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Avengers Week continues with Steve Epting

This weekend I have the flu so after a fitful night´s sleep, waking up with a headache and spending six hours drawing a poster with the Peanuts for the big pumpkin cookout at the Karlshöhe on Monday in two weeks I have decided that it´s time to go back again to the dreaded 90s and visit one of the most hated periods in AVENGERS history to dive for some nuggets.

Once again it has been a while since my last post although not as long as it may seem to the casual reader. Yes, my last post is officially dated as being posted on October the 6th and Today it´s October the 22nd so you might think it has been over two weeks between my last post and this one.

But if you are a regular reader you might remember that initially it was a part of my belated birthday post on latin super star Thalia and since I split the extremely lengthy celebrity birthday section between the two posts I had to date the last post at the same date as the Thalia post. So while it may look like I did nothing on the blog since October the 6th I was in fact very busy, first splitting one post into two, then continuing writng the posts and finishing up the Thalia post, finishing or overhauling four other posts ( I had to re - up a lot on my posts about baywatchable babe Erika Eleniak to whom I had linked to a few times over the last few months plus there was a still unfinished uncensored version of the birthday post for 80s porn queen Sarah Louise Young ), and adding the usual bells and whistles which meant going through all the links and the bookmarks which alone took up two days etc. So in the end I just finished working on my last post last Sunday. After which I took a small hiatus from posting because on one side there was all this life stuff to take care of plus the matter of me not getting enough sleep while working on those posts.

Speaking of working on posts, you may wonder why I´m not continuing with the promised best of list from Scott Lobdell´s and Joe Madureiras´ run on UNCANNY X - MEN but I still haven´t figured out my ranking. But once that´s done and I have finally beaten the flu it will be in full effect.

I can also assure you that the promised update on megabusty romanian Power Girl and news anchor Oana Andoni will be up as soon as possible but I also have to prepare some stuff for that. But don´t fear, there are more hot tv women with huge breasts out there so I will include one of those.

Back to this post, the last few days I have been doing more preparation for posts because I didn´t feel like writing a new post but Yesterday I went over the list of birthdays of the last few weeks and after going through the artwork I have on the laptop - and the usual picture hunt on the internet - I decided to do a post in honor of Steve Epting´s birthday.

As with other comic book creators I can´t tell you his actual age because only the date of his birth - October the 18th - is known. Apropos being known, as Steve Epting is best known by the comic reading audience at large for his work on Ed Brubaker´s CAPTAIN AMERICA he really began catching people´s attention on CrossGen´s CRUX. But if you know me you are probably not surprised that instead of going with the obvious two choices I chose the third option which is one of the most controversial periods in Avengers history. Because it´s also no secret - since I wrote about it on various occassions - that I am a fan of .... well, if not all of that period then at least of certain parts of it which mostly involve that time hopping, parallel universe jumping motley crew known as the Gatherers.

And since Steve Epting was the regular artist on the book during that time I wanted the kill two alternate Avengers with one swordsman. I know that this is probably too much after the fact to really qualify as part of the AVENGERS WEEK but what the hey, I couldn´t come up with a better title.

So besides revisiting one of my most beloved Avengers storylines I also can draw upon stuff I already wrote - as far back as December 2013 - but since I know that not everybody is willing to go back and check out the older posts ( even if they get to check out 80s cult screwball sexbomb Joyce Hyser´s magnificent naked breasts ) I will include some of what I already explained in the previous post. While trying not to paraphrase too much.


Prepare to dive into one of the darkest periods of AVENGERS lore which I endured and Bob is my uncle if I didn´t have all those issues without any missing. Avengers was one of the books I had on my pull list and I bought all the issues when they came out. I know that some time back - which might be more than a decade ago now that I think about it - I sold some of the issues but for the life of me I couldn´t remember anything that had happened in those pages. Which should have been the first warning sign.

If you have read a series for a long time and you can´t remember what happened over a period of - roughly - 50 issues ? Not a good sign. You can bet repulsors against arrows that it wasn´t too memorable. But, always the optimist, I wanted to make sure if the period was as bad as people made it out to be. So I made a list of all the issues that might have been of interest and I checked all the issues out between issue 300 and 375, which is the finale of the Gatherers Saga. And while some of the issues I sold weren´t all that bad most of them were either not that important to keep in a collection or outright bad. Yes, I´m not ashamed to say I had totally forgotten how unoriginal, boring and awful some of the stuff was.

