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Paul Ryan Flash Friday : Emergency Stop 3

Again I have been so overworked from doing two posts back to back that I totally forget to post the third part of Paul Ryan´s Emergency Stop. And that while I´m trying to make FLASH FRIDAY a permanent thing here.

So since we´re already late let´s jump right into the story in progress where Wally makes his triumphant comeback after having both legs broken with a costume made out of pure speed force. And if you have missed the previous installments click here for part 1 and part 2 .

Yup, just when you thought Wally would finally get a break he has to figure out a way out of the Mirror Masters trap. Which brings us to my question for our next FLASH FRIDAY post : should I go all the way back to Paul Ryan´s first issue of THE FLASH and then continue in chronological order ? Or do you first want to know how this cliffhanger will be resolved ?

Rather unresolved are Yesterday´s birthdays since I didn´t post so I´m including them here even if that means a somewhat longer entertainment block than usual. I´ll try to keep it brief but I can´t make any promises and if I don´t post Tomorrow consider this your start to the weekend.

The first anniversary from Thursday, the 7th of July is PLAYBOY centerfold Jessica Hahn who turns 57 and for people of my generation she´s the woman who brought down tv evangelist Jim Bakker when she disclosed been sexually assaulted by him and preacher John Wesley Fletcher as a 21 year old church secretary. She had a relationship with Married With Children creator Ron Leavitt which led to her cameo as Ricki, the shoe groupie but she also appeared on other shows like Unhappily Ever After.

Somehow all the birthday candidates on my list from Yesterday are pretty old and german music bedrock Fredl Fesl is no exception with 69 years.

You probably expected the music video had something to do with Ringo Starr´s 76th birthday but it would have been impossible to choose just one from all Beatles songs and I could not pass up on the chance to post another video by Fredl Fesl. He´s one of the few reasons I´m glad I grew up in Germany. And I have a much better video about The Beatles anyway.

We start the section of Yesterday´s dearly departed with Jon Pertwee best known as the third Doctor who made his debut in the seventh season.

Originally I wanted to post the ultimate trailer for season seven because I could not find a bonus video with Jon Pertwee ( I know there is a special to The Time Warrior but I could not find it on YouTube ) but then I found this special. Apparently he appears in The House That Dripped Blood but as I haven´t seen that yet I will wait with posting until I can confirm it.

A shout out also goes out to science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein who was one of the big three together with Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke. He has written dozen of short stories and novels and if you really want to know more about him you should check out his wikipedia entry where you can learn lots of cool stuff like that the foresaw cellular phones and the waterbeds or was one of the first sci fi writers who included main protagonists of color. Today his best known creation is Starship Troopers.

You might also want to look up russian - french artist and early modernist Marc Zakharovich Chagall who had his 129th anniversary Yesterday.

Our first celebrity birthday of Today is Jaden Smith, son of Hollywood star Will Smith and his 18th birthday comes much too late to do him any good since it was six years ago that he starred in the remake of The Karate Kid alongside african - american aphrodite Taraji P Henson. You can say what you want about the effectiveness of PETA - as long as their ad campaigns manage to convince sexbombs like Taraji to show off her 38C - 28 - 37 measurements I´m okay with that. Daimn, can you believe she´s 45 ?

I first became aware of Taraji on Person of Interest and she´s currently on the hit show Empire which means that I will have to check that out as soon as the series is at an affordable price or amazon has one of their sales. Besides the PETA ad Taraji has posed nude for a recent issue of Allure and you can see her naked in the 2001 gangster flick Baby Boy

Two year younger than Taraji is Kathleen Robertson who was one of the regulars on Beverly Hills 90210. I was planning on doing the usual bit about Tori Spelling´s fertility dance on the show - maybe adding Tiffani Amber Theissen and Elizabeth Berkley to the mix - but the name sounded famliar so I did a little research and found out that everybody knows Kathleen as the bootylicious big breasted sexbomb from Scary Movie 2.

You might think that finding a good animated GIF from such a well known movie would be easy but as usual I had to make my own which delayed this post which is one of the reasons I am actually writing this FLASH FRIDAY post on Saturday. Kathleen also appeared naked on tv show Boss.

Rocky Caroll celebrates his 53rd birthday and he´s best known as NCSI Director Vance who took over after the demise of his predecessor Jenny Shepard played by Lauren Holly whom you might know from her parts on Dumb & Dumber, Down Periscope but most of all Picket Fences as her appearance in a bikini is the predominant one among her animated GIFs.

Which is probably the reason why the series still is at a premium price. But don´t despair, for all the poor wretches like me there is still the 2010 drama The Final Storm where Holly shows she still has a banging body.

On a more comic related note is Whilce Portacio´s 53rd anniversary who is best known for neverending delays on the iMAGE series Wetworks and his run on X - Men at the height of the 90s which meant a lot of pouches, big guns and a lot of new characters like Bishop. I don´t think I have that much material on him but maybe I will do a post about his X - Men work.

Zachi Noy celebrates his 63rd birthday and he´s pretty famous in Germany - at least for people of my generation for starring in the erotic comedies EIS AM STIEL ( Lemon Popsicle in english ) which had like a dozen or so sequels and also gave german Busenwunder Sibylle Rauch a big career boost. She starred in a lot of erotic movies but the EIS AM STIEL movies were the most watched at that time. The movies follow a trio of friends on a quest to loose their virginity and as usual hijinks and breasts ensue.

Sibylle used that popularity to further her film career and start as a singer ( this was the time when women with big breasts like Sabrina Salerno, Danuta or Samantha Fox became big stars thanks to the predominance of music videos ). She later became a porn actress with one of the biggest german porn companies and her movie BORN TO LOVE even guest starred british porn superstar Sarah Louise Young. But Sibylle topped the success of this with SISTERS IN LOVE where her sister Sylvie Rauch appeared.

Sybille also was the publisher - as well as the face - of the german edition of HUSTLER from 1992 till 1995. She did a lot of cocaine and I thought she had died in 1997 but apparently she survived her suicide attempt. 

Last but not least I want to mention Marty Feldman who appeared in Silent Movie and Young Frankenstein ( Frankenstein Junior in german ).

The video of argentinian model Celina Rucci has not really something to do with Today´s topic but since these videos disappear quite quickly I wanted to post it as soon as possible. Man, that is what I call a dress.

Okay, she is wearing red like Flash, but that´s it. The clip is from the comedy show La Peluqueria ( the hairdresser ) which is one big boob parade but even among that line up Celina sticks out with her huge 34Es.

Last but not least we have a Flash video that actually fits Today´s story.

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