Friday, May 20, 2016

Today is Gardner Fox Day - all day, fella

Today I went through the birthday list BEFORE starting with the post to avoid any problems like in the past. And since Today is Gardner Fox´s birthday I wanted to do a tribute post to all the great stories he wrote.

Originally I wanted to do a Gardner Fox / Gil Kane double team post because they have worked together on quite a number of series but after going through all the titles he worked on I have decided that I would be giving my readers the short end of a stick so to speak. Instead I have decided to show the entire spectrum of what he has done. This meant of course doing various post so Today the Gardner Fox posts keep coming. We start with the first superhero post which will be about DC comics where he worked on all the big names like ATOM, BATMAN, FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, HAWKMAN and of course the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

We start Today´s birthdays with mi paisano Iker Casillas a.k.a. Super Iker by his devoted fans. Usually I don´t talk much about sports on this blog but I happened to be in Spain in 2010 when they won the soccer world championship. It was simply amazing how positive all people involved where and Iker was the rock. To think that usually Spain doesn´t make it through the quarter finals but this time we went all the way and won !

And we´re staying in europe as german comedian Kaya Yanar turns 43. He is best known for his tv show Was guckst du ? ( What are you looking at / what are you watching ? ) that toys with well - known cultural stereotypes. He also was one of the hosts of Stars bei der Arbeit ( Stars at Work ) which despite the title did not show stars at work - which would be showing them at what they do every day - but instead had them trying a job they hadn´t done before. One of their most famous episodes was the one with Verona Pooth for obvious reasons. Verona is incredibly hot this guy´s glasses were actually all fogged up when she took off her jacket !

I have mentioned her in one or two posts but I haven´t done a real post on her despite the fact that her birthday was just at the end of last month. Maybe I can rectify that soon. Anyway, I did get the DVD of the first season of Stars at Work and it´s totally worth it for this episode.

Busta Rhymes also celebrates his birthday Today, he is now 44 years old. He always did his own thing without much care for fads or trends and worked with such hot women like Mariah Carey ( the video I Know What You Want is inspired by Frank Miller´s SIN CITY look ) or Janet Jackson. Man, at the time it came out this was the hottest Janet had ever been.

Busta Rhymes is also an actor who appeared in Fast Lane with Tiffani Amber Theissen and normally I would go into my routine of mentioning her time on Beverly Hills 90210 and how Tori Spelling did her sexy dance in a hooker outfit on the show and how Tiffani was also on Saved By The Bell with Showgirls stripper star Elizabeth Berkley but I already did that on Monday in my belated birthday post for Janet Jackson as Tori Spelling had her 43rd birthday on that very same day. So instead I want to mention another movie he was in : Mean Girls. Does anyone remember the time when Lindsay Lohan had real boobs ? I miss the busty Lindsay Lohan.

I taped this when it was on tv but I never got around to watch it and then vcr players became obsolete. Judging from the teens reaction this is really a must see movie - maybe it will be in my next order with Clerks II.

Next we have quite an age difference as Cher celebrates her 70th anniversary. The last thing I know of her is that she appeared in the Burlesque movie together with Christina Aguilera. Another film I should have already seen being such a huge Christina Aguilera fan. My brother would probably tell me that she doesn´t get naked in the movie anyway ( duh, it´s for people six years and older ) but he doesn´t understand what Burlesque is and you watch this movie for Christina´s hot performances.

Speaking about hot performances here is X - Factor UK´s group 4th Power with the title song from Burlesque. I didn´t think I would find a video from a casting show for this one but I was going through the videos with Christina and they were all of bad quality or with spanish subtitles and this video just blows the roof of. If you like this watch their first X - Factor appearance where they blow the audience and the judges away.

Now I thought about putting a video from Le Crazy Horse up there since Christina Aguilera does I Am A Good Girl in Burlesque and that´s one of the standards of the nightclub whose show really hasn´t changed much over the decades. But after watching it again I knew that the minute I put that video on my blog my blog would be suspended again. I really thought I could get a casting video to commemorate what would have been Joe Cocker´s 70th birthday but I already posted that so here is Unchain My Heart by one of the greatest singers who ever lived and never got rich.

The last anniversary I want to mention is James Stewart´s birthday who was in such classics like It´s A Wonderful Life by Frank Capra who I mentioned in my last post. Weird how the same topics keep popping up.

A propos, you knew another Super Friends video was popping up when you saw the SUPER FRIENDS cover. I was looking for The Origin Of Batman but I only found very short parts of the episode in spanish and portugese so here´s another Filmation featurette about the Legendary Super Powers.

Last but not least since he was one of the characters Gardner Fox wrote here is the crazy and complicated origin of Hawkman explained. You can watch it but I have to go on and do the Gardner Fox science fiction post.

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