Sunday, May 15, 2016

By George ! Logan´s Run 5 : End - Run !

I´m still completely exhausted from my forced marathon walks on Friday and Saturday but I wanted to start off the Whitsuntide ( really, Engländer, that´s the best word you can offer for Pfingsten ? We´re talking about a catholic holiday here ) holidays right and what better way than with David Kraft´s and George Perez´ last issue of the sci fi classic LOGAN`S RUN ?

Maybe I´m getting to old for comics. And with that I mean comic events, things for which you leave the house. Reading comics is probably going to be the last thing I will do and with that I mean the final thing to be clear.

In any case the worst thing somebody with my health can do is go on very long walks two days in a row without necessity. But sometimes it can´t be helped because the universe hates me and likes to laugh in my face. So on Friday I got a letter from customs that a package from Sweden could not be delivered to me. Of course they could not tell me what that was or who was the sender. So I printed the invoice for the last amazon order that hadn´t arrived and made the long trek to the customs office. Now one of the reasons why I - and other people - order from amazon is not to leave the house. Another is that you don´t have to schlepp those heavy omnibus books. And a third may be because it is cheaper. Well, it´s not as easy when you have to leave the house and walk for heaven only knows how long because normally nobody knows exactly where the customs office is so nobody can tell you which bus station is the nearest. It´s also not as convenient if you end up having to schlepp the heavy book anyway. And it´s not as cheap if you have to invest money for the bus, plus your time and possibly your health because such long forced walks make the next knee operation become more of a sure thing. So Yay ! I finally got my - a bit banged up and battered - copy of the SPIDER - MAN BY ROGER STERN OMNIBUS and Holy MF -er this is one fat book but with all it cost me I´m not sure if it was worth it. I fear it will cost me in the long run.

And speaking about long runs, instead of relaxing and building up my strength the next day I went to the Sammlerecke in Esslingen for the GRATIS COMIC TAG. Which was a bad idea. Not only do they celebrate their 25th anniversary next week and give away six free comics for each cutomer every day, which means I could have gone next week. But it was a completely cold day, I froze my butt off, when I got there the Schnitzel were not ready so I had to eat a Rote ( and all the way to the comic shop I refrained from eating anything else ) of course I had been there in such a long time that I only could take comics from my pull list and I even may have overpaid on those. I can always see how long it has been since my last visit and this time there were five new issues of SAVAGE DRAGON in my box so it was almost six months. Anyway, I was much too tired to look through the various offers they had and I brought my sketch book for naught because I was also too tired to stand in line. So maybe I will pay my comic shop another visit next week, hoping it will not be so crowded but for the future I will avoid going to the comic shop on GRATIS COMIC TAG. I can get my free comics when I´m fit and I´m too old for this.

So there are no reviews of the GRATIS COMIC TAG issues I got Today and instead issue 5 of LOGAN`S RUN. As I mentioned before this is the last issue by David Kraft and George Perez but not the last issue of the book, which means there are two more installments and if you have missed the previous posts click these links for issue 1 , issue 2 , issue 3 and issue 4 .

After five posts on this there are no George Perez related videos left to post so let´s get right to the birthdays and start with the ones that don´t get a video. The youngest anniversary is David Krumholtz with 38 years whom most people will know from Numbers. Just two posts ago I was writing about Northern Exposure which was Rob Morrow´s big break and now I´m talking about the newest show he´s on. I still haven´t started watching the first two seasons of Numbers which I got from the last 3 tv seasons for 25 bucks offer from amazon ( I´m currently binge watching The Sarah Jane Adventures since the next Doctor Who episode will not air before Christmas ) but I can only recommend the series if you haven´t watched it. I looked for a good video from the show on YouTube but all the episodes were either in too bad quality, to small or in too many parts. 

The same goes for David Charvet who enters his 44th birthyear. He is a canadian singer ( who knew ? ) best known for his stints on Melrose Place and Baywatch which showcased such ueber sexbombs like Carmen Electra

or Erika Eleniak who ironically got much more famous after she left the show because she really boobed out in a big way ( it´s ike her breasts exploded ) which was a plus for Under Siege where she did her famous striptease. Which was personally put in the script by Steven Seagal.

And we´re coming from one ultimate sexbomb to the next as long - legged screen sensation Brenda Bakke celebrates her 53rd birthday.

