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Death in comics : Alpha Flight prelude

You probably expected the second part of MARVEL VISIONARIES - CHRIS CLAREMONT and I have to say it would have been easier to continue with that since I already have all of the pictures prepared. But I like to write about comics while they are still fresh in my memory and I just finished reading ALPHA FLIGHT CLASSIC 2 so it´s time to do my introduction to the little superhero team from Canada that could a.k.a. Alpha Flight.

Because there is at least one post in my DEATH IN COMICS series coming that deals with deaths - and resurrections - in the series and I have to explain a few things before I can go into that without any tangents. And any day I get to wax nostalgic about John Byrne´s work is a good day.

And before we start I should probably mention that there are going to be some spoilers. So if you want to avoid those better get all three volumes of the ALPHA FLIGHT CLASSIC trades and read them before continuing.


Now when I say introduction I don´t mean that I´m going into all the details how the glory that was John Byrne´s ALPHA FLIGHT came into being or an exhaustive post on the history of the team and its members.

There are other websites out there who do that far better than me and you can find the ones I came across during my research for the post in the link section as usual. No, if you know this blog a bit you might expect a post that´s a touch more personal and the only history I´m exploring here is my own history with this book. As many comic readers and Marvel zombies at a time when that was a term of endearment and pride I first saw James Hudson a.k.a. Weapon Alpha´s debut in UNCANNY X - MEN 109 ( which I probably read in the spanish version by Edicionés Vertice or those awful pocket books by the german publisher Condor Verlag ) when he tried to repossess Wolverine´s ass back for the canadian government.

That didn´t work out too well and all James Hudson managed to do was injure Moira MacTaggert, which peed off all the X - Men but especially Banshee and Wolverine and he narrowly evaded capture thanks to a trick that should not be revealed to comic readers for more than six years. 

Yes, as incredible as it sounds to Today´s comic readers UNCANNY X - MEN 109 was published in February of 1978 ( back then they still came out only every two months ! ) and ALPHA FLIGHT 17 which retold that story from James Hudson´s perspective hit the newsstands during December 1984.

Leave it to John Byrne to recycle almost an entire X - Men comic in the pages of Alpha Flight. But then we´re talking about a guy who had the balls to sell Marvel almost an entire issue of blank pages with word balloons and sound effects. So it should surprise no one that he reused the cover of UNCANNY X - MEN 109 for the cover of ALPHA FLIGHT 17.

Now I think that was around the time when James Hudson changed his hero nom du guerre from Weapon Alpha to Vindicator and as anybody who has ever had to deal with the government or its institutions or officials knows they never forget and they can hold a grudge like nobody which obviously was true for the canadian government in the Marvel universe.

Because in the pages of UNCANNY X - MEN 120 and 121 he was sent back to America to bring those canadian taxpayer´s investment in Wolverine home and this time he was aided by a team of canadian superheroes.

Or at least part of the team that should appear in the pages of ALPHA FLIGHT as neither Marrina nor Puck had graduated from Beta Flight yet.

This also didn´t end well for Banshee who was still suffering from a raw throat after blanketing the entire island of Japan against an earthquake beam of Moses Magnum. He lost his powers for quite some time and it took him years to recover. What ever happened to the luck of the irish ?

Back to Alpha Flight, it seemed like it was the end for the team - and it was at least in the pages of THE UNCANNY X - MEN. But being a canadian himself John Byrne could naturally not let this team of homies from the great north rest and on August 1983 they got their own ongoing series.


Now I would like to say that I was there from the beginning but the truth is that I read most of the first year in those cheap spanish trades that basically were five single issues glued together with a cardboard cover.

The reason why I wanted to write this special prologue post is that the very first american comic I bought of a newsstand was ALPHA FLIGHT 20 which not only introduced villain Gilded Lily but also Aurora´s new look.

She adopted this new look to further distance her from her twin brother Northstar with whom she had a falling out at the time. I don´t think it was yet revealed that Northstar was gay but somehow it was in the open.

