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Starting the October with Richard Corben

Today Richard Corben celebrates his 76th birthday so I thought is there a better way to kick off the new month ? Of course I already had a few of his pictures in a special folder but there were some comics I wanted to feature for which I had to consult the internet so I´m running late.

I first saw Richard Corben´s art in my older brother´s issues of the german version of french cult comic magazine METAL HURLANT, SCHWERMETALL and what made me an instant fan - beyond his photorealistic art and incredible coloring - was the way he drew women. I always tended more to the kind of female body type Russ Meyer showed in his movies and it seems Richard Corben also likes his women more voluptuous. When doing a post about Richard Corben there are some pieces of art where nudity can not be avoided but I hope we are all mature enough to handle it.

As always I am not trying to cram all of Richard Corben´s work into one post - which would be impossible - but I hope I included some diversity to what I picked. I still haven´t read his latest specials for Dark Horse, not to mention RAT GOD which is still in my amazon shopping cart, so those may have gotten the short end of the stick. I HAVE done posts about Richard Corben before, about his Hellboy stories and his adaptions of such literary horror like Edgar Allen Poe or H. P. Lovecraft so just click the " richard corben " tag if you want to read those. And for more comics and essays about Richard Corben you can find those - as always - in the link section.

There are plenty of links to mention and I should probably start with Pete Dorre´s THE BRONZE AGE OF BLOGS who has a plethora on posts about Richard Corben where you can read complete stories, COMIC ATTACK and its post on Hot Stuff 1 with plenty of original art, not only from Richard Corben, ( it´s where I found the page of Bug ) and MIFFED IN CLIFFTON has a megalong post on Richard Corben where I found one or two pictures.

Sean Witzke at COMICS ALLIANCE takes a very detailed look at Richard Corben´s great issue of Solo for DC, Alberto Garcia Marcos a.k.a. el tio berni over at ZONA NEGATIVA gives a pretty detailed overview of Richard Corben´s work in La Otra America : Richard Corben that provided the page of interior art from Epic Illustrated 2, 4TH LETTER has another post on Richard Corben and you can read about the influence Richard Corben´s Den had on Hal Hefner´s comic book Gates on HAL HEFNER`S WEBSITE .

We start Today´s birthdays with tv personality Daniela Katzenberger who turns 30 and at first I thought wikipedia had done a mistake when they translated her german entry but it turns out that a restaurateur is NOT somebody who restores paintings ( that would be a restorer ) but a person who opens and runs restaurants professionally. I guess that´s why they mostly use the term conservator instead of restorer in english to avoid any mistakes. Although it is not the same to just conserve things.

What wikipedia DID get right is that Daniela is also a model, tv presenter, singer and as of late actress and book author. I haven´t seen enough of her own tv show to really make a qualified assessment - there are other people who have done that in detail - but I don´t think she lacks any talent. I´ve seen an episode where she was booked as a model and when she finally started to listen to the photographer she did an excellent job and the photographer was blown away by her professionalism. The only model I ever was was for the local hair dresser because he said my hair was good to work with and grew back very quick ( I guess that´s gone now with my age ) but I don´t think being a model is as easy as people think.

Because then everybody would do it. And while people are already talking about the Katzenberger Effekt I think with Daniela we have something like Pamela Anderson because as I said numerous times there were a lot of good looking women on Baywatch and many people say also more talented but none of them managed to use their popularity to boost their career.

There are a few people who come out of the reality tv thing and in most cases it are the ones who stay true to themselves. Anyway, since she is so famous Daniela Katzenberger is naturally one of the women parodied by Martina Hill ( who does a version of Tatjana Ohm, Germany´s Jessica Rabbit of news tv that is even better than the real thing ) on Switch Reloaded for which she even won a german tv award in October 2012.

We are staying with hot women who started out as models but we are making the jump from Germany to Spain where Mar Saura celebrates her 41st birthday. In her case wikipedia needs to be updated because while it mentions her appearace in Los Mysterios De Laura it doesn´t acknowledge that she played a big role in season two of El Ministerio Del Tiempo one of Spain´s most successful series which I have mentioned a few times before. Since I try to pimp the series as much as I can I was looking for an episode with her or some good scenes but there are mostly interviews so I´m leaving you with Mar Saura´s biggest impact on spanish tv history : her sexy wardrobe malfunction on the show Verano Noche ( Summer Night ).

Speaking about great moments in tv history brings us to Sonia Monroy who turns 44. She became famous as a member of the aptly named all busty pop group Las Sex Bombs whose debut album sold 50,000 copies in Spain and went gold. She also was on the spanish version of Survivor and her best appearance was on a talk show where she wore a dress with the mother of all cleavages even rivaling Kylie minogue´s plunging mega cleavage in I Just Can´t Get You Out Of My Head and it´s a miracle she didn´t have a wardrobe malfunction although the dress didn´t leave anything to the imagination where her 38D airbags are concerned either.