Add to that the constant change of artists, no clear direction of story, a lot of forgettable and mediocre crossovers like ACTS OF VENGEANCE ( I used to make jokes about the fact that Marvel even did an omnibus about this but now the joke´s on me since I am one of the mouth breathing morons who bought the ACTS OF VENGEANCE - CROSSOVERS omnibus ), Rage doing a bad and at least ten years outdated impression of Mister T, Spider - Man hanging with the Avengers and then deciding that their adventures were too cosmic and high and mighty for him ( which didn´t make sense since he was in all the cosmic confrontations anyway like in the Avengers classic tussle with Thanos where Spidey released the spirit of Adam Warlock from his imprisonment thus basically defeating Thanos ), and of course the leather jackets and you are starting to get an idea why this period has such a bad rep among those of us who lived the times.

Of course not all of it was bad and if you have listened to the Comic Geek Speak spotlight episodes you know where to look for the nuggets. For me one such big chunk of a nugget is as soon as the Gatherer story begins because I´m a sucker for parallel universe stories ever since I read FLASH issue 123, Flash of two worlds ! by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino. The story introduced the whole concept of parallel earths to the DC universe and to the comic book world. Everything that happened in the DC universe ever since ( and probably in every other comic company that took the idea of other worlds and ran with it ) has its roots in this one comics. So it´s no wonder it´s so often imitated and copied. Even tv shows like STAR TREK, HEROES, EUREKA, DOCTOR WHO and especially FRINGE owe a great deal to that first comic where two Flashes from different universes were depicted on the same cover for the first time.

Yes, I love parallel universe stories in any shape or form and the only way to top that is with a parallel universe story in which everybody dies !

Which basically was what the Gatherers was all about. One big " parallel universe in which everybody dies " story, in fact the mother of them all since all the parallel universes get blown up which is where the Gatherers are gathered from. How can you resist such a concept ? Especially when it has some extra stuff thrown into it that seems to come from the writers smoking a lot of illegal substances like the Gatherers using a braindead watcher as their GPS to help them pinpoint possible candidates. Once Steve Epting becomes the regular penciler the show is really up and running and the fecal matter really hits the mechanical environment cooling device, so to speak. There is just one little complaint I have.

Not enough parallel universes dying stuff in it. Okay, you might say how can you do more ? But the thing is that we really don´t see all that many parallel universes which in my opinion was a huge mistake. Don´t tell me how the particular universes of the various members of the Gatherers have died - show me. Don´t tell me what a psychopatic, raping son of a b - word their Vision is. Show me. And don´t tell me that it´s an alternate version of our Vision. Let me think that it´s our Vision and THEN - when I think he has gone off the deep end - make me realize it´s somebody else.

I think that would have really taken the whole story to another level. Anyway, there was some really crazy s - word going on in these days and there always were four or five things going on at once with all kinds of soap opera pining between the Black Knight, Sersi, Cristal and Pietro.

Which for me is the part where Schadenfreude becomes a big part of my enjoyment of the issues. Someone once said " Leave it to the Germans to come up with a word for being delighted at other peoples misery. "

Now this has either to do with Schadenfreude being a big part of german society, or just the fact that the germans have a word for everything. The psychological pain caused by sadness that can occur when you realize that your own weaknesses are caused by the inappropriateness and cruelty of the world and circumstances. The germans have a word for that too, my friend. Weltschmerz. Much shorter, don´t you think ? The germans really have a word for everything. That thing you do with your teeth when you get home from work to read that hardcover that was laying on your comic pile for months only to stubb your toe when you are just about to read it because the hot sexbomb next door was skipping rope topless and you walk backwards into a pie ? I bet the germans have a word for that too.

So why the Schadenfreude you might ask. Because Cristal only gets what she deserves since she was the one who broke up with Johnny Storm to be with Quicksilver. If you have read issues 131 and 132 of FANTASTIC FOUR you know that this is one of the worst break ups in comic history and I even made a Valentine´s Day post about it so we can skip over that part.