Back then her powers were that she could fly and move at great speed and when she and Northstar touched hands they generated a blinding flash of light - which they had no control over. So when Aurora wanted to become more independent from her brother fellow teammate Walter Langkowski a.k.a. Sasquatch was more than thrilled at the prospect of getting rid of her pesky brother ( he was shagging Aurora at that time and I´m sure there´s a joke somewhere in there ) and decided to pimp her powers.

Now while the process managed to retain Aurora´s power of creating a flash - although not as bright as before - the unexpected side effects was that when she ans Northstar now touched both their powers were canceled out for a brief period. It also reduced her speed from potentially above light speed to two times the speed of sound but managed to change her genetic make up to cloak her from mutant detection devices. So I guess you have to take the good with the bad. In any case with the new powers came a new look which has always been one of John Byrne´s strong suits.

I won´t lie, part of the reason why I decided to buy this comic instead of an issue of THOR written by some guy I never heard of ( I think his name was Simon Walterson or something ) with art by Sal Buscema was Aurora.

Don´t get me wrong I was a diehard John Byrne fan at that time as most readers of american super hero comics were and it didn´t exactly hurt that she was mostly wearing a bikini in this and the following issue. 

Although I didn´t get to read issue 21 until much later since it was still a few months until I had found out how to get issues of US comics through the foreign press newsstand at the main railway station in Stuttgart.

When I became a regular customer the next issues of ALPHA FLIGHT I could lay a hand on where between issues 25 and 27 which was long after Guardian´s death in issue 12 ( yes, James Hudson had changed his name again ) and smackdab in the middle of their rematch with Omega Flight. 

Like with most comics from this period I´m not entirely sure in which order I read them and where I bought them. But it´s a safe bet that I found ALPHA FLIGHT 21 either at the Comicbörse in Stuttgart or the International Comic Salon in Erlangen because those were the main sources of american back issues for me at that time. What I DO know is that I definitely got issue 25 at the newsstand as well as issue 28 which not only was the end of John Byrne´s run on the title who switched with the creative team of INCREDIBLE HULK, Bill Mantlo and Mike Mignola.

ALPHA FLIGHT 28 also crossed over with one of my favorite companywide Marvel tie - in stories, the granddaddy of them all : SECRET WARS II.

Granted, it only crossed over for all of two pages but it was apparently enough that the money grubbing bastiches from Disney - or was it still Marvel at that time - chose to include it in the SECRET WARS II  omnibus. Which means that I get an extra issue with gorgeous John Byrne art out of the deal. It looks like Gordon Gecko was right : greed really works.

And that´s where this post ends and we will continue talking about ALPHA FLIGHT 28 either in an upcoming SECRET WARS II post or in an upcoming DEATH IN COMICS post since there are still many ALPHA FLIGHT issues to cover concerning the death and possible return ( curious ? stay tuned ) of James Hudson a.k.a. Weapon Alpha a.k.a. Vindicator a.k.a. Guardian.

Next up is the final installment of my Hollywood casting the JLA movie which includes actresses from Italy, Argentina and J.A.G.s Catherine Bell.

Now I know some people will be relieved about that but don´t skin the cat before the baby has fallen into the well or something like that because we still have the JLA CASTING : SPECIAL SUBZERO EDITION coming up which are eight more posts, not counting the Andy Sidaris special and the Janet Jackson post which I decided to retroactively post on Janet´s birthday. So you see we still have plenty of hot cult sirens to uncover before continuing our regular more comic related posts with the second part of MARVEL VISIONARIES - CHRIS CLAREMONT. Or something completely different.

Before coming to the usual bells and whistles at the end of the post I want to do something I haven´t done in a long time, namely pimping a book. I recently purchased three books from Fantagraphics new artist centered EC collection and one of them, Sucker Bait and other stories by Graham Ingels is still available at a bargain price of 16.53 EUROS at 

The regular price tag on this book is 28.99 Dollars so it´s almost at half price. As usual you should not wait too long before ordering it because there are only two copies left. Now if you don´t know who Graham Ingels is you can check out this page from Fantagraphics which has a video of the book or you can read this post by Jason Sacks on COMICS BULLETIN which has many art sample pages from the book by Graham Ingels :

Graham Ingels is the poet laureate of the EC horror comics. His stories are some of the most iconic of the entire line, full of newly revived corpses, horrific villains and some of the scariest moments that have ever been put down on the comics page. When fans think of EC horror, chances are that they think of " Ghastly "'s phantasmagorias.

