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My hasian obsession got me in trouble again

Originally this was part of my birthday post on Carlos Pacheco but because I went completely on a tangent here and I didn´t want to make that post not safe for work I ultimately decided to omit this part from that post.

To back up a bit further, as a big fan of Carlos Pacheco I was interested to read his CAPTAIN AMERICA issues but I no longer had the book on my pull list. Then as fate would have it during my rehabilitation after the knee operation I was staying in a small town where I was basically cut off from civilization which included internet access. I tried in vain to get some comic books through amazon but in the end I had to settle for the local newsstand. They had the german Monsterband with the final issues of the Carlos Pacheco run by Rick Remender and while 28 bucks is a lot for some issues which I feared were not good I thought if I ripped off the band aid quickly it would lessen the pain. Boy, was I ever wrong. If I thought his first issues were crap this was the mother of all turds. Like one of my professors used to say : I have read a lot of nonsense in my days but it has been ages since I read such a big pile of garbage. After my rehab was done I thought it was my civic duty to warn people all around the world not to waste their money - and especially their time - on this. Because while money is really precious time is the one thing that can´t be given back.


So after preparing all the necessary material I never got around to do the post and then I just let it slide because I don´t like to be so negative. I am not going to talk about everything that is wrong with that story ( which is basically everything except Carlos Pacheco´s art ) that was only written to have a story point where Steve Rogers becomes an old decrepit man so Sam Wilson can take over as Captain Falcon but I will mention one of the things that bugged me. It has to do with asian Daily Bugle reporter Samantha Chan ( I had to google her ) who appears in issues 12 to 14. 

As a fine example to women and reporters everywhere she validates old stereotypes by f - word - ing things up from the get go. While hot on the trail of Nuke - who runs amuck in the fictive country of Nrosvekistan - she manages to send him into a killing rage after Captain America had managed to talk him down. Naturally Nuke is not on good terms with the press if you keep in mind how one sided their coverage of the military is in most of the cases and Captain America has to put a heavy beat down on Nuke.

While Captain America is busy with Nuke Sam Wilson puts Samantha out of harms way and when he tries to get her to give over her camera she reads him the riot act and gets all Holier than thou with the freedom of press.

Well, at the end of the issue it turns out that our fearless photo journalist Samantha Chan is more interested in selling her pictures and the freedom the constitution grants her than taking on the responsibilities of a real reporter and making sure the facts are presented accurately. Because - surprise, surprise - her pics are used to slander S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America who is the victim of a campaign to ruin his good reputation.

Now as a big fan of the old EC horror comics where actions always had consequences I expected her to get her come - uppance ( especially after Sam Wilson became the new Captain Black America ) but since I never read a CAPTAIN AMERICA comic after this fiasko I don´t know if it ever happened. According to the official Marvel database she only appeared in these three issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA which doesn´t surprise me since I wouldn´t want to continue anything that happened in this volume either.

But it still bugged me that Disney did not have the balls to have her reap what she has sown. I imagine that as a female photo journalist - and a very attractive one -  there are plenty of opportunities to draw unwanted sexual advances and get yourself in trouble. And since she obviously didn´t learn her lesson how you treat people it would not surprise me if she ended up as a prisoner of some third world warlord. Who has a sexual obsession with american women especially if they are of asian descend.

I don´t know what it is but hasians are my kryptonite. Now I don´t want to resort to sexual stereotypes about asian girls being natural prostitutes through decades of being used as sex toys by the male populace of the world but they just have the extra oomph that works better than viagra and makes you hear " Me so horny me love you long time ! " in your head.

And judging from all the attention asian cosplayers like the mega busty Yaya Han with her big 40D´s gets I´m not the only one who feels that way.

Boy, if Yaya Han´s body was not made for porn movies ( and with " made " I mean that Yaya herself got some breast enhancements ) I don´t know. 

Daimn, just check out the size of those opai on Yaya Han. We have to get her to do full frontal nudity in the JLA movie, her body is primed for it.

