Friday, August 12, 2016

Paul Ryan Flash Friday : Flash of two Cities

After all these birthday posts the last few day it´s a nice change of pace ( no pun intended ) to return to our regularly scheduled FLASH FRIDAY post.

As we have seen in our last issue the city council of Keystone City is not very happy about Wally West´s continued stay and they are doing their best in this issue to make him and Linda feel unwelcome. It´s a good thing the people of Santa Marta don´t feel the same way. But is there something more sinister afoot ? There´s only one way to find out.

Curiouser and curioser. I don´t know what sinister menace lies ahead for our scarlet speedster - because it´s been a while since I read these issues and I still haven´t prepared the next chapters yet - but I hope you enjoy reading Wally´s adventures again, or for the first time. So far there have been as many voices praising these posts as not been blown away by them so for the time being I´m going to continue celebrating the one and only real Flash. Unless something warrants it I will continue with the issues of Paul Ryan doing my very best to turn FLASH FRIDAY into a regular thing.

I know I´m going to run out of his issues sooner or later but there are still the first 110 something issues to go. I may go back all the way to issue 1 of volume 2, maybe I will go with favorite storylines. Only time and the speedforce can tell. Until then don´t trip and we will be back in a Flash. 

Before we come to the celebrity birthdays of Today there are two links I want to share. As usual you never find what you are looking for - which in my case were one of those famous flash facts to put them at the end of the post - but always get something better you never knew you were looking for in the first place. So head on over the BIFF BAM POP website for The Top Ten Most Outrageous Flash Facts and DIAL B FOR BLOG will school you why every Flash fan needs to watch Catch Me If You Can.

Now on with the show we have swimsuit model Linda O´Neil who celebrates her 42nd birthday. You may remember that I cast her as Zatanna in one of my Casting The Justice League of America Movie posts that also features 36DD bombshells Tylene Buck and hasian LeAnna Scott.

We also have Sir Mix - a - Lot in our countdown as the Mack Daddy who first wrote an ode to the female derriere and who still influences songs and music videos like Nicki Minaj´s Anaconda whose title is a direct quote from the world famous smash hit Baby Got Back turns 53.

Yesterday it was Diether Krebs´ birthday and Today one of his longtime sketch partners Iris Berben celebrates her 66th anniversary who also teamed up with the much better looking german sex symbol of the 70s Ingrid Steeger in the sadly short lived Zwei Himmlische Töchter series.

I already wrote a bit about the series but only posted the second episode because there is some slight nudity in the first one. But since those two seem to be the only ones on YouTube here is - no pun intended - the pilot.

Apologies to Dire Straits band member Mark Knopfler who turns 67 but I want to keep it down to one music video per post so I chose to pay tribute to Kid Creole who also has his 66th birthday. Your video is just postponed.

On Wednesday we had the most macho Zorro with Antonio Banderas, Today Hollywood beau George Hamilton turns 77 who played the most gay Zorro. He has been on everything from Dynasty to 2 Broke Girls as well as the vampire comedy Love at First Bite and the video game turned big blockbuster movie Double Dragon with Alyssa Milano who already showed her bootylicious qualities. Her scenes alone justify the entire movie.

Speaking about vampire movies, Alyssa later got her freak on in Embrace of the Vampire where she did her best performance going full frontal.

I finally managed to pay tribute to her last year but I had to split it into two posts ( the main post and the bonus round with her best episodes on Charmed ) because I might have gone a bit overboard with the GIFs.

Who always gets kind of overlooked in the whole Embrace of the Vampire stuff is Jennifer Tilly who DID have a short but saucy scene and besides playing poker - where she openly tries to distract her opponents with her bursting 40D cleavage - she´s a frequent guest on The Late Late Show.

Today is also the anniversary of Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno - Reyes, known casually as Mario Moreno, and known professionally as Cantinflas, a mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter and an iconic figure in Mexico and Latin America. He often portrayed impoverished campesinos or a peasant of pelado origin. The character came to be associated with the national identity of Mexico, and allowed Cantinflas to establish a long, successful film career that included a foray into Hollywood. Charlie Chaplin once commented that he was the best comedian alive, and Moreno has been referred to as the " Charlie Chaplin of Mexico ". To audiences in the United States, he is best remembered as co - starring with David Niven in the Academy Award winner for Best Picture film the Jules Verne adaption Around the World in 80 Days, where he played Phileas Fogg´s valet Passepartout for which Moreno won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor - Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

I didn´t find any Cantinflas movies in english - in fact I´m not sure if there are any - but readers who understand spanish might want to check out this classic where our hapless hero is mistaken for the charismatic desperado El Siete Machos. The name is pretty much selfexplainatory.

Another movie pioneer who was born on this day is Cecil B. DeMille, the founding father of the Hollywood film industry and the most commercially successful producer / director in cinema history. He is best known for his epics King Of Kings, Samson and Dalilah and The Ten Commandments

As usual we end this post with a Flash video, this time about all the alternate versions of the Flash. Which for me includes all NEW 52 Flashes.

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