Along with his brilliant depiction of the dead, Ingels was equally adept at drawing the lives of the living (
and those who were soon to be dead ), nearly always in the midst of a spell of fury, confusion or fear. Leafing through Fantagraphics's glorious collection of twentyfive of Ingels' 110 EC horror tales, Sucker Bait reveals page after page of characters screaming at each other, or crouching in fear, or screaming in unfathomable horror. The most fearsome images may have been Ghastly's famous animated corpses, but the real terror was in the faces of those dealing with evil.

Link time : COMICS IN CONTEXT has a short recap of of the Alpha flight series with covers from the John Byrne run although it seems the site hasn´t been updated since 2006 - which explains why it says there are no trades of the book. BIFF BAM POP also talks about Titanic Teams : John Byrne´s Alpha Flight and my spanish readers might want to check out 

Our first video is an X - Men / Alpha Flight fan film I found a while back. Not the worst fan film I´ve seen although it needs a bit of polishing.

Speaking of fan projects here´s the trailer for a Captain Future movie by a german production company. So far there has been no further news but even if it will be extremely difficult to fulfill the expectations of Captain Future fans worldwide I´m hoping for the best. This really has potential.

I mentioned the cult horror comics from EC and usually I post the TALES FROM THE CRYPT movie from 1972 which always gets taken down and then I have to re - post it. Well it seems that in 1973 there also was a THE VAULT OF HORROR movie and I hope I have more luck with this.

My next video is in lieu of the passing of Yvonne Craig ( you can find a full post on COMIC BITS ONLINE ) who was most famous for portraying Batgirl on season 3 of the 70s BATMAN tv show. Since I couldn´t find Mars needs women and I´m not so sure about Ski Party here is 7 Women from Hell where she co - starred with Cesar Romero who played the Joker. 

Now this is the point where I usually post a cartoon video, mostly a really bad one from the 80s or 90s. But Today I want to do things a bit different.

After seeing this video by Nostalgic Critic I want to feature some of what I consider to be the best kids cartoon shows. While I agree that there are some really good cartoon shows for kids out there I disagree that shows like ADVENTURE TIME or REGULAR SHOW are among them. So far I have seen some episodes and they not only have some of the worst art I have ever seen I am not sure that kids are really their target audience. While it may be that they contain longer more complex storylines all episodes of ADVENTURE TIME or REGULAR SHOW I have seen so far have to do with dating, girls or a combination of both which is definitely not something kids would be interested in. At this age most boys think girls are yucky and most girls have other things on their minds than boys. I think this is something adults think are interesting for kids, those that have forgotten their own childhood. It´s like in those countless movies people make about their school years that have to do with trying to get the first kiss which is a complete mindfudge because most of my time in school was all about comics, books, sweets, tv shows and toys. Yes, there came a time when I became interested in girls but by that age I wasn´t a kid anymore.

I was what you call a teenager, so these new shows are not really for kids but rather for teenagers. Also, while I don´t think kids will freak out if there is a gay character on a tv show there is a thin line between being unafraid to show a particular sexual lifestyle in a tv show and the gay / lesbian / bi - sexual brainwashing that is going on in the moment and ruining not only young kids minds but also characters like Hercules.  

So the first show for kids I want to recommend is a bit older but one of my favorites : BOB MORANE, based on the french comic which was based on the novel series by Charles - Henri Dewisme. I didn´t know this but there even was a black and white tv series produced in the 1960s.

Back to the cartoon series, here is the first episode in french because all german versions have been deleted by YouTube. Thanks very much, guys.

Now I know that not all of my readers are fluent in french so here is Bob Morane Against The Yellow Shadow a longer video with english dubbing.

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Happy birthday sex goddess Halle Berry !

With all the stuff I write about Halle Berry on the blog it´s high time to give one of my top three sexual fantasies a post of her own so I don´t have to re - post her entry in my CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA MOVIE all the time. Although I have incorporated it in this post.

But as one of our times biggest cult sirens Halle Berry really deserved a special post. A Bond Girl winning an Academy Award ? You must be joking ! But it happened as Halle Berry won for her heartwrenching performance in Monster’s Ball. Not to mention baring everything in the name of art.

