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Return of Paul Ryan Flash Friday : Trial Run

No, your mind is not playing tricks on you. You didn´t overlook this post as I´m still trying to catch up so I´m actually writing this FLASH FRIDAY post on Sunday. But since I can not come up with anything special and the material for this post is already prepared here is more Paul Ryan FLASH.

Now I thought about doing the announcement for the Big Christmas Contest 2016 but I spent most of Today watching the first two parts of The Hunger Games and so I have only a few hours left before I have to go to sleep. In any case I probably won´t be able to finish the post but I will try to put up as much stuff, links and videos as I can. Thankfully there are just a few celebrity birthdays Today so that section will be rather short.

Aside from the Big Christmas Contest there is Jamie Lee Curtis birthday coming up in a few days and because I have found a lot of high quality GIFs from her hot striptease in True Lies I had planned to do an all GIF version of her post which I usually re - post every year. But now I´m not sure if I can do that. I would have written it in advance Today but like I said there is not a lot of time that I have so maybe I will either have to write it afterwards or leave it until next year. Which would be totally uncool.

Anyway, back to Paul Ryan´s FLASH run, we have already covered a few of his issues since at first I went back and forth on these FLASH FRIDAY posts. But for the sake of my readers I am going to include the links for previous FLASH issues we have covered in this post. There are also some issues after this one I have posted - and you can go on and read them if you will - but the links for those will not be included here. It makes more sense to include them once we have caught up to that part of the story.

Now before Paul Ryan started on FLASH there was the Race Against Time story line which you might want to check out so in chronological order, here are part 1 , part 2 , part 3 , part 4 , part 5 and part 6 . Paul Ryan starts with FLASH issue 119 which is a Final Night crossover and I also posted the following issues : 120 and 121 which make up the two part Presidential Race, 122 , 123 , 124 and 125 which is the first part of the confrontation of Wally West and Major Disaster who has had a major power boost ( no pun intended ) in the Inferno crossover. But Major Disaster is not the only one who got more powerful during that event - oh, but that would be telling and I don´t want to ruin the finale of this issue. Without any further ado - if you have read the previous issue - let´s return to our story in progress.

The good news is the mayor of Keystone City has finally managed to get rid of the Flash. The bad news is the mayor of Keystone City has finally managed to get rid of the Flash. Tune in next week ( I hope ) to see how this plays out. In our celebrity run down we start with Cheryl Bachman, Playmate Of The Month October in 1991 who celebrates her 47th birthday.

At that particular month Wally West was kept busy with a race between greek god Hermes and roman god Mercury thanks to a War Of The Gods crossover in Flash 55. Back to Cheryl Bachmann, besides being featured in various PLAYBOY videos and mags she appeared in an episode of Renegade as a Ring Card Girl and was one of the contestants in the Bikini Open 4 .

Owen Wilson turns 48 who has appeared in too many movies to list them all. The ones that have really surprised me are the Night At The Museum movies which are really much more entertaining than I suspected. So far I have not seen The Wedding Crashers because as a single guy who gets mostly ignored by the womenfolk ( probably because I don´t provide the things they expect from a man at my age which is money, social status or the ability to further their career ) all these movies about dating and falling in love and getting married and cheating on your wife and then getting a divorce and then having to pay alimony for the rest of your life are kind of boring. And the more Hollywood - or the germans when they try to imitate Hollywood - gets obsessed with these topics the more boring it becomes. But I guess from what I have seen so far I should check The Wedding Crashers out. As always it has the old trope of single guys who can only be happy in real life when they start limiting themselves to only one woman but that´s Hollywood for you. On the plus side we have Bond girl extraordinaire Jane Seymour playing the mother - in - law ( or better the MILF - in - law ) even if Owen Wilson covers up her good parts ( I bet he made sure to repeat the scene a few times ) and Diora Baird who does have a brief nude scene and her 37E boobs are just phenomenal ! 