Back when I spent my summer vacations in Spain I always tried to tape as much of spanish tv as I could because it had to help me survive german tv for the rest of the year. So one year I was very tired when I finally arrived home and decided to leave setting up the vcr for the next day and Sonia Monroy´s appearance was the first thing I saw on spanish tv. I set up the vcr the next day but of course the show was not repeated and it took me a few years to find even some small clip on the internet. From then on setting up the vcr was always one of the first things I did when I came back home. Anyway, I coudn´t find any clip from this on YouTube which may be for the best because I don´t want to have too many videos of the same kind in one post. I uploaded one of the videos I found on my old blog and if there is enough reader interest I will do the same here. Otherwise it takes too long and I want to keep the uploads for the important things.

Apropos my summer vacations in Spain, that´s also when I got to see the uncensored version of late night movies of bad reputation and bad taste like Dr. Alien, Scream Queen Hot Tub Party, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers or Evil Toons with Michelle Bauer who celebrates her 58th birthday.

Speaking about cult sirens, Tara Buckman turns 60 who is best known for her role as one of the Lamborghini Babes in the Cannonball Run movie.

Readers may remember that I mentioned this video on Andrea Bocelli´s birthday and that I promised to post it on Andre Rieu´s next anniversary. Well, Today he celebrates his 67th birthday and I am a man of my word. 

We are staying with people who have a great voice as Julie Andrews turns 81 who is best known for her roles in Mary Poppins and The Sound Of Music and I have to admit that the only pieces of the latter one I know are those I have seen in compilations of various musicals at the Oscar Awards.

Now I didn´t find The Sound Of Music on You'Tube but you never know what you might stumble upon instead while looking for other stuff.

Our Dearly Departed section starts with Phillipe Noiret who has appeared in over 150 movies during his illustrious career so I might be forgiven for only mentioning two. The first one is Revenge Of The Musketeers about which I have written before since Sophie Marceau plays the daughter of D´Artagnan ( played by Phillipe Noiret ) and shows her breasts in a scene. The movie is finally available on amazon although at a very steep price.

Another great movie with Phillipe Noiret is Il Postino called The Postman in english which always gets it mixed up with Kevin Costner´s Postman. Which is also a great movie. As some readers might know I worked almost a year at the post office where my brother is still employed and I told him if I was still actively delivering mail I would watch the Kevin Costner movie at least one a week. Back to the Postman movie with Phillipe Noiret he plays world famous poet Pablo Neruda who lived in exile on Salina Island near Sicily during the 1950s. He befriends the local postman and decides to help him to win the heart of his love Beatrice played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta whom I cast as Big Barda in the first part of my Hollywood Edition of Casting The Justice League Of America Movie. Which also has Sophie Marceau as Justice League Europe liaison Catherine Colbert. 

Next up we have Richard Harris who for me is always the guy from A Man Called Horse which was a horror movie for me with the native american ritual ( people who have seen the movie know what I´m talking about ). When I see such scenes my skin begins to crawl even if it´s only depicted in graphic form like in Mike Grell´s Shaman´s Tears. There are two german versions of the movie available, one for ages 12 and up which is identical with the american r - rated version and one for ages 16 and up and you can see the differences and what was cut here . Coming back to Richard Harris, when he was not hanging around as a native american he appeared in such movies like Cassandra Crossing with Sophia Loren, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame with Salma Hayek ( which I already posted ) and The Wild Geese with Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Stewart Granger and Hardy Kr├╝ger. That movie was also heavily censored in the german version . 

Speaking of Sophia Loren, she co starred with Walter Matthau, our last celebrity birthday in the Grumpy Old Men movies where he teamed up once again with Jack Lemmon his partner in his most famous movie The Odd Couple. The movie was so successful that it spawned a tv series with Quincy M. E.´s Jack Klugman playing the part of Walter Matthau and Tony Randall substituting for Jack Lemmon. This was must see tv during my generation but there is a whole new generation who are oblivious to that which I realized in an episode of 21 Jump Street my younger brother was watching. One of the characters was evicted and while he was wandering the city looking for a new place to stay they were playing the famous music from The Odd Couple and he had no clue whatsoever what that was about. Coming back to Walter Matthau he also starred in a comic related movie as the grumpy neighbour George Wilson in Dennis The Menace and he was the uncredited drunk in Earthquake with Victoria Principal. 

Since a lot of Richard Corben´s early work was published in the Warren publications Eerie and Creepy here is a video with Esteban Maroto who contributed to many issues of those and also the Vampirella magazine.

I´m ending the post with Richard Corben video although I would have preferred one where you see him drawing or at least some art. But since I already posted the video with the Richard Corben art in an earlier post I looked around and I found this low budget movie adaption of Neverwhere.

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