Monday, May 30, 2016

It´s that Janet Jackson feeling of Deja Vue

Since I mentioned the homage covers of Janet Jackson´s famous Rolling Stone cover in Yesterday´s birthday post for Latoya Jackson, and I am too tired to do a real post Today AND I really haven´t done a new post for Janet Jackson´s birthday I thought I could kill three birds with one stone.

Some of these pictures are actual comic covers, others are commissions, fan art or other images I found on the net so I don´t know all of these covers origins. Since there will be no comments by me let´s get started.

Today I´m going to skip the birthdays and instead add a few videos of my choosing. And I´m going to start with a cartoon classic, The Pink Panther.

This is one show which I will only buy in the german version because as I found out through my research in the original episodes there is no narrator. Now you are probably thinking : what is he talking about ? Well, I don´t know how it is in other countries but in the german version of the show the entire episode is narrated by an off voice. In verse. And it´s the reason why the show is so beloved. For nobody from my generation this show is right without the brilliant text written by Eberhard Storeck and read by Gert Günther Hoffmann. See ? You learn a new thing every day.

The 17th International Comic Salon Erlangen is now officially over but here is a clip that was on the german tv for those who couldn´t attend.

Speaking about comics have you ever wondered why people become so obsessed with them ? No ? Oh. Okay. Well, you can still watch this video.

Since I couldn´t decide on a music video from a plethora of casting show videos here is one that combines music - kind of - and 90s sitcoms.

Until my appointment with the orthopedist I don´t know if I can go to Spain this year or not and one of the things I really miss when I´m not there are the many cool comic movies they make. A few months back I posted the trailer for Anacleto Agente Secreto ( Secret Agent Anacleto ) which my mother will look for now that she has gone back to Spain. Another classic comic that has been turned into movies is Zipi y Zape .

Yes, I´m saying movies as in plural because apparently there has been a movie in the 70s or so but I only found a short clip. There is however a more recent movie from 2013 Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang and the sequel Zip & Zap and the Captain´s Island is in cinemas at the end of July.

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