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Retro repost : cult siren Jamie Lee Curtis

Today you get two posts for the price of one because I couldn´t possibly compress all the stuff about Jamie Lee Curtis into a small enough portion to include it in my last Aparo post. So because it has been a while that I did the original post about cult siren Jamie Lee Curtis and it´s still not in the Top Ten list I wanted to do a quick repost since she turned 57 Today.

Anyway, I tried to find another widget for the blog where I can put MY Top Ten posts because the ones in my current list are those that have the most views but are not necessary the Best of The Best. But since I have not found one yet I´m just doing a repost of movie cult siren Jamie Lee Curtis for all those readers of the blog who have missed it. As with most reposts this will be a somewhat shorter version and one of the reasons for that is that blogger now allows for animated GIFs to be posted. So instead of the old post where I included a lot of screenshots of Jamie Lee Curtis´ sexy striptease on TRUE LIES I can just post a GIF. Which is probably a relief for those readers who complained about too much hot babes on the blog. And for those who have no problem with that you can check out the original post with all the pictures . I also did another post later on that had all the screenshots I had found because if I had put it into the original post it would have been waaay too long. I also included some links to animated GIFs because back then I couldn´t post them. Now I could but I don´t want to put them all on the blog because that´s just murder on the upload time for the blog. Maybe I´ll post some of them in the future. 

As with most reposted posts I´ll include some new pictures since I never have enough posts to put all the stuff into them that I want on the blog.

At the beginning of her career the daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis was known for her impressive set of lungs, as one of the best known Scream Queens and her appearances in various horror movies like PROM NIGHT or HALLOWEEN. Another John Carpenter thriller, 1980's THE FOG also featured Jamie Lee and to this day it´s one of the classic horror movies of all time. She reprised her starring role in Halloween II in 1981, a franchise to which she would return in HALLOWEEN H20 - TWENTY YEARS LATER ( 1998 ) and HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION ( 2002 ) .

But Jamie Lee Curtis wanted something more out of life than to star in horror movies ( not that there´s something wrong with that ) and to be more than just an actress known for her screaming techniques. Later on she was still known for her impressive set of lungs .... but in a different context. To be precise : in a 34C - 22 - 34 measurements context. When she finally did lose her " Scream Queen " title, it was in exchange for the name " The Body " ( which is also Elle MacPherson's nickname ) thanks to Jamie Lee´s revealing roles in TRADING PLACES and 1985's PERFECT.

After a string of made - for - TV movies in the early '80s, she turned heads as a prostitute in the Eddie Murphy comedy, 1983's TRADING PLACES ( Soldiers of Fortune in german " DIE GLÜCKSRITTER " - don't ask me why ) , for which she won the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress. When she went topless she cemented herself a fan base that would last for years. Not only because she decided to disrobe, but because she had a fantastic body, that she was often referred to as " Freeze Frame " ( a nod to all the VCR users' use of the pause button on certain scenes ).

Jamie Lee proved her comedic ability with her starring role in 1988's A FISH CALLED WANDA with John Cleese ( where she proved she still got it ! ) and both worked together again on FIERCE CREATURES in 1997.

She continued on the comedy path co - starring with Richard Lewis in the sitcom ANYTHING BUT LOVE, until 1992 and her role garnered her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Series. The rest of the '90s were marked by a slew of movie roles, most notably in 1990's BLUE STEEL, 1991's MY GIRL, 1994's TRUE LIES - which reminded viewers yet again how magnificent her body is when she stripped like a pro for Arnold and garnered her a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture and an American Comedy Award for Funniest Actress in a Motion Picture - and 1999's VIRUS based on the comic series by DARK HORSE. It is a pretty decent movie and at least the Germans didn´t cut out 10 minutes from the opening scene like in the other DARK HORSE movie BARB WIRE. 

In 2001 Jamie starred in THE TAILOR OF PANAMA alongside Pierce Brosnan, who was the lucky guy who got to fondle her and I´m not sure if that was in the original script. You know which scene I´m talking about.

What is really remarkable about Jamie is that she did her best striptease very late in her career in the Schwarzenegger flick TRUE LIES and you can say what you want about the Governator but his taste in women is truly impeccable. Ann Margret, Brigitte Nielsen, Sharon Stone, Vanessa Williams, Gina Gershon, Rae Dawn Chong, Alyssa Milano, Olivia D´Abo, Kelly Preston, Robin Tunney, Uma Thurman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tia Carrere - the list of his female co - stars is like a WHO`S WHO of hot actresses.

Speaking about Tia Carrere : do you remember those tight pants she used to wear on RELIC HUNTER ? I never understood why the series was not more successful since Tia showed lots of skin but I guess it was because the scripts were not that good. Well, that and her assistant / girlie man Nigel, the writers didn´t have the cojones to make an english man cool.

Some of her best scenes are in the comedy HIGH SCHOOL HIGH opposite Jon Lovitz and really, Tia Carrere is the only reason to watch that flick.