History was made that night, even as people found her acceptance speech as either pretentious fluff or sincere plea. But why should we care ? Well, being a Bond Girl makes you almost immediately a cult siren. And if you are a silver screen sexbomb playing a weather - manipulating mutant with white hair in a super hero movie franchise, how could you go wrong ?

Halle Berry was born on August 14th 1966, the union of an african - american father, Jerome, and a white mother, Judith. She has an older sister, Heidi. Her name comes from the Halle Building in Cleveland, her home town, which housed a big department store and is the fictional setting of the store in The Drew Carey Show ! The parents divorced when Halle was four, so she was raised by her mom, with whom she’s still close to this day. As a teenager, she trained to be a cheerleader and began appearing in beauty pageants, winning at the age of 17 the Miss Teen All - American Pageant, representing the state of Ohio. In 1986, she was the first runner - up in the Miss USA Pageant and first black American in the Miss World Competition. Consequently, Halle began to dream of a career in the entertainment business. What was a girl to do ? Become a model.

In 1989, her professional acting debut was made for the tv series Living Dolls, a sitcom about a teen model agency that lasted only one season.

She was already perceived as an actress that remained in character during the entire shoot. Work was soon found in the popular tv show Knots Landing. 1991 was an even more important year. After appearing in a R. Kelly and Public Announcement’s music video, she made her movie debut in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever, playing a crack addict. The same year, she also played a stripper in The Last Boy Scout, starring Bruce Willis.

In 1992, Halle made a great partner to Eddie Murphy in the comedy Boomerang. This was followed by a prestigious television miniseries Queen about author Alex Haley’s mother, narrating her arduous experiences with slavery. This role won her great acclaim when it was aired in February 1993. Halle was then seen in the role of Sharon Stone ( no, not the actress ) in the live - action adaptation of The Flintstones in 1994. With this amusing role, she got my attention for the first time.

Is it just me or does she look absolutely hot in EVERY movie she´s in ?

Another hit miniseries followed, this time as Queen of Sheba in Solomon and Sheba, for which Halle was nominated for an Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Television movie, Miniseries or Drama Special.

In 1995, she returned to crack addiction for Losing Isaiah and the role was an omen for things to come. Her next projects were a bit on the easier side with Executive Decision where she plays a stewardess, Girl 6 where she plays herself and the comedy B*A*P*S for which, at least, she wore a colorful wardrobe. Believe it or not, she was nominated as Best Actress for this film at the Acapulco Black Film Festival ! Was this a sign that meaty roles for black actresses were not that many in Hollywood ?

She starred in a little more successful comedy in 1998, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, telling the story of singer Frankie Lymon and his three wives ( played by Halle, Lela Rochon and Vivica A. Fox ). Next came a tv movie produced by all - powerful Oprah Winfrey, The Wedding. But the main project in 1998 was being offered a role in Bulworth, a political satire directed by and starring Warren Beatty. Beatty as a hip’- hoppin’ soul brother ? You better believe it and Halle again won great reviews. In fact, she began associating herself with more high - profile movie projects.

In 1999, Halle Berry became engaged to singer Eric Benét, who already had an eight year old daughter. An important part came along, that of doomed entertainer Dorothy Dandridge in a TV movie. Dandridge was virtually the only black female star in American movies of the fifties, a fact that was inspiring for Halle. In fact, Dandridge was once nominated as Best Actress at the Academy Awards, but didn’t win. Halle discovered that she and Dorothy were both born in the same Cleveland hospital.

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge was a huge success and Halle Berry’s performance hailed as a tour de force. She won the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries from the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie / Miniseries / Dramatic Special from the Image Awards, the Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for Television from the Golden Satellite Awards, the Best Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for TV from the Golden Globes Award and the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie from the Emmy Awards. And she won many more fans through the movie.

Soon after, Halle allegedly complained about the lack of quality roles for african - american actresses, as she was supposedly dismayed at playing a super hero in some action film. The role of Storm in the X - Men movie was soon shrouded in criticism, as Halle’s white wig for the character of Ororo Munroe didn’t seem to find approval among the rabid comic book fans. But her screen presence was formidable and the huge critical and box - office success of the film buried any harsh words of the past.