I know it will probably never happen especially since Yaya would object to such an explicit scene and it is nearly impossible to find a body double for a small hasian with such big hooters. There is banker / model Li Ling Ling from Singapore who also goes by the name of busty Singaporean and about whom I wrote in an earlier post . Supposedly a few pictures of her were " leaked " on the internet by an IT person who was repairing her laptop and landed on various adult websites under the title of " nude pictures of Yaya Han ". As you can see she has an impressive chest but it´s still only 38DD.

Yaya is still two full sizes bigger ! Her outstanding omnipresent openly oversized operated olympic oral orgasm guaranteeing opai are unreal. I bet her boytoy is the luckiest guy on the planet since he is the only one who gets to experience the mega busty living blow up sex doll Yaya going full frontal on his mega rod with her giant 40D double airbags all soaped up.

Ahh, when I just think about all of the things I would love to do to her.

Coming back to journalist Samantha Shan she would try to get out of her predicament by seemingly submitting to the warlord´s perverted wishes and dress up as his sexual wet dream geisha. But she plans on using her supreme sexual skills - especially when it comes to oral sex techniques - to turn the tables on him and dominate him. After all, he´s only a horny man.

But as it is with the best laid plans of mice, man and mouthwatering massive mammaried maneaters ( and in this case quite literal with our oriental oral expert ) unbeknownst to our plucky girl reporter her food - which consists of the most effective aphrodisiacs known to men - has been heavily dosed with the most potent illegal sex drugs you can find on the black market as has her every drink. The same sex drugs have been added to the water supply in her holding cell which explains why she was allowed to take a three hour long steam bath before she was clothed and led to the warlord´s private chambers. Samantha just thought that he wanted her to be clean and was thankful for that comfort not knowing that unwillingly she exposed herself to another big dosage of sex drugs.

Which together with the ones her clothing was laced with finally drove her over the edge. When the warlord finally enters the chamber our hasian love machine is totally doped out and hallucinating wildly so she can offer no resistance as his giant appendage that makes that of a wild stallion seem tiny in comparison furiously slams every orifice of her pornstar body.

At this point Sam Wilson as the new Captain America would probably be sent in to get her and any colleagues that were also captured out. But seeing how she screwed him and S.H.I.E.L.D. over the last time he would tell her that he didn´t want to cause another international incident and had to negotiate with the warlord over the official channels. The good news is that they got all the other reporters out. The bad news is that in exchange for that and to keep America in the good graces of the warlord they have agreed to make Samantha Chan the official ambassador of that country and the newest addition to his harem as his personal sex slave.

He would then tell her that she needn´t worry because the warlord has promised to go easy on her and not wear her out as fast as the rest of the captured female reporters. And who knows ? Maybe he will tire of her very quickly but given his pervy predisposition with american women of asian heritage the opposite will be more likely. Now Sam Wilson could possibly come back and break her out in secret but he doesn´t want to impair her freedom of press and at the least she can write a good article about that.

Now it doesn´t matter if Sam really leaves her to her career as the newest blow up sex doll of a sexual predator or his guilty conscience brings him to change his mind and rescue her ( after a few months of intense taming ).

Or even if he just tells her all this to scare her but never really thought about actually leaving her there - there would be some kind of closure.
But Disney is much too busy with making money and the next big thing than to try and put the message that journalists have responsibilities too in their books. And that´s the new Marvel NOW comic universe where the credo is f - word everybody else and don´t own up to your own mistakes.

So what would be the further fate of Samantha Shan ? Once word - and a certain video - gets out how she is tamed by the warlord as the ultimate sex toy her male colleagues start treating her differently since they think all that training shouldn´t go to waste. Because of her exotic asian looks and her centerfold measurements Samantha has had to deal with a lot of unwanted advances but now they begin to turn openly sexist. She quickly learns not to get caught alone with one or more of her male co workers in a room after she is repeatedly sexually assaulted after hours. Of course that is more difficult at office parties which increase in number over the next months as they are only thinly veiled excuses for the male staff to abuse any available female body. Samantha tries her best to avoid these but has to submit a few times to the drunk and horny brutes who take turns impaling her and always get off on sodomizing her frail figure.