The british invade our post now although to be precise Steven Moffat who celebrates his 55th birthday is scottish. The writer of The Adventures Of Tintin ( which is much better and more faithful to the comics than what most comic afficionados will tell you ) and Sherlock is best known for his involvement with what insider call The New Who which brought us such memorable companions like Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones ( sexiest companion EVER ) and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. One of these days I have to watch Secret Diary Of A Call Girl even if it means ruining Doctor Who.

Apropos ruining Doctor Who, since it´s currently on hiatus as we are eagerly awaiting the Christmas Special in which the new companion shall be revealed I wanted to post a preview with Steven in it. But because it reveals too much about the plot I´m posting this sneak peek of the special instead. Looks like once again it is going to be a long wait until Christmas. 

From british sci fi tv we come to british pop as Kim Wilde turns 56. She was one of the biggest pop stars during the 80s in Germany where she had more success than in her home country especially concerning record sales. Because of her sex appeal and her high popularity with the general public ( while she sang before half empty concert halls in the UK her concerts in Germany were always sold out ) she got the title of Bardot of Pop Music.

I remember staying up late just to make sure that the vcr would tape one of her concerts which - as usual with all the good stuff on german tv - was shown when almost nobody except of rich people and people out of a job could watch it. It seems here in Germany they make tv for people who either do not have a job or who at least do not have to work to earn a living. All those fortunate or unfortunate who don´t have to get up early.

From british pop we come to british pop art if you define it as popular art or better said british writer Alan Moore who celebrates his 63rd birthday.

As one of the creators ( let´s not forget that Dave Gibbons had to draw all those pages ) of the best known comic collection in the world ( and let´s also not forget that Watchmen is not really a graphic novel because it was first published as a series of comic books ) he is mostly known for the controversy about his opposition to the movie adaptions of his work even if those may be far superior to the original work like The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And the nonsense he writes about comics, the comic industry or comic fans. So I won´t go into all of that and instead remember his works among them timeless Superman stories like Whatever Happend To The Man Of Tomorrow ? ( which will be the topic of another upcoming DEATH IN COMICS post ) and For The Man Who Has Everything. 

Speaking about movie adaptions of Alan Moore´s comic books, with all the animated movies DC is doing it was only a matter of time before they tried their hand at The Killing Joke which by the way would never be published Today since it are feminists and social justice warriors who now control what is acceptable. Thank god things were different in the 80s or most of Alan Moore´s comics would not have been printed. It just shows you how sick the comic industry has become as now the people who neither read nor understand comics dictate what is in them while the people who have made it possible for the industry to survive for decades gets ignored and what is worse ridiculed, exploited and spat upon. But that´s comics. Back to The Killing Joke here is another review from Nerdkultur ( sorry readers who don´t understand english ) that tells you exactly why the comic is much better than the animated version and why you should only buy it if you watch it in the english original and not only with the german dubbing.

Last but not least cult siren Linda Evans turns 74 who first became famous with The Big Valley but is best known as Kristie Carrington on Dynasty.

Dynasty was conceived to compete with the mega successful Dallas and I read that the producers tried to make it riskier than Dallas but I can´t really see that. Which might have something to do with the fact that I always found Victoria Principal, Audrey Landers, Charlene Tilton, Deborah Shelton and Barbara Carrera much more attractive than Linda Evans, Joan Collins, Heather Locklear, Pamela Sue Martin or Catherine Oxenberg. The show was not very successful in its first season but became the number one show once Joan Collins joined the cast. Her clashes - and catfights - with Linda Evans are what the show is most remembered for now.

And while my father let me watch even less episodes of Dynasty than I got to see of Dallas I knew that much about it. And while Joan Collins still doesn´t do much for me I can definitely see the appeal of Linda Evans.

As it couldn´t be any other way we are ending this post with a Flash video and this is one I held onto for a long time because I did not want to spoil too much things for my upcoming THE RETURN OF BARRY ALLEN post. But since I do not know when I will get around to do that - and it is becoming increasingly important to followers of DC´s Legends Of Tomorrow here is The Secret Origin - and everything else - of Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne.

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