Thursday, October 20, 2016

Catching up : Thorsday with Vince Coletta

As predicted the new course of the job - agency has had a terrible impact on the blog so I couldn´t post last Saturday which was Vince Coletta´s birthday. And although Vince Coletta never was one of my favorite inkers but he did ink a lot of comics in my youth and since he did a lot of Thor stuff I wanted to tip off my hat with a little post honoring the work.

Of course Vince Coletta did more than just THOR and TALES OF ASGARD and I am preparing a post about his other work but that takes a bit more time so you will have to wait a bit for that one. As well as one about Joe Sinnott. You don´t think I have forgotten one of my favorite inkers, do you ? That one is also in the pipeline and I think next week we will have a Joe Sinnott THORSDAY post before we continue with part 2 of THOR 171.

Now I guess I should say something about Vince Coletta´s THOR issues. One of the brilliant things Stan Lee did - yes, I know that a lot of people are only focusing on the negative part of those days but I don´t want to add to that - is that because he had Jack Kirby do a lot of different books he always tried to match him up with different inkers so that each book had its distinctive look. So Jack Kirby´s AVENGERS looked different from Jack Kirby´s FANTASTIC FOUR and so on. For most of the THOR issues I read Vince Coletta did the inking and his filigrane style seemed to match the green forests and hills, the grandiose panoramas and thriving nature of Asgard better than the technological machinery of the Fantastic Four. 

Longtime readers know that I like to add a little extra to each post so I have chosen a few black and white originals as well as some splash pages from the issues of Condor´s DIE SPINNE which had Thor as the backup.

Today´s short birthday list starts with the australian singing sexbomb with the 35C stereo speakers, Dannii " Double Airbags " Minogue who turns 45.

The stacked Minogue sister with the built in pair of bongos was actually in the music business first and had a big career before Kylie ever sang her first note, which most people forgot for a long time. Which of course changed when she became a judge on The X - Factor where she got the highest points from the audience on the show and Simon Cowell in the bedroom who used her as his blow up sex doll. Dannii has officially denied being Simon´s sex toy but that doesn´t contradict that he banged her brains out. I mean, if I was sitting next to a wet dream with such huge melons all day I would definitely put her pornstar body to the test, this is a total no brainer. Simon even campaigned to get her back on the show and made no secret that it was mainly because of her incredible breasts.

He wanted the channel to splash out millions to secure a deal with Dannii Minogue and told ITV boss Peter Fincham : " Bring her back to X - Factor and everyone will tune in to look at her tits. "  In his biography Simon Cowell admitted that he was in love with Danni Minogue for years. " I had a crush on her. It was Dannii´s hair, the sexy clothes and the tits. I was like a schoolboy. She was foxy. She was a real man´s girl. Very feminine. "

 Usually I only post one video per birthday candidate but I just had to include this one as I´m not sure if I have already posted it. Just in case I did and it was deleted here is Dannii Minogue driving all the men on a french tv show crazy. Her dress is so skimpy that it doesn´t even really qualify as sideboob since almost nothing of her huge talent is covered.

Ron Garney celebrates his 54th birthday and while he has worked on HULK, SPIDER - MAN, SILVER SURFER and even the JUSTICE LEAGUE he´s best known for his legendary runs on CAPTAIN AMERICA with writer Mark Waid.

Sadly I already have two posts in the pipeline so I can´t add a third but I already wrote about Mark Waid and Ron Garney on CAPTAIN AMERICA in this post , which is from my big Captain America post which I broke up into various parts so it´s easier on the upload time. But there are links to the original complete version and there is even a german version available.

I also want to remember Nick Cardy, who is best known for his work on the original TEEN TITANS, AQUAMAN and FLASH but also worked on ACTION COMICS, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and dozen other DC anthology titles.

Also in our Dearly Departed section is Otfried Preußler whom you might remember from my BIG KRABAT RE - POST . While his version of the story what a bit streamlined he has been a big part of children growing up for generations with all his wonderful books about the Seppl, Kasper and famous bandit Hotzenplotz, the little water sprite or the little ghost.

Another famous children´s book by Otfried Preußler is The Little Witch so it´s no wonder that it has been adapted numerous times, in cartoon form and as a live action movie. There is a video with the complete movie but the quality is very low and the picture is cropped so I opted for this one.

Last but not least I have to mention Bela Lugosi who created what is still the iconic version of Hollywood´s most famous vampire, Dracula for many.

Since I didn´t want to go with the obvious Dracula movie or documentary I picked one that has a good picture quality and may not be well known.

To close out the post here is a collaboration of Kirby and Vince Coletta on one of the greatest sagas within their stint on THOR : Mangog cometh !

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I loved sitting next to Danii Minogue. She´s got that Sophia Loren, movie - star sex appeal.

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