In 2001, Swordfish was unleashed on the big screens, starring John Travolta and Halle’s co - star in X - Men, Hugh Jackman. This movie got mixed reviews, but everyone talked about it, mainly for Halle Berry’s magnificent topless scene, of which there’s still a rumor that she was paid a few dollars more to perform. If that´s true I really have to thank whoever had the deep pockets to make Halle pop out her big puppies.

Then out of the blue came Monster’s Ball and a strong female role, which was passed down by Vanessa L. Williams and Angela Bassett, mainly for reason of on - screen nudity. Halle finally agreed to play Leticia, a young woman trying to make ends meet when her husband is electrocuted on Death Row. Leticia begins an unexpected relationship with a racist prison guard who served at her hubby’s death sentence. This movie was considered one of the best of the year and Halle’s work masterful.

Then came the night of the Oscars and the events couldn’t have been better scripted, with Sydney Poitier being honored and Denzel Washington named as Best Actor. I was personally rooting for Halle, not for the lack of " black " recognition, but just for the simple fact that she gave the best performance of the nominees. Halle had already won at the Screen Actors Guild Award, the National Board of Review and the Berlin International Film Festival. So, she was the first african american actress to win the Oscar for Best Actress, Hattie McDaniel having won for Best Supporting Actress in 1939 for Gone with the Wind as Mammy.

Halle Berry became a Bond Girl in 2002 for the 20th episode of 007’s adventures, Die Another Day. She gave homage to the first ever Bond Girl, Ursula Andress, wearing similar swimwear. The shoot was not without danger, however, as one of her eye received shrapnel during an action scene and she nearly choked to death on a fig, being rescued by Pierce Brosnan ( who suffered an knee injury ). Much was made of Halle’s nomination for Monster’s Ball, as she learned the news on location while working on Die Another Day. It was also announced that her significant other, Eric Benét, was having wild orgies while Halle was away. So if that´s true it´s his own fault that she broke up with him soon afterwards because with whom do you cheat on the sexiest woman on the planet ?

The success of Die Another Day led to a rumor that Halle’s character Jinx would have her own action movie franchise, which if realized, would be a first for the Bond series. And, yes, I know that Kim Basinger won an Oscar too, but her 007 movie, Never Say Never Again, is not officially part of the " legitimate " Bond series. Reprising her role of Storm in X2, Halle clashed with returning director Bryan Singer during some turmoil between himself and the producers. She allegedly told him to " kiss her black ass ".

So that´s all for this part that has been supplied by the ever faithful CULT SIRENS website and you might want to go over there and read Halle Berry´s full entry as I had to redact it to fit the post. Also a bigger - I mean longer - biography of sexbomb Halle Berry can be found here.

Halle Berry as Green Lantern ( Soranik Natu )

I haven´t been the first one to cast Helle Berry as the exotic Lantern who has artists draw her cleavage ( and her breasts ) bigger and bigger.

I casted Beyonce as Vixen which went against the new JLA comic from that time since Ed Benes obviously based her appearance on Halle Berry.

And knowing what a big fan I am of Halle Berry you might think it obvious that I would do the same. But they do that with a lot of female black characters in comics and I don´t want to cast Halle in five different roles.

Voted the sexiest woman on the planet I just had to add Halle and since there just has to be a Green Lantern on the team I´m killing two breasts with one stone. Although I have to put in her contract that the cleavage has to be - at the very least - open to 2 inches below her belly button.

That way we could finally forget the CATWOMAN fiasko. Who would have thought that a movie with Halle in such a nympho sex outfit could tank ?

The whole direction should have been to a way older clientele like this.

I mean the movie was waaay too tame for a Catwoman movie. The stripper outfit sure helped a bit - less clothing on Halle Berry is always a good thing - but the whole tone was wrong. Even the animated version of Catwoman is more of a horny slut than Halle Berry was in the movie.

Halle Berry has one of the best butts in Hollywood without any doubt.

But the producers of the CATWOMAN movie fumbled the ball on this one.

