had starred in many movies and the big productions. The second one was called the SUBZERO edition and this is where I put the candidates who had starred in smaller movies, tv series, maybe porn actresses and swimsuit models. There are even some where I just had a picture and thought they would look good in their part.

Those were then split into two parts each but of course the number grew exponentially when I decided to put them on this blog. Here´s part one :

 Nicole "  Coco " Austin as Power Girl ( Kara Zor El )

With her incredible 39DD - 23 - 45 measurements I couldn´t give her any other role than the ultimate wet dream of the male superhero community.

To tell the truth, the wife of rapper Ice - T with the ass that don´t quit was my choice for Power Girl from the get - go. But as the number of possible candidates grew she went further and further down line.

But somehow most of the other candidates ended up in the Hollywood section. And since I have decided not to repeat any candidates from the previous cast she´s back in the number 1 position. She looks like a real life version of Bart Sears´s Power Girl - which is still the definite version for me - and she got freaking huge knockers so she´s perfect for the role.

This edition doesn´t care about the acting ability or the probability of the candidates ever being in a movie - although Coco had a cameo on LAW & ORDER : SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and starred in ANGEL BLADE, DESERT ROSE, THE DIRTY MONKS and THINK LIKE A MAN TOO ( still have to watch it ). With that Coco has enough movie cred to get cast as Power Girl.

I just have to include a scene where Power Girl loses her memory and Guy Garner convinces her she´s a stripper - because she has the right body for it. Of course Guy uses the situation to turn her into his private blow up sex doll. And I think the blue bikini would be a good costume for her.

Coco Austin - also known as Coco Marie Austin while her original name is Nicole Natalie Marrow - is a famous dancer, glamour model and actress with incredible body measurements. Her figure is an extreme example of the hourglass body type : large breasts and buttock with a slim waist.

She is known to have breast surgery and there were rumors she had butt implants, but she did a supervised ultrasound test to prove otherwise.

You can say what you want about Ice T but he managed to get married to a real life blow up sexdoll who is also the wet dream of every black man : a white woman built like a sister. You have to give him props for that.

Born March 17, 1979 in Palos Verdes, California, her parents were actors who met on the set of BONANZA. She has Serbian ancestry through her maternal grandparents who were born in Serbia. Austin also has a younger sister Kristy Williams and three younger brothers. As a small child, her sister would mispronounce her name, saying " Cole Cole " or " Co - co " in place of " Nicole ". Eventually her family began addressing her as Coco.

She grew up as a tomboy, riding quads and playing football and began dancing ( jazz, tap and ballet ) at the age of 6. Coco started her modeling career at early age of 14, as she began specializing in swimsuit, lingerie and body modeling. She entered in swimsuit competitions and modeled for calendars, catalogs and videos. At 18, she won the 1998 Miss Ujena contest in Mexico. In 2001, at age 22, Austin worked for PLAYBOY for six months, working their events and parties at the Playboy Mansion and was later featured in a layout in the March 2008 issue of PLAYBOY magazine.

Austin played the lead of Bo Peep in the Las Vegas revue PEEPSHOW from December 2012 to September 1, 2013, replacing Holly Madison in the role.

With her husband Ice - T she starred in the reality tv series ICE LOVES COCO which premiered on June 12, 2011, on E!. The show ran for three seasons and ended in February 2014. After the show's cancellation tabloids reported that Austin and her husband were preparing to launch another reality series under Ryan Seacrest's production company.

Darlene Silva as Dawn ( later Manitou Dawn )

Darlene Sliva a.k.a. Tyra Lex is a Mannheim based brazilian bikini model, born on January 17th, 1975 and her measurements are 34DD - 24 - 34.

Okay, it´s a bit of a stretch, but tell me you wouldn´t put a total knockout like Darlene Silva in the movie. Dawn has men falling all over her and even one of the elders used her teenage body for his perverse urges.

With the right costume and a bit of make up it could work. In her first interaction with the JLA, Dawn offered herself sexually to Superman and he was possibly one of the few guys on the planet who could said no.

I mean could you if she looks like Darlene in the picture above ?

Darlene is a real latina beach babe born in Rio de Janeiro. Her mother is brazilian, and her father is from Lisbon Portugal. Having grown up in a warm climate by the sea she loves exercise, beach volleyball, is quite an exhibitionist and likes to show off her sexy body with massive boobs the size of coconuts in tiny Brazilian bikinis not only in front of the camera but also in real life, which " gets her into all kinds of exciting situations ". She has appeared on magazine covers in both Europe and the Americas.

Miko Lee as Batgirl ( Cassandra Cain )

If you have read the Hollywood edition you might have guessed that I´m not that big a fan of the ninja Batgirl. But I just had to include her in my list so I could cast asian rubbergirl and human vacuum cleaner Miko Lee.