Coming back to the Gatherers you are probably asking yourself where you can get those trippy issues and the answer to that is good old dollar bin diving. So far only parts of Steve Epting´s run on AVENGERS is reprinted in collected form like the AVENGERS / X - MEN : BLOODTIES crossover or the parts of OPERATION GALACTIC STORM which is included in the recent Epic Collection of the space opera with the Epic Collection AVENGERS : THE COLLECTION OBSESSION that includes the issues prior to that scheduled to see print on the 27th of March next year. The greatness that is THE GATHERERS has not received the collected treatment although I´m sure that it has its fans - being just one of them - and heck, they even did an omnibus of THE GATHERING. So sooner or later it will see print to the delight - or not - of a new generation of AVENGERS fans. And who knows ?

Maybe it was ahead of it´s times and hits the pulse of the current comic market with all the throwbacks to old 90s comics DC and Disney put out.

And as a special bonus for my friend Terry Hooper, master of ceremony of COMIC BITS ONLINE here´s the only page I could find with Gilgamesh in it.  



and most of the original art on this post was found at TOM PALMER ILLUSTRATION and

and SCANS DAILY has a post about Action Scientist Hank Pym from AVENGERS 366 and

and since I mentioned Ed Brubaker´s run on CAPTAIN AMERICA in the post TOO BUSY THINKING ABOUT MY COMICS has a few more thoughts inspired by Captain America : Reborn and


missed birthdays

We have two comic book birthdays I could not cover this year starting with one of my favorite inkers, the legendary Joe Sinnott. I did however try to write a special Halloween post in 2015 which turned into my first Joe Sinnott appreciation post talking about all of my favorite series or parts of series he inked. Last year I even managed to do two Joe Sinnott posts, one with a lot of splash pages from german HIT Comics and a special THORSDAY post which included mainly splash pages from Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz´ run on THOR about which I have written in numerous posts.

Speaking of Thor inkers, while he´s never been one of my favorite inkers Vince Coletta did ink a lot of comics in my formative comic reading years including a lot of issues of THOR by Jack Kirby. One of the brilliant things Stan Lee did was put different inkers on the series penciled by Jack Kirby so that while all of them had the distinctive Jack Kirby look they also looked different enough to avoid loosing the readers interest and for me Vince Coletta´s organic inks fit THOR pretty well. So in homage of that I did another special Thor post about Vince Coletta where I included a lot of splash pages from the german Condor Verlag. And there are of course a few more Jack Kirby THORSDAY posts where he did the inks but I´m not going to list them all. I´m sure you can find them through the " Thor " tag.

cult sirens of notice

todays birthdays

Olivier Coipel age unknown

Steven Grant 46


czech tv presenter Lucie Borhyova


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Free comics and good comics from the 90s

As regular readers know this was initially part of my belated birthday post to latin cult siren Thalia but I have decided to cut this and put ti into its own post because the Thalia post became way too long. Of course now that I have finished the Thalia post that post has gotten even longer and I shudder to think how long it would have become if I hadn´t spun off this.

I am doing this post because right now I am in - between posts and after all the things I had to do this and last week and the consecutive sleep deprivation I´m not in the mood for a FLASH FRIDAY WITH PAUL RYAN post. The good thing is that I already know what my next posts are going to be but I still have to prepare some stuff before I can get to it. One thing is THE BIG CHRISTMAS CONTEST for which I not only have to go through all of my free comics but I also have to decide IF and HOW I am going to do it.

Now I know that some people out there might say that it´s a bit early for a contest that will be at Christmas but usually you have to start three months earlier if you don´t want to get swamped in the final days and we are already at October. As I haven´t done this last year - because I DIDN`T manage to start three months before Christmas - I should kind of explain what this big contest is about especially since it´s done pretty quickly. The word " contest " might be a bit misleading here because there is no real contest involved. It´s basically me giving away a lot of free comics.

To complete strangers. Without expecting anything in return from them.

