Saturday, November 12, 2016

It´s splash page Saturday with Joe Sinnott

Today there are no other comic birthdays that require my attention so I´m working through my post backlog. Before I had to take the course for the job center I prepared material for two comic birthdays - Vince Coletta and Joe Sinnott - but I only got to do the first one. And since I don´t want to let good material go to waste I can also enjoy the fruits of said labor.

Because Joe Sinnott has worked on so many series over the years it was kind of difficult to narrow it down to a manageable number so there may be a few Joe Sinnott centric posts popping up here in the near future.

Since he worked on the THOR run by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz - which is sadly underrated because it came right on the heels of Walter Simonson´s iconic run - there is at least one Joe Sinnott Thor post in the pipeline. He also worked on FANTASTIC FOUR for decades, first inking Jack Kirby and then most of the following artists thus providing a unified look. No matter who drew the issues Joe Sinnott always made him look good. And he is still a big part of my growing reading pile which includes the WEST COAST AVENGERS OMNIBUS 2 and the AVENGERS BY JOHN BYRNE OMNIBUS. I have not read them because I have not decided if I should get the expensive first omnibus or try to find all the issues from that in trade. I guess I´ll go with whatever is cheaper. Anyway, for this post I have included artwork from different series and of course there is a lot of FANTASTIC FOUR stuff included but to make it more interesting for my readers outside of good old Germany I have included a lot of splash pages from the german issues. 

Originally I wasn´t going to mention Anne Hathaway´s 34th birthday in this post because I´m still suffering from the aftereffects of The Dark Knight Rises and her portrayal of the worst Catwoman in movie history.

I´m not kidding, I think her Catwoman was even worse than the Halle Berry version which at least had a nice costume. From now on Halle´s Catwoman will be referred to as not the worst Catwoman in history.

Anne has started to make up for it with her appearance on the Johnathan Ross show ( longtime readers have seen the video in a previous post ) and it´s hard to stay mad at somebody who fills a cleavage so nicely for long.

I found a few sketches from Saturday Night Live ( the one about Homeland is so funny because Anne´s portrayal of the lead character is so spot on ) but since we had Neil Gaiman as one of our celebrity birthdays just two posts ago I chose this in homage to one of the best comics ever written.

Cote de Pablo turns 37 who is best known for playing Ziva David, the ex - Mossad agent with the x - rated body on NCIS. So far she hasn´t appeared on any new show but we still remember her fondly from her glory days.

Speaking of favorite tv shows, Tamala Jones celebrates her 42nd birthday who is best known for playing Lanie Parish on Castle. And speaking about the glory days : originally I was going to post an animated GIF from that show but when I read that she had been in the Wu Tang Clan´s Gravel Pit video I just had to discard all my plans. Daim, Tamala is one hot tamale !

And apropos, Valerie Leon turns 73 who was equally at home in the british Carry On movies and in many Hammer movie production where her buxom beauty gave those creepy scenes a dose of added sexual excitement.

I couldn´t find any of her movies but here is a tribute with scenes from a wide variety of films. I just wished the quality was a bit better ( sigh ).

In the Dearly Departed section I first want to take a minute to remember Loriot. When I was reading through the children´s section of the library in Neckarweihingen his Reinhold the Rhinoceros was among my favorites.

Yup, growing up I didn´t have any of the fancy things kids have now, like an allowance so to get enough reading material I went to the local library and voraciously read anything I could get my hands on. First the childrens books, then the sci fi, adventure and crime and then horror. Anyway, if there are things I´m grateful for to have experienced through growing up in Germany one of them surely must be the pointed humor of Loriot who could boil down german culture to the basic ingredients like nobody else.

Speaking of the childrens books section of the local library a big part of that were books by Michael Ende who also has his anniversary Today. Not only has he brought joy to countless lives through his books, the many adaptions to tv and movies have helped launch various careers among them - and most importantly for people in Germany - Radost Bokel who played Momo and who has grown up quite spectacularly. Which we all could experience when she got naked for the german PLAYBOY three years ago in probably one of the most stunning pictorials in PLAYBOY history. 

Since I already used up my cartoon video of the day and could not find the movie adaption of Momo in good quality here is another big part of my childhood. No matter which story it was the Augsburger Puppenkiste was always must see tv around our house. And any other house in Germany.

Our last shoutout goes out to movie legend Grace Kelly with the best parts from High Society which I had been saving up for just such an occassion.

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