At work she also gets treated as a living blow up sex doll who is forced to deepthroat her partners on stakeouts until they are so aroused that they ravage her body on the backseat. On another occasion one of her male co workers observed an underworld figure while the other four took turns trying to wear down her resistance at the no tell motel the paper paid for.

And if the assignments are not going undercover as a contestant at a wet t - shirt contest, a micro bikini contest or a striptease competition it is something likewise degrading like posing as a pornstar in training. For this Samantha is threefold predestined - at least according to her chauvinistic superiors - because of her exotic asian / american heritage, the fact that she can easily multiply the sales figures of any men´s magazine with her own stunning figure and her rigorous training as a sex slave. Of course her colleagues all volunteers as the co stars of her auditions and the originals always end up in her bosses private porn tape collection giving them even more material to blackmail her into letting them use her as stress relief.

Finally Samantha Shan has no other option than quitting her job and going solo, choosing her own assignments. But because the influence of her former disgruntled co workers - and the other reporters who are miffed they didn´t get to bang her brains out - bar her from all the good jobs she has to take those where her only way in is to use her body. One such job has her becoming the preferred outlet of sexual frustration of a russian mobster who has left a path of destruction among the local asian whores ( his favorite victims ) whom he has stretched out with his inhumanly sized schlong. And while she thinks she can become his girlfriend and get some information for a scoop that puts her on the map again her vindictive ex colleagues have passed the information that she is a reporter. Which he confronts her with after using her like a five dollar hooker for months.

And that is all that I can think of now as once again this post has gone completely off the rails which always happens with dem asian girls. But to keep things real I have decided to nevertheless put this part of the post on the blog as I know there are some readers out there who want to read it. As much as some people bemoan my constant tangent into sleazy asian sex phantasies you never know what might bring new readers to the blog.

Now an additional reason for turnig this part of the post into it´s own thing ( apart from having an opportunity to post all those animated GIFs of Miko Lee until I can give her a post of her own next year ) is that I get to post five more videos from my incredibly long list. I´m not kidding.

I can´t post them as quickly as they pile up. And because of the nature of this post I can use some of the more explicit videos that I can not put on my normal comic posts. Now the first video would have gone onto a regular post and if you look at it there seems to be nothing special about it. The reason why I held off posting it for so long is that I had a guilty conscience because Comicbookgirl19´s cleavage totally distracted me.

Speaking about distracting cleavages, I couldn´t do a post with so many stuff about hot asian women and not include Hyuna in the videos. Like I said, the plan was to get rid of a few videos from my huge pile but instead of the ones I had already bookmarked I opted for this one because I rekon my readers preferred some new material. Man, I just can´t keep up with all the new songs she releases and as usual she has a totally new look here.

And since I mention my asian obsession number 1, Yaya Han I also had to include a new video with her. Once again the plan was to use a video from the pile but then I found this one where she is once again in her Scarlet Witch costume. You have to watch this video in high quality and on full screen because the camera man really zooms in on Yaya´s big - talents.

Now I´m not entirely sure from where this video is as I can´t read the title but it´s one of a whole slew of videos I found while looking for car show models. Car shows, tuning and hot asian women seem to go hand in hand and there was a period in my life where I spent a lot of time looking for all the pictures of them. The reason why I picked this particular video is that is was one of the longer ones and from what I could see ( I do not have the time to look through them all as most of the videos are around one hour long ) there are a few really exceptionally sexy dancers in this one.

So this is the second one from the huge video pile ( only one out of two in this post - what is wrong with me ? ) and it´s also a risky one. The sound quality is not good ( which might be a blessing in disguise ) and it could use better lighting but the girl ( a librarian ? ) makes it worthwhile.

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Please post more gifs of Yaya. Especially when she's struggling to fit into costumes and otherwise bouncing about. :D

SUBZERO said...

I´m doing my best but it´s not easy to find the right material. Are there any news on the second season of HEROES OF COSPLAY ?

Anonymous said...

Not that I know of, sadly :(