Being one of the top experts at giving head in the adult movie business made the task of finding pictures of oral suction pump Miko Lee a.k.a. The Men Milking Machine - also known as the Dude Juicer - that looked good but were still safe to post a bit difficult but I found some where she´s not engaged in any unsavory practice. What was I thinking ?

Well, I know with which part of my body I was thinking and since the JLA movie casting was only meant as a mental exercise there didn´t need to be a practical side to it. Miko had stopped doing movies when I first wrote this or she got out of it soon afterwards. She did appear in a new video in 2011 so maybe I could get her after all. Most of what I wrote can´t be posted here I used ye olde " let´s post her biography " schtick :

Miko was born as Connie T Chang in San Diego on March the 30th, 1980 and is of vietnamese and chinese descend. She began her career as adult model around 1999 / 2000 when she started to appear in various adult picture layouts, which were distributed through various adult websites. 

Her career as an adult actress began in 2000 as she started to appear in mostly asian themed adult flicks. In the beginning of her career, she was known for being a buxom figured asian oral nympho with a round face. Later she went through a dramatic transformation in terms of her entire appearance, with a more slender body, a leaner facial structure and blond dyed hair as well as getting her boobs blown up to arousing proportions. This is also around the period when she developed a special friendship with her fellow co star Lexington Steele and the two went on to perform in many flicks. Her scenes with Lexington Steele are still regarded as some of her best as well as her scenes in HEAVEN SENT, HOT WHEELZ, RED DRAGON and her best scene EVER in LECHEE NUTS. Miko has also made several virtual interactive flicks, interactive movies produced to give the viewer the impression that they are experiencing the scene.

Miko was the voice of Natsuno in the hentai anime Desert Island Story X. There are reports that she will appear in the film A Talent for Trouble in a non - sex minor role. After Fornic - Asian in 2009, Miko disappeared from the porn business for several years but she re - appeared in 2011. In 2012 her movie company MIKO LEE PRODUCTIONS made SPARTACUS MMXXII : THE BEGINNING in which Miko Lee also appeared. The movie won an AVN award in 2013 and was nominated for eleven more as well as for two Sex Awards, fourteen XBiz Awards and two XRCO Awards. Her latest movie is THE HUNTED : CITY OF ANGELS from 2014 which co stars Katsuni.

Not much is known of her life outside the business, although she´s been pretty outspoken about her personal life in various interviews. Miko speaks fluent Chinese and has a predilection for bisexual relationships. 

She also claimed planning to pursue a degree in law. Contrary to this statement, a source from IMDB suggests that she is pursuing a degree in computer science. Authenticity of this information is in question.

According to adult star Mika Tan Miko initially concealed her porn career from her parents, claiming instead to be working as a grocery clerk. But the secret was revealed to her parents when Miko's disgruntled former manager mailed her layouts to her parent's house.

Many who have worked with Miko have claimed that she has a very down - to - earth personality and is very easy to work with. Veteran director Bud Lee has stated that " ...I love Miko Lee. She's one of my favorite, favorite stars ever...She comes extremely prepared. She brings tons of clothing with her and so forth. Just a real good person to work with."  

Her down to earth personality is also apparent in Behind The Scenes footage, where she is often seen goofing around with her costars.

Since I can´t copy / paste anything from my original post here ( there would be not much left if I cut out everything that is inappropriate ) I´m just posting an animated GIF I made just for this special occassion.

And that´s the first part of my special SUBZERO edition of casting the Justice League movie or rather the first part of the first part because I had to cut it a bit - actually a lot - to keep the post length manageable.

Of Today´s three candidates the last one I was expecting to have something on YouTube that was safe to post was Miko Lee but Lo and Behold here is an interview where she is wearing an interesting outfit.

Because I came up with zilch for the other two hot babes in this post I decided to post a few videos with the sexy AND funny Sofia Vergara.

I didn´t get to put any videos with her in the Hollywood edition so I´m rectifying this. The first one is a monologue from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

Confession time : a lot of these videos are put up for selfish reasons since I have fallen behind on my talk show watching. I haven´t seen any of the clips with Sofia Vergara like her appearance on the LOPEZ TONIGHT show below. This show is big in the latin community and I think the host was the star of a very successful sitcom ( I have never seen an episode ).

Our last clip with Sofia Vergara is from the David Letterman show.

Because our first candidate was cast as Power Girl who was a member of the Justice League International AND the Justice Society of America here is a video from THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD where both groups meet. One of the aspects I liked about the tv show was that it embraced the same quirky, weird and strange parts of DC´s universe I was especially fond of.

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