Back to Jamie Lee Curtis, she even won a poll for best striptease in 2007.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ striptease in ‘True Lies’ polled best ever

The ’scream queen’ was followed by Oscar winner Kim Basinger for her ‘ tremendous sex appeal ’ in ‘91 / 2 Weeks’. Spanish star Salma Hayek ( From Dusk Till Dawn ) and Elisha Cuthbert ( The Girl Next Door ) secured 3rd and 4th places respectively, reports Contactmusic. Natalie Portman rounded of the top five, at the fifth spot for role in ‘ Closer ’.

The top six list of best film striptease are as follows:

1. Jamie Lee Curtis ( True Lies )

2. Kim Basinger ( 9 1 / 2 Weeks )

3. Salma Hayek ( From Dusk Till Dawn )

4. Elisha Cuthbert ( The Girl Next Door )

5. Natalie Portman ( Closer )

6. Demi Moore ( Striptease )

Now I´m not so sure about that list since neither Natalie Portman nor Elisa Cuthbert are on my list ( haven´t seen their movies ) and I would even exclude Kim Basinger. If I had to do a top 10 strip list it would be :

1. Halle Berry ( Last Boy Scout )

2. Demi Moore ( Striptease )

3. Erika Eleniak ( Under Siege )

4. Jamie Lee Curtis ( True Lies )

5. Salma Hayek ( From Dusk Till Dawn )

6. Elizabeth Berkley ( Showgirls )

7. Claudia Christian ( The Hidden )

8. Pamela Anderson ( Barb Wire )

9. Kathleen Kinmont ( The Corporate Ladder )

10. Jessica Biel ( Powder Blue )

And one of my goals in life is to do posts on TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN on all of the sexy nominees on that best striptease list.

Now I would like to offer you an indepth analysis of TRUE LIES revealing the multiple layers of sociopolitical / cinematoanthropologic multidimensionality of the movie but as always, John Kenneth Muir has already done that more eloquently than I ever could :

TRUE LIES does feel very contemporary in the sense that it accurately forecasts the 21st century ascent of Middle - Eastern terrorism against the United States. And it certainly predicts a powerful, unaccountable bureaucracy in the U.S. Government as the response to such terrorist attacks. Here, that organization is " Omega Sector ", the " last line of defense ". Leading Omega Sector is none other than Charlton Heston as "Spencer Trilby", and once more, his right - wing reputation carries a brand of symbolic power and weight. ( He basically plays Nick Fury. )

Indeed, TRUE LIES works primarily as a kind of time capsule of 1994's cultural concerns, echoing the conservative tide that swept Newt Gingrich into power as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

You can read the full post right here and I´m going to end this post with a picture from one of my favorite parts of the movie that´s right before the striptease scene. Jamie is in her way to the motel room where she has to plant the microchip and seeing herself in the mirror she decides she has to sex up her outfit. Which she does by ripping off parts of her dress covering her chest and pouring water from a vase over her head.

Now stuff like this works only in movies and if you try to do this in the real world you would most definitely totally ruin that dress and I bet if you just pour some water over your head your hair will probably not look like you just came from the hairdresser. But that´s the suspension of disbelieve in movies and we wouldn´t have it any other way.

And before closing the post and letting you re - watch HALLOWEEN, THE FOG, TRUE LIES or any other cult movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis I wanted to mention she´s also a bestselling author of Children´s Books and invented a new kind of diaper. Yes, a woman of many talents.

"My breasts are beautiful, and I gotta tell you, they've gotten a lot of attention for what is relatively short screen time." - Jamie Lee Curtis

Yes, I know, these posts are not so popular as my more comic related posts but they show up more frequent on search engines and somehow I got to bring new readers to the blog. That´s my motto : come for the massitas, stay for the comics. And this was the short version anyway.

Part of this post was about horror movies so I´m using the opportunity to post some horror videos I didn´t get to post at Halloween. Since Jamie Lee Curtis starred in it the first video is the documentary HALLOWEEN : 25 YEARS OF TERROR. I think there is also one from the 30th year anniversary of that movie but I´m saving that one for next years repost.

On a more comic related note here´s a video featuring Werewolf by Night and Tigra in a love story which I couldn´t fit in my Were - Week tributes.

Speaking about horror and comics you have to mention EC Comics which did the best horror comics of all times. So far I have written a lot about their classic horror titles but they also mixed horror and science fiction in their comics WEIRD FANTASY and WEIRD SCIENCE ( which was also the title of an 80s comedy featuring Kelly LeBrock that was later turned into a tv series where Vanessa Angel plays the part of artificial cyber über sexbombe Lisa - maybe I can find the time to put the post on the blog ).

I always like to include one longer video and here is one that has the best of both worlds, horror AND sci fi : THE ROBOT VS THE AZTEC MUMMY.

Speaking about robots, Comicbookgirl19´s faithful sidekick does not appear in this dramatic reading of HAUNTED HORROR 5 but I urge all my readers to support her because I want to see more videos like her just released EPIC HISTORY : X - MEN VOLUME 2, THE PHOENIX SAGA.

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