Saturday, May 28, 2016

By George ! Legion Of Three Worlds issue 5

The month is almost over so I want to post the final issue of the brilliant Final Crisis - Legion Of Three Worlds 5 issue mini series by Geoff Johns and George Perez. As I couldn´t find any original art from this issue this will be a pretty short post. Well, compared to some of the other posts.

When  I started posting this series I wasn´t sure what the reaction would be but so far it has been very positive and I know of one reader who has bought the trade because of it. I don´t know if there are any more people out there who did the same but let me address all those still one the fence about it. It´s not too late. There is still the big finale coming. So if you don´t want to get spoilers from this post don´t read this and get the trade right away. Or the hardcover. If you are like me you will re - read it a gazillion times and then it´s better to have the sturdy hardcover. For all others - and those who are not afraid of spoilers - here´s the big finish where Geoff Johns and George Perez pull out all the stops. And if this is the first post you found use the following links to read issue 1, issue 2, issue 3 and issue 4 before reading this. So into the breach once more.

So that was the last issue of LEGION OF THREE WORLDS and I hope you liked it. But wait, what about the George Perez DC content for next month you might ask. Well, as promised I will start with THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD written by Mark Waid and since there were no black and white pages in this post here is a pin up of the Legion lasses by George Perez.

There are also two links I didn´t want to post before finishing the series : the first one is WTF, DC ? which gives the series a rave review and SHANKIE´S HOUSE OF GUNS AND SPANDEX has a post on issue 3 and 4.

We start the birthdays with aussie actress / singer / pop culture icon / sexsymbol Kylie Minogue who celebrates her 47th. I remember when she had her first big hit The Locomotion the guys at Mtv didn´t get tired of predicting she would never be more than a one hit wonder and I never get tired of reminding people of that. I just mentioned her and her sister a few posts ago as those were the first music video cassettes I bought.

Now there are a lot of music videos on YouTube of Kylie - not to mention of her concerts - so instead I opted for her megaerotic Agent Provocateur commercial. One of the reasons for that is that I found these great GIFs so I don´t need to spend countless hours myself making them ( thanks to the unknown hero who made them and posted them on the internet ).  

Also this commercial was banned in quite a few countries and if it was shown in Germany it was definitely after midnight. And lastly you can´t beat die Geile Minogue riding a mechanical bull. Wearing black lingery.

We´re staying in the music business a bit with former Creedence Clearwater Revival member John Fogerty who turns 70 Today. This is a video I haven´t posted in a long while. The DC guys should watch this.

I don´t like to post another video that falls into the music category. But I get to kill two birds with one stone as it´s not only Glady Knight´s 71st birthday but also the birthday of James Bond creator Ian Fleming.  Plus Licence to Kill is the best James Bond movie with Timothy Dalton.

Today would have also been Wendy O Williams birthday and she is best known for Reform School Girls with Sybil Danning which I even mentioned in the cult siren post about Sybil Danning I just wrote this Tuesday. There are a few clips from that movie available but I don´t think this is really a campy " women in prison " film as girls get really roughed up in those.

Yesterday we had John Wayne´s birthday, Today it´s Johnny Wayne who is not his little brother but one half of the comedy duo that starred in The Wayne and Shuster Hour. This was a program I always watched as a kid. 

Our next celebrity birthday who is no longer with us is Zelda Rubinstein and she appeared in the Poltergeist movies, Tales From The Crypt and Picket Fences. Maybe I should pick the series up even if it´s only to see Lauren Holly in a bikini when she was one of tv´s biggest sexbombs.

Zelda Rubinstein also did the voice of Darkwing Ducks mom which gives me an excuse to write about him. I have to confess that I haven´t seen an episode of it yet. Somehow this cartoon show escaped me completely.

So for those people out there like me who have never heard of this cartoon show here is the honest review which explains everything you might want to know about the costumed crime fighter of St. Canard.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

First time I've bothered watching the Kylie advert. It's's to sell underwear not make you horny! Hmm. Maybe someone misunderstood the concept proposal? But she's certainly a well built woman.
Legion. Got the book. Tried reading it. Looked at the art. Two weeks later I've just given up. Too much going on and, to be honest, it isn't the most original story. I'm guessing being a LSH fan this was great but someone who gave up on the LSH after Crisis On Infinite I do love the art but when I'm not so burnt on regarding comics I may sit and read it.
In the mean time I need to check that Kylie ad again for shadow and uh colouring reference...

SUBZERO said...

Yeah, it definitely helps if you´re a Legion fan. I don´t even know if you can understand everything that is going on if you are NOT a Legion fan as this is the Legion´s version of AVENGERS FOREVER. But if you are like me you start to read it after you have looked through the first twenty pages and like you said, the art alone is worth the price of admission. For me this is one of the last good things DC did before it all went to the crapper.

As for Kylie I´m not sure if I understood the concept for the commercial and like a wise man once said : I don´t know if it´s art but I know what I like. But just to be sure I´ll also check that again....what, I have written enough posts this week ( 5, 6 if you count the Sybil Danning post ) so I´m taking the weekend off to indulge myself watching Kylie and Darkwing Duck. Now where was this new Yaya Han video ?