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It´s that old feeling of deja vue Saturday

One of the posts I didn´t get to do last month was a follow up to the deja vue post about Janet Jackson´s famous cover for Rolling Stone Magazine.

I already posted the best covers - including Jason Pearson´s cover for GEN 13 - in this post and I thought the topic was done. Well, last month I got an e - mail inquiry about a Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover homage with April O´Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While I didn´t find anything to substantiate the existence of such a cover I did find out that artists all over the world have been busy and I found enough new cover homages to warrant a post. So here - again - are the best new covers.

Today´s entertainment block is mainly about two things of which the first could be summed up with the words " science " and " fiction ". Starting with Kristanna Loken, who celebrates her 37th birthday. She has been on Aliens In The Family ( never heard of that before ), Star Trek : Voyager and Sliders but she is best known as X - T, the killer robot with the killer body ( makes you wonder if there was a XXX - T model for special swinger club infiltration missions ) from Terminator 3 : Rise Of The Machines.

She has been in some comic related tv series, an episode of Lois & Clark : The New Adventures Of Superman and she was the lead character in Painkiller Jane. Now I haven´t read that many issues of the Painkiller Jane comic to be an expert but I found the tv series to be exceptionally bad written especially when it comes to the motivation of Jane. Maybe it´s a guy thing or maybe it´s just me but I expected her to need a bit more motivation than just " Because they have special powers they could be dangerous if they turn evil so we better take them out just in case. " to turn against her own kind for a shady government agency that would rather put a bullet in her head at the first sign of trouble. Especially if that includes killing them if their powers can´t be turned off. I mean, basically she´s Rachel Summers in Days Of Future Past wiping out the X - Men because they won´t let themselves be controlled by the government. 

With Matt Damon who turns 46 we come to the other recurring theme of Today´s celebrity birthday section which is what I like to call kung fu fighting. As the one and only Jason Bourne he has had a lot of martial art fight scenes although he also has been in such sci fi movies as Interstellar and The Martian. Initially I wanted to post a clip with him and Jimmy Kimmel at couples therapy or the one which explains how the whole Matt Damon thing started but I will probably post those on Jimmy´s birthday.

Julia Ann celebrates her 47th birthday and while she is mostly known for her adult movies nowadays she also used to appear in various midnight movies back when Pro7 was still showing an erotic movie once a week. Her best known movie is Veronica 2030 where a pleasure android from the future which gets sent to our time by mistake becomes a lingerie model.

I always wondered why this didn´t happen with Kristanna Loken in Terminator 3. I mean why else have the built in breast enhancement ?

Back to Julia Ann, Veronica 2030 is one of the better midnight movies and her physique is at its peak in this one. Furthermore the great Nikki Fritz plays the nymphomanic villain Camilla Likenthrow who likes to use her underlings as walking sex toys and has some stunning threesomes and lesbian scenes with Julia Ann. Going on, sadly our next candidate - spanish 34D sexbomb Ivonne Reyes - who turns 49 never appeared in any erotic movies or adult movies although she surely has the body for it.

Originally I wanted to post the video from which the GIF above was made but then I found another that shows why Ivonne is mas bueno que el pan.

Speaking of women with a body made for erotic movies, Karyn Parsons celebrates her 50th birthday and she is most famous for playing Hilary Banks, the simple minded sexbomb on The Fresh Price Of Bel - Air.

Of course a big part of that show´s success and continued appeal around the world ( there are probably only a few people on the face of the planet who can´t recite the lyrics to the title song in their sleep ) is Tatyana Ali who grew from a cute little girl into an incredible sexbomb over the course of that series and who got to show her musical skills.

Much to the chagrin of the show´s producers she really bOObed all out in later movie appearances like The Clown at Midnight or Fall Into Darkness .

Speaking of tv hit shows, Stephanie Zimbalist turns 60 who is best known as Laura Holt on Remington Steele. Here in Germany the series is finally available on DVD but I advise you to get the Best Of Remington Steele box if you think about buying the series. Because the different seasons cost 30 bucks and more while you can get the box for just 10 bucks or less if you get it as part of one of amazon´s 3 tv seasons for 25 Euros deals.

I am currently watching the episodes and I have to say that the early ones are really not doing it for me. The cast is too big, there is not as much interplay between Laura and Remington, the cases are too complicated and the whole story progresses too slow. I´m not sure if I have seen the episodes from the first season before ( it´s surely the first time I saw the origin of Remington Steele ) but I liked the episodes from the second season much more. So before you go and spend 30 bucks or more on a season get the box and see if the series still holds up for you. Okay, enough of my sales pitch, there are only a lot of music videos and bad quality Remington Steele episodes on YouTube but luckily I found this one.

We´re staying in the 80s but it´s back to martial art action with Michael Dudikoff who celebrates his 62nd birthday and who is best known for the American Ninja movies ( I loved them as a kid ) which - as bad as they are watching them as an adult - are the cusp of his cinematic oeuvre. The best of the rest are the Bounty Hunters movies, not so much for Michael Dudikoff´s performance but because of the much underrated Lisa Howard.

It´s back to science fiction as Sigourney Weaver turns 67, best known for the Alien movies which have had a lot of comic adaptions since Dark Horse secured the rights. She also appeared in the brilliant Galaxy Quest where she perfectly - and literally - filled out the part of eye candy as the blonde sexbomb Gwen DeMarco. I´ll have to re - watch that movie one of these days but I think her best scenes were cut out and ended up in the extras. 

German artist Gottfried Helnwein celebrates his 68th birthday who is an outspoken comic fan and whose art has been greatly influenced by Donald Duck. He even did a cover for the german underground comic U - Comix.

Somehow the whole entertainment block seems stuck in the 80s as another movie icon from that time, Chevy Chase, turns 73 who was in all the big National Lampoon movies. By the way, as I´m always talking about giving credit to those unsung movie vixens the name of the hot lingerie vendor from National Lampoon´s Christmas Vacation is Nicolette Scorsese.

Time for another video testing the knowledge of Today´s youth and I guess there is a whole generation who only know Chevy Chase as the old guy from Community. What I think would have worked better is if they had shown them scenes from the actual movies instead of just the movie poster with the title omitted. I mean I have seen probably over thousand movies and I wouldn´t recognize most of them just by seeing the poster.

We´re staying with 80s comedy as Paul Hogan celebrates his 77th birthday. He´s best known for the Crocodile Dundee movies of which the first one is still the best - not only because of Hogan´s ex - wife Linda Kozlowski´s mindblowing bathing suit and her exposed buttocks. I wrote a post with more GIFs on her birthday which I reposted at the beginning of the year .

As strange coincidences go in that post I also mentioned Vickie Reigle, the uncredited Busenwunder waitress with the extra large double whoppers in Cannonball Run which was produced by Raymond Chow who turns 89.

Besides the Cannonball Run movies Raymond Chow´s forte is in martial arts movies and he has produced all the big names from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Cynthia Rothrock, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

We have one last overlapping of comic books and movies as we remember Harvey Pekar, the writer behind underground comic American Splendor.

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