I know what you are thinking : " Okay, where´s the catch ? Nobody gives anything - and especially NOT comic books - away for free if he doesn´t get something from it. What´s in it for you ? What´s your agenda ? "

The catch is that there is no catch. I just want to get rid of a lot of comic books that would otherwise clog up my house and drive my mother crazy. And as anybody who has collected comics for some time can attest comics become like your kids so you can´t just throw them out ( I still cringe whenever I hear somebody tearing up paper because it reminds me of what happened to my first comic book collection ) you want to make sure they get a good home. Let´s get back to the part of the comics clogging up my house for a minute. The thing with free comics is that there are different ways to go at it. There are of course the regular guys who say : " Oh, a free comic book. That´s nice. " but doesn´t go out of his way to get specific issues. Then there´s the more experienced comic book reader who knows which comics are available when for free and gives his list to the comic book dealer of his choice. And there are those for who it´s a contest where they have to get them all and they become obsessed.

Now with comic book readers the collecting gene is a bit more developed than with others per se and I´m not saying that this doesn´t also apply to me. It´s only natural. And when this whole free comic book thing started I naturally wanted to get as much out of it as possible. Which I have come to learn doesn´t mean to hoard as many free comic books as you can. As ridiculous as that may sound. Especially if you keep in mind that to do the whole Christmas contest thing I DO need a certain amount of free comics because otherwise it´s not worth the effort. To back this up a little you might wonder where these free comics I am giving away come from. If I have a secret source where I can get uncounted quantities of free comics.

Damn, here I am constantly complaining that i never get any review copies from any of the big companies like other blogs out there and then I am giving away comic books. Which means that I am either a liar or a crook.

To make that clear. I still don´t get any review copies from any comic book companies out there except for the occassional album from my good pal Terry Hooper from BLACK TOWER COMICS. So I have to buy all the comics I read and write about on the blog myself out of my own pocket. Which is the reason why I am always pimping stuff when it´s available at a bargain price and it´s also the reason why I tell you a comic book is crap when it´s crap. Because I bought it myself, I didn´t get it for free and as long as no comic company deems me worthy of supporting or sponsoring I am going to write things like I see them. That doesn´t mean other people are not entitled to their own opinion as some people might love those comics.

Now while I don´t get any free comics directly from any of the comic companies there are however the free comics you can get at FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and GRATIS COMIC TAG. Which are limited to a certain number you can get at your local comic shop and you have to pay for the rest of them. Like I said earlier when I first became aware of this I tried to get as many free comics as possible because I love to read comics and the more the better. I had my list that I gave to my comic dealer but after a few years my regular comic shop went out of business - mostly due to the german customs office impounding the complete shipment of comics four months in a row - and I had to go back to the Sammlerecke in Esslingen which thankfully picked up all of my subscriptions without any big hitches.

But in the interim my list of free comics got lost in the shuffle and for some reason or another I never had the time to properly do the whole free comic thing. At the same time I found out that the online comic shop where I had to go to close those gaps in my comic collection caused by the transition between the two comic shops gave you one free comic for every 10 Euros of your order. Now I´m not ordering huge amounts of comics online every month. But with a few orders throughout the years those free comics accumulate and I had been ordering for a few years before I found this out. And while I don´t go out of my way to order comics online comics are pretty expensive here in Germany so that it´s relatively easy to have an order of 50 bucks or above which is when you get free shipping. Also since I don´t have a lot of money for comics each month there are series where I get behind and when I try to catch up I can´t find the back issues anywhere. So I have to order them online and if I have to do that anyway why not get some free comics at the same time ?

Right now I have finally caught up on CASE CLOSED - which is the only manga I´m reading - but I was more than ten books behind. I´m also at book 4 of THE TRIGAN EMPIRE ( at least that´s how it is called in Germany ) by Don Lawrence while the current book in comic shops is number 12.

There are also the collected editions of CAPRICORN, NATASCHA or YOKO TSUNO of which I can only afford to buy one book once in a while. There also are other comics like the SECRET WARS II omnibus which I could not find anywhere else. Which meant that I had to pay the full price but by ordering from my online comic shop I got ten free comics out of the deal.

So now that we have established where I get my free comic from the question remains why I have decided to give them away. As I have said, some people hoard the free comics - for whatever reason - while I have come to the point where I see this as a chance to test new comic series.

