Monday, May 09, 2016

The Mark of Kaine : The Horror Alphabet

Today I wanted to take a different approach with the usual alternating Marvel post that comes after our Superman heavy last post as showing a different side to Marvel which includes super heroes but goes beyond that. And it is still a Gil Kane covers post. So what was the genesis of it ?

When I was putting the Gil Kane covers in order I noticed that he had done a lot of covers for Marvel´s horror series and that he covered a lot of different titles. Which naturally all started with a different letter or had different letters in the title. From there sprang the idea to see how many letters of the alphabet he covered which then gestated into a full blown post. I had to take a few liberties ( like for instance technically speaking RED SONYA and KULL are not horror comics although monsters and vampires appear in it ) and I didn´t find any titles for the letters q, y and z but apart from that here is Gil Kan´s little horror cover alphabet :

We start our celebrity birthdays with german comedian / actor / voice actor Carolin Kebekus who becomes 36.  She got famous with parodies of Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz on comedy cult show Freitag Nacht News. By the way Tokio Hotel is one of the best documented cases of female behaviour because Bill´s brother also is in the band but despite being a twin girls are only interested in Bill because he´s the frontman. Nuff said.

Before you ask, the full bodies woman who appears in the video preview image is NOT Caroline Kebekus, but stand up comedian Enissa Amani who obviously was chosen for her huge . . . talents and her well - rounded . . . personality. Don´t worry if you don´t know who she is, I had to google her myself ( which is not code for something sexual ). Born in Iran but living in Cologne now Anissa worked as a stewardess before doing comedy and participated in beauty contest where she won Vize Miss Germany and Miss Tourism Iran. She also was voted Miss TV Busenwunder and dethroned Daniela " DD " Elger from the number one position of women on tv whom germans think should be doing porn movies in a recent internet poll. 

Sometimes I really love writing this blog. Otherwise it may have taken me much longer to find out about her. Here´s one of her stand up routines on TV Total. I guess that´s one of the few instances you can count on one hand that Stefan Raab´s tv show was good for something. Too bad her own tv show Studio Amani was cancelled after the first episode aired.

Not as gifted size wise ( although I could get no definite data on Daniela Elger and Enissa Amani´s cup size apart from Daniela being a DD and even that seems an understatement as she looks like a DDD ) but not less gifted is Rosario Dawson who turns 37. This being a comic blog - mostly - you probably expected something from Sin City instead of her rooftop dance from Clerks II but you should always expect the unexpected here.

It´s also a little reminder for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller to get their butts in gear with shooting Sin City 3 because as Rosario herself said, the twins won´t stay as young and bouncy as they are now forever.

I still haven´t seen Clerks 2 because I ordered the movie from amazon in June 2015 but the dealer never send the DVD. I have written various e - mails to the dealer which have remained unanswered till Today and trying to go to the help from amazon has had no results. Also for some strange reason I can´t give the dealer negative feedback and when I try to put it in the only place I can - the product review - that is deleted because your product review does not comply with the product review rules. I guess I have to buy it somewhere else or wait until there is a tv rerun to see it. 

Even all the GIFs I have collected can´t do the scene justice ( and they need long to load ) so since I couldn´t find Rosario Dawson´s appearance on Conan O´Brien with the hot dress here is the remix of Clerks II.

Okay, I admit I only knew that John Corbett´s 55th was important and that the name sounded ultra familiar. When I looked it up I realized he played Chris in the Morning in one of THE best tv shows ever. Forget Game of Thrones. Forget Breaking Bad. If you have not seen Northern Exposure you have failed, not only as a tv audience member but as a human being. This show had more influence on how I think about art and life than anything else - maybe with the exception of comics in general. 

I didn´t find the indian raven dance with the great costumes on YouTube and on the famous piano fling sequence the embedding was disabled so this is the only long clip I found in good quality. But it starts with Chris and the cow who is about to be flung and any episode is just tv gold.

The only full episode I found is in german so, Viel Vergnügen.

Our last birthday is Billy Joel who celebrates his 67th anniversary and who has written so many memorable songs. It´s no wonder his New York State of Mind is one of the regular songs on The Voice and other casting shows.

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Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Okay, sit down. There is more to life than boobs. Boobs can be fun,I'll only lose the argument!
Those Gil Kane covers...THAT is comic cover art. Not computer 'drawn' or touched up with this program or that. HAND DRAWN. HAND COLOURED.Kane did a very good job and cover on Valley of the White Worm for Marvel -and the counter-Earth Warlock series.
If I had 2% of that talent I'd be happy.

SUBZERO said...

I AM sitting down. The only thing standing up is ... oh, you don´t want to hear about that anyway.

If I look at Today´s covers, I don´t know. They don´t give me the urge to buy the comic. Most look nice but kind of meh.

Terry Hooper-Scharf said...

Face Book I've sent a Raven Dance link to.