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Logan´s Run 4 : Enter the Ice - World of Box

I think I have fallen a bit behind with posting these since I didn´t post an issue in February. Maybe I can squeeze in the next issue at the end of this month but for now we continue with the fourth issue of LOGAN`S RUN written by David Kraft, pencils by George Perez, inks by Klaus Janson.

Now you might have noticed that I chose a different title for this post.

Duh, of course this post has a different title than the ones before because it´s a different post. That´s not what I meant. All the other George Perez post titles start with BY GEORGE ! but in this case the title of the comic are too long to keep the post title to one paragraph which is what I like to do here. Unless there is a big reason for a particular title I try to keep all the post titles to one paragraph. The other thing is that the comic has actually two titles, the one on the cover Dread Sanctuary ! and the one on the splash page Enter the Eternal Ice - World of Box !  Because the first one is almost identical to the title of our last issue I decided to go with the second one and because I think it sounds better. Again, to keep the post title to one paragraph I took the liberty of shortening it a bit. As usual there is no recap of the previous issues since I don´t want to spoil anything. Who has seen the movie knows what happens and those who haven´t seen it - what are you waiting for ? As usual here are the links for the previous issues ( issue 1 / issue 2 / issue 3 ) and now let´s continue.

You may have noticed that the announcement for the next issue reads Next : End - Run ! The Final Chapter ! and while it is indeed the end of David Kraft and George Perez´ adaption of the movie it is not the end of this series. Intrigued ? Return next time for the stunning explanation.

Before coming to the video section there is one celebrity birthday I want to mention. Soft sex / erotic movie / b - movie cult siren Mia Zottoli who celebrates her 48th birthday Today. There are a few more birthdays in the video section but I wanted to mention this one apart because there will be no video for this as the videos I can post don´t have a very good quality or don´t show enough of Miss Zottoli´s qualities and the ones where you can see more of her are not safe to post. So I spent some considerable time Yesterday and Today making two GIFs that are safe for posting. I made this one below for Terry Dodson so he learns what this looks like.

The month of April really has a lot of hot sexbombs that celebrate their birthday that month and with Krista Allen, Mia Zottoli and Nikki Fritz ( who celebrates her birthday Tomorrow ) this was always an extra busy time for me checking all the links back when I had my old boob blog.

This is almost like the trifecta of erotic actresses but not quite as my top three erotic actresses are Nikki Fritz, Mia Zottoli and Shauna OBrien - in that particular order. Too bad nobody ever made a movie with all three.

Back to our cult siren of the day, since I still hope to give Mia Zottoli a solo post at some point I´m not going to put everything from my old post here. If you watch b - movies you have probably seen her in some movies and if you watch erotic movies chances are very high you have seen her take her clothes off. She had some breast surgery early in her career from which she benefitted greatly as you can see in her best best movies which are The Mummy´s Kiss, Fast Lane to Las Vegas and Sinful Temptations.

Especially the last one is my favorite Mia Zottoli movie not only because she´s in her best physical condition in this one but also because it has a lot of nude scenes with her in such a relatively short film. So check out her movies - if you haven´t yet - and many happy returns, Mia Zottoli, and as always good luck, stay healthy and thanks for the mammaries !

We continue with Ingo Insterburg, one of the founding members of the german comedy quartett Insterburg & Co who has achieved the ripe age of 82 Today. To people of my generation you don´t have to explain who he is : besides being part of the german kabarett bedrock he has appeared in four movies and written several books. He is famous for playing countless instruments among them many strange ones he invented himself often made out of kitchen appliances like a saxophone he built out of a waste water tube. Here is one of Insterburg & Co´s biggest hits.

Our next birthday is 79 years old actor Billy Dee Williams best known for playing Gotham´s district attorney Harvey Dent in the first BATMAN movie with Michael Keaton ...... oh who am I kidding ? He´s of course best known for playing Lando Clarissian in the first STAR WARS trilogy back when Marvel Comics first had the license for the movie adaptions.

At the moment Disney is flooding the market with new STAR WARS series but I have to say I´m more interested in reading the old ones, green rabbit included and all. I would like to read those in nice hardcovers but since the only hardcovers so far are those incredibly expensive omnibus I will probably have to apt for the trades ( although the first omnibus is on amazon at a current price of 70 bucks which is not bad for a 125 dollar book ). So far I haven´t seen the new STAR WARS movie - although I have heard only good things about it so far from people who have seen it - so here´s a little serenade to celebrate. May the Force be with you, Billy.

The birthday keep coming with Michael Rooker who turns 61. He has done a whole slew of movies too many to list them all here but to Today´s generation he´s Yondu from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Which - believe it or not - ties into Today´s topic. You see, one of the series David Kraft also wrote at Marvel is DEFENDERS and GIANT - SIZE DEFENDERS 5 reintroduced The Guardians of the Galaxy to Marvel readers. It is included in my MARVEL MASTERWORKS DEFENDERS 4, as well as their first appearance in MARVEL SUPERHEROES 18 which was penciled by the great Gene Colan so I can finally read those stories.

Since Today´s pop culture afficionados probably don´t know very much about those guys here´s a little video to lay down some basic Guardians of the Galaxy knowledge dating back to the original team with Yondu.

Another Marvel movie related birthday - or is that Disney movie related birthday - is Paul Rudd from the almost equally successful ANT MAN.

I know he played the Scott Lang Ant Man and not the original Hank Pym Ant Man but there are not that many videos about Scott Lang on YouTube. So I hope that this one will do to celebrate his 47th anniversary. I hope Michael Douglas stays healthy so he can reprise his role one more time.

So Today final video is a cartoon video or rather kind of a cartoon video. Usually I end with a music video but since we technically have two of those ( Insterburg & Co and Star Wars ) I decided to change things.

You may have noticed that I always talk about what the new generation doesn´t know about comics and other pop culture related stuff so here´s a video where we really find out about that. I have watched quite a few of these and the ones where they are confronted with typewriters or old telephones are hilarious but I must warn you : they can become quite addictive. Anyway, I have to say I didn´t recognize all of the theme songs.

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