There was a news report - that I consider a fake - that on the set Halle Berry´s Catwoman costume ripped various times due to the physicality of her role, doing backflips and whatnot and her boobs popped out one time.

Now why wasn´t this in the DVD extras ? I´m always highly suspicious if something like this is in the news but there is no boob footage. Because they sure as heck have footage of all the things nobody wants to see. 

I think what CATWOMAN needed was more nude Halle, not necessarily to the extent of MONSTER´S BALL but at least as much as in SWORDFISH.

Going topless didn´t ruin her career even if it wasn´t her best movie. There is also another comic adaption for which Halle would be perfect.

And because it´s an adult title Halle can even use her stripper moves.

So in my JLA movie Halle Berry would definitely have to take it all off, having a hot nude scene with Guy Gardner or another Green Lantern Corps member ( no pun intended ) or at least a shower scene with Arisia. Naturally as a director who takes his job seriously I insist on rehearsing all explicit scenes with Halle Berry just to assure the integrity of the movie.

Ah, the sacrifices we make for art. It´s hardcore . . . I mean a hard job.

Or there might be a special interrogation scene involving the Yellow Lanterns from the Sinestro Corps who do a full cavity search on Soranik. Which they already hinted at in the SINIESTRO comic with this nice scene.

Halle doesn´t have such a big chest size like when she was at the THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE premiere where her blue dress made the news.

But she still looks totally awesome for a woman who has had two kids.

With some of the women in my cast I would need to pick them from a certain time in their career but with Halle that doesn´t matter and you would most definitely see her in my Justice League movie in some role.

Okay, that picture is more than one year old but have you seen her rack - tastic appearance on the Jay Leno show in 2013 ? Man, at 46 she made all them eyes pop with her sexed up see through top. Nice puppies, Halle !


Halle Berry certainly isn’t shy. The buxom star managed to attract a lot of attention when she stopped by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - although she didn’t have to say a word ! Instead, she let her plunging mini dress do ALL the talking, while her exposed chest certainly stole the spotlight - in fact, Jay Leno‘s gaze kept wandering down Halle’s killer cleavage and sideboob. The 62 - year - old host looked like he was having a hard time ( and getting harder by the minute ) concentrating and couldn’t help stealing glances at Halle’s ample assets - and who could blame him?

It's no secret that Halle Berry oozes sex appeal. The Bond girl can leave men in a dribbling state of awe simply by flashing her smile -- so you can imagine the effect she had on Jay Leno after showing up in one of the lowest necklines we've ever seen. For her appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" last night, the 46 year old donned a skimpy physics - defying, cleavage - bearing dress by Reem Acra with silver trim and an incredibly low neckline . The sheer mesh bust line was on the low side, but it also featured a slit down the middle all the way to her belly button !

Needless to say, Jay had a tough time focusing on the topic at hand ( I don´t know, but it seems to me that Jay did an admirable job because anybody else would have been staring at her boobs all the time since it looked like her ripe melons could pop out of her top any moment ).

There’s no denying that Halle is in amazing shape and looks better than stars half her age - and she loves to show it off every chance she gets!

The silver trimming along the middle cutout and top of the frock only added to the alluring appeal of the seriously sexy get - up. Black patent pumps and earrings completed the ensemble - although it was Halle’s killer cleavage that was her best ( or should I say breast ) accessory!

Halle Berry, appearing as a guest on Monday’s edition of The Tonight Show, had host Jay Leno in a trance in her extremely low - cut strapless dress with generous amounts of cleavage. Jay clearly doesn’t mind Halle’s provocative style, complimenting the star on the plunging Versace gown she wore to the 85th Annual Academy Awards last month, adding, “ I like this dress better .” constantly staring at the Oscar winner´s chest. Her black and silver mini just might be her sexiest " fuck me " dress ever.

And after all that talk here´s the best quality clip I could find on YouTube.

Since this will be re - posted a lot with a different video section each time so I´m including Halle´s best performances starting with The Flintstones.

Of course I could not skip her incredible strip in The Last Boy Scout.

And speaking about incredible : here is Halle Berry in underwear in a scene from Swordfish - this is not Halle´s gratuitous topless scene.

Which - very apropos - is in the Top 5 Gratuitous Scenes In Movies.

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