With the state the comic market is right now the best comics are no longer produced by the big two companies but there are so many comics out there that keeping up with all of them has become an impossible task. You can go with recommendations and the best lists that are published every year but I have learned that a lot of the comics that are on those lists don´t manage to hold my attention or make we want to spend my money on them while the comics I enjoy and love are mostly not on those lists. So free comics have become a valuable source to determine if a comic book series is worth reading because you can sample one issue without any financial risk. And sometimes the comics you read and don´t like are the best because now you know which comic series to avoid.

So I see the free comic book events as a chance to try out new things which is one of the reasons why I prefer series I don´t already know. Okay, now that I´m doing the free comics Christmas contests I do order things like Moebius´ THE INCAL because I know that I want to have that as a free giveaway since there is always one comic book reader out there who may have heard of it but never tried it and this is a comic that belongs in every comic book collection. But when I order the free comics I go for comics I don´t already know and thanks to the big two flushing their respective comic book universes down the toilet with their constant reboots, their big crossover events, incessant retconning and the SJW´s taking over the reigns at Marvel this year my first free comics were from other companies and mostly sci fi books. Anyway, when I order my free comics I do have some favorite series I already know and love and buy but I make sure to go for series I don´t know first. Which is kind of a win - win scenario because if I already am reading a title I can give away the free comic that much easier and if I don´t know a series but don´t like it it´s a no - brainer.

So yes, I give away comics but not because I have aspirations to sainthood or because I want people to like me or think I´m a cool guy. I´m pretty pragmatic about it because on one side like I said after a few years these free comics do pile up and I don´t have limitless space in my house. There´s no tesseract to store them and it´s not bigger on the inside.

There are some free comics I want to keep but there are a lot which I read and am not going to read twice and of course some I hate and can´t get rid of fast enough. That still doesn´t explain why I do the whole Christmas contest which my brother thinks should be a real contest where I give the participants some almost Herculean impossible labors before I hand out the free copies. Which completely goes against the whole reason why I´m doing this. I can´t throw comics away. Not as long as they are readable in any way, shape or form. Even the most battered comic book, when it still has all of it pages and the cover attached I prefer to bring it to my comic book store and sell it - even if I only get 1 cent for it - before I throw it away because I know that somebody else can enjoy it. So the contest is not a real contest ( although I think it sounds cooler than the time when Subzero gives away free comics and it´s shorter ) because I don´t want anybody competing for the comics which can lead to bad blood. There is already enough of that in the comic community. I also don´t want the people who get the free comics have to earn the comics. No, you get these comics for free and you don´t have to do anything for it. Which is the reason why I decided to do these contests - or rather  non contests - around Christmas. People seem more willing to accept free stuff at that time and if anyone feels guilty about that they can send me the postage or even some comics they don´t want in their comic book collection anymore. Which may also end up in the raffle for the following year. But anyway, I get more much neede space in my house, I get to read comics for free and other people get some of the comics so everybody wins.

That said it still takes a lot of time, work and coordination and I don´t know if I can burden that this year with all the other things I have going on. So my idea was that instead of having to do all the work to just give them to one place where they are distributed to people who would otherwise not get them. I know that one of the comic shops I visit on a frequent basis is the FANTASY STRONGHOLD in Ludwigsburg and I know that they don´t participate in these free comic book events because they can´t afford them. These free comic book things are not free for the comic shops ( so keep that in mind next year and don´t be so greedy ) and at least here in Germany you have to take the whole set even if you know that only certain free comic books are interesting for your clientele.

I already talked to the owner if he might be willing to do something with free comics - especially since Halloween is just around the corner and he might use the occassion to do something like Halloween Comicfest - and he´s interested. So when I have selected the comics that I am going to give away this year I could just bring them to the shop so he can decide if he wants to do it or not. For me it´s easier than writing announcements here and in two comic book message boards and if the shop owner does not want ALL of the free comics I can still do that. Or I could just tell people that anyone who wants free comics can go to that comic shop.

