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Sit back, relax : Thorsday with Joe Sinnott

If you read my last posts this may not surprise you as I already announced that at least one Joe Sinnott themed THORSDAY post is in the pipeline.

What may surprise you is why this post is so late if I have already prepared all the material in advance. Well, being the perfectionist that I am I went looking for any additional material one last time and I DID find a few pieces I´m including in this post instead of some others I had selected.

But I think the post will be better because of that. Now - like I said - the downside to that is that I found a lot of other stuff ( which is always what happens when you look for one thing on the internet ) including a few great original art pieces by John Romita Jr. so don´t be surprised if one of the next posts is either a spotlight on him or a few selected black and white original art pieces. Anyway, Joe Sinnott has graced a plethora of THOR issues with his inks but most of the splash pages I chose for this are from the Tom DeFalco / Ron Frenz run on the book that followed right on the heels of Walter Simonson´s ( and also Sal Buscema´s ) epic THOR run. Which is the reason it is underappreciated and maybe because of that it´s one of my favorite periods of THOR. If I had to pick a definite run of THOR I  would probably mash both of them together. When the Tom DeFalco / Ron Frenz THOR run came out I didn´t appreciate it as much as I do now ( which is one of the reasons why I took the title off my pull list and now have a hard time to close the gaps in my THOR collection I still have ) and I didn´t see the Kirby influence ( and Stan Lee where the stories are concerned ) although there are also other artists who Ron Frenz emulated.

Of course I had to include a few splash pages by the great John Buscema. You can get his THOR issues either in the ESSENTIAL THOR paperweights or the MARVEL MASTERWORKS if you have a bit more spending money. The ESSENTIALS might be a bit hard to come by now that the line has been canceled but at most comic shops or comic conventions you can get those for around ten bucks. The MASTERWORKS are not as easy to find but I have had the good fortune to find more than one for a good price and there is also the IF ASGARD SHOULD PERISH hardcover that collects a lot of John Buscema´s issues although the second half of the book is inked by Tony DeZuniga instead of Joe Sinnott. I wish they had just included the Joe Sinnott but I can understand that they wanted to wrap up the storyline. In any case there are always the MARVEL MASTERWORKS. 

From the Tom DeFalco / Ron Frenz THOR run there have only been a few trades so far - like THE BLACK GALAXY SAGA - and I hope Disney will make more EPIC COLLECTIONS from this run after WAR OF THE PANTHEONS. So far it seems they are putting anything but this in the books. I mean they put the dreadful WORLDENGINE story with the Chippendale version of Thor by Warren Ellis and Mike Deodato in a hardcover for crying out loud.

Since I have exhausted all my Thor links - and the only post that is worth mentioning is one about Joe Sinnott on WIZARDS KEEP - let´s head right to the birthdays which start with Sarah Hyland´s 26th anniversary. She has filled out quite nicely in all the right place which for me serves only as a reminder that I´m still halfway with the first season of Modern Family.

Next we have Katherine Heigl who turns 38 and who has starred in a lot of romantic comedies - most of which I haven´t seen. Maybe I should do something about that. Anyway, for her and Sarah Hyland I went looking if I could find any animated GIFs on the internet - since that is much faster than making my own - but in the end I decided to go with these pictures.

In the case of cuban MILF sexbomb Aylin Mujica´s 42nd birthday I can use a GIF without having to do any work because I already did a long post about herlast year. Maybe I can re - post it later on if I can find the time but for now you have to settle for the old post. Although to tell the truth there is not much to add as I still have not found the time to watch the episodes of the telenovela Marina I found on the internet some time ago.

Now some people say that I am always writing about the same tv cult sirens and that it is mostly out of nostalgia because they are long past their prime. So I am including a video of Aylin Mujica during a red carpet event this year where she proves that she still has a spectacular figure.

Without last year´s post about Aylin Mujica I would not know that another hot cuban also turns 42 : Aylen Alvarez. Because she doesn´t appear on any lists I usually consult when preparing the entertainment section.

I already posted two videos with Aylen and I thought I had to fall back on the last one - a photoshooting in the desert of which there are three versions - when I found this one where she showcases her amazing body.

Moving on Denise Crosby celebrates her 59th birthday whom I just saw as Doctor Gretchen Kelly in the second season of Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman where she successfully revived Lex Luthor´s corpse. Lately she has made appearances on such shows like Dexter, Mad Men, Prison Break, Bones, The Walking Dead, Scandal, Castle and Ray Donovan but she is of course best known for her role of Security Chief Tasha Yar whose rampant sex drive even overtook Data´s programming. 

We are staying with tv programs from my youth but we are making the jump from America to Germany with Ilja Richter, the man, the myth, the legend. He turns 64 and for those of us who grew up during the 70s and 80s he was a constant companion either through the movies he appeared in or through the cult show Disco where his intro Lights out, spot on ! became a part of german culture. I didn´t find any clips of that show with Wencke Myhre - she had a booming body around that time - but instead I found one of his sketches with wannabe erotic starlet Dolly Dollar ( not to be mistaken for german porn star Dolly Buster ). Anybody remember her ?

Another cast member from Star Trek celebrates his 69th birthday. Or don´t you remember that Dwight Schultz played Lt. Barclay ? Although I have to admit that he is most famous as Howling Mad Murdock on The A - Team.

Yes, in the prehistoric times of comicdom Marvel Comics did three issues of The A - Team and since I don´t think many of my readers have it in their collection here is CGR Comics with a review on the third issue.

Today´s music video doesn´t have anything to do with the birthdays or the topic of the post but as longtime readers of my blog know Janet Jackson takes precedence before everything else. In my first post about cult siren Salma Hayek I mentioned Janet´s fantastic performance of All For You on the german show Wetten Dass ? which I missed because of the worst host in the history of german tv entertainment Thomas Gottschalk.

It took me years to finally find this on the internet but so far there was only a video on youTube with one minute of her performance and the rest is her getting pestered by uns Thommy. Well, out of the blue I found this clip with her full performance on YouTube and for those who have only seen the short part of it I am putting this on the blog as soon as possible.

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I love it when a plan comes together !

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