Brenda first made waves on the big screen in Hot Shots 2 which I found better than the first part. It´s one of the few cases where the sequel was better than the original since the first movie was just a collage of funny scenes while part 2 had almost a story. And of course sexy Miss Bakke. By the way, this is how I always pictured the women from the west doing it.

The next time I saw Miss Bakke - at least that I was aware of, see list below - was on American Gothic, one of the best horror series on tv ever. Here Brenda played the school teacher we all wished we had. Au Bakke !

Other tv shows Brenda appeared in are Ned Blessing, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Charmed, Popular, Dark Angel, NYPD Blue, Dollhouse, The Mentalist, Dark Blue, The Bridge, Supernatural, If Loving You Is Wrong, Criminal Minds : Beyond Borders and she also was in Tales from the Crypt : Demon Knight, Under Siege 2 : Dark Territory and L. A. Confidential. Happy birthday, Brenda and thanks for the mammaries !

All people from my generation are of course familiar with Mike Oldfield´s Tubular Bells which is the title theme of The Exorcist, another must see horror movie. He has his 63rd anniversary - Mike Oldfield, not the movie - and beyond this video you can find more concerts of him on YouTube.

Even though I don´t have a video to go with this I want to mention Chazz Palminteri who celebrates his 64th birthday and who always plays if not a mafiosi then at least the bad guy. Or a guy with a really bad temper.

In my last post I mentioned David O. Selznik´s anniversary as well as the movies Duel In The Sun and The Third Man which both starred Joseph Cotten. Well, today would have been Joseph Cotten´s birthday and besides the already mentioned movies he also was in Citizen Kane, Airport 77, Concorde Affaire 79 ( kind of a theme that´s going on here ), and on tv he appeared in The Joseoh Cotten Show : On Trial ( kind of self explanatory ), Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Dr. Kildare, 77 Sunset Strip ( when I was a kid we watched this show religiously and we always sang the title song ), Ironside, It Takes A Thief, The Streets Of San Francisco, Fantasy Island, Tales Of The Unexpected, The Love Boat and also a show called Off To See The Wizard. As coincidence would have it it´s also the anniversary of writer L. Frank Baum who wrote all the Oz books.

After the Blake & Mortimer cartoon I found a lot of other BD cartoons, not all in really god quality and some only in french. With Clifton I have read some of the stories but I have to say I like his later phase, when he was like a secret agent the best even if Clifton purists like the earlier stuff.

One of the things I always like about GRATIS COMIC TAG is that I get to see all the comics outside of super heroes that are printed in Germany.

Since Disney and DC are currently busy putting themselves out of business - the business of producing good comics not the business of producing dreck for the movie going audience which has never read a good comic - there will be much more classic comics like NATASCHA and YOKO TSUNO in my reading diet now that they are available in the collected editions. But the first order of things is naturally Don Lawrence´s classic TRIGAN.

Yep, if they don´t get you with Deadpool, Star Wars or The Simpsons the guys from Panini use every trick to get your money. But if it´s for such fine reproductions like the new TRIGAN hardcovers I can´t complain. I think in my next comic order will be at the very least one TRIGAN book since I´m already behind and the second issue is not available in Ludwigsburg anymore. Also, now that the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comics have finally arrived I don´t have to hold back with ordering anymore.

Today´s post ends with a third music video but I just have to send a bit of encouragement to Dami Im who is the real winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. She did a spectacular second place and if only the jurors had voted she would have won. The only positive is that Dami announced plans to conquer Europe so some albums and a tour may be on the way.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Man, fitness is everything. I cut out full fat cheeses,only wholemeal bread, rare to eat potatoes now (obviously no chocolate!). Walking is THE best exercise you can do but as I know, if your knees don't like it....hey,what's pain? (HURT I think they call it). EVERYONE had to join in with 77 Sunset Strip theme!
Whitsuntide. We just say Whitsun (generally Whit Sunday) and who bothers with it these days?
NEVER heard of Dami. Don't watch TV. Eurovision? As the news people said: "The UK came Third (from last)" What a joke. Hey -but Ukraine laid into Stalin, right? Hmm. Ukraine ought to check its own early 20th Century humanitarian history!
Wow. Anyway, sit. Recover. Read comics. Stop watching Ya Ya Han videos. Meditate. Take Care!

SUBZERO said...

Yeah, I should relax a bit more. And how do you know I found three new Yaya Han videos Yesterday?

I usually don´t watch the Eurovision and stumbled on it because my Mom was watching it. I didn´t even know Dami was competing.