But I have to decide soon because I already have most of the free comics I am interested in from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and GRATIS COMIC TAG and if these are for a Halloween comic event I can´t get any from this year´s Halloween Comicfest. If I do this on Christmas I can get new Halloween Comicfest comics but if we DO a Halloween comic event I have to dig out all the free Halloween Comicfest comics first. In any case, what do my readers think ? Should I go the usual route and burden myself with a lot of work or go the easier way and just drop them off at the comic store ?

The other post I have planned but can´t write just now because I still have to prepare some stuff for it will be a return to the dreaded decade of comic book declination commonly referred to as the awful 90s which will come as no surprise to longtime readers. I have written about this decade in numerous posts since I don´t think that it was as bad as some people paint it ( and by paint it I also mean the many artists who churned out art that gives me a headache ) because I was actually reading comics in the 90s and while there was a lot of crap out there there also were some gold nuggets and some of my all time favorite comic books are from that era.

What ultimately spurred me on to do this post - or rather series of posts since it seems that I can´t do the topic justice with just one post - is that while doing the research for some other post I came across original art by Joe Madureiras for Battle Chasers and Uncanny X - Men, 2 books I loved.

To back this up a little, Joe Madureiras was a real juggernaut in the 90s.

He was a monster. When all the big artists left Marvel to form iMAGE Joe Madureiras was one of the artists who took up the slack - together with the Kubert brothers and a few select others - and he became a big super star on UNCANNY X - MEN. He then left to do BATTLE CHASERS which became a sales phenomenon that injected new live into the swords and sorcery genre but he pretty much crashed and burnt his career because he preferred to play video games instead of drawing a monthly series and earning obscene amounts of money. He once said that if his wife knew how much money he basically threw away to play games she´d kill him.

Anyway, he has since then returned to comics but he has lost most of his fans and now he´s just one artist among others. His art still looks unique but most of the times his intricate pencils get butchered by the inkers and I think he was at his peak when he was doing BATTLE CHASERS.

In any case, when I saw the original art it rekindled the spark and I went back to my old issues of UNCANNY X - MEN because some of my favorite stories are in there. It took me a while to find them and in one comic box I found some crushed comics ( which I had to expel from my comic book collection so I will bring them to the Sammlerecke to sell on my next visit ) but I am currently re - reading my favorite issues and they still hold up.

Like I said, I am an advocate of the 90s and another pet peeve - especially with Today´s new comic readers who do not know anything about the history of comic books - is giving props to underrated comic creators who never appear in any best of lists. One of these writers is Scott Lobdell, who wrote a humongous chunk of X - MEN books in a time that was plagued by a lot of crossovers and he managed to spin gold out of it.

What´s more a lot of these issues are done in one issues which I also want to spotlight because it has become a dying art with modern comic writers who target their whole career for the trade market. So the next post will spotlight all my favorite UNCANNY X - MEN stories from the 90s by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureiras - as soon as I have figured out my top ten.

Because the difficult thing was not to pin down my favorite stories - that was done in one minute or less - but rather rating them. At the moment I have my number one ( which was never any question at all and longtime readers might already have deducted which one it is ), my number two and the bottom ones but numbers three to five are still in flux. Maybe I will not give all of them numbers but like I said, there´s still stuff to do.

Since this is pretty much set up for other posts - and not even the real set up - I can not put any links that I need for these future posts in it. That said, while I like to think that the people who read my blog are mostly comic afficionados there is the off chance that somebody might come to the blog who isn´t so well versed in X - Men lore. Who probably found the blog through one of the many cult siren posts. So in preparation for the upcoming Scott Lobdell / Joe Madureiras Top Ten X - Men Stories here is the X - Men Primer 6 from FAN FRICTION that covers a lot of characters and storylines we will be talking about. There are also links to other X - Men Primer posts for those that want to brush up on X - Men knowledge.

Speaking of X - Men knowledge, most people get theirs from the cartoons or movies nowadays which in my opinion is not the best way to go about but not everybody is interested in the source material of movies. The last X - Men movie was a complete disaster but instead of posting something related to that I am finally seizing the moment to put Comicbookgirl19´s review of Logan on the blog. One of the stories we will be talking about - although I am not sure if it will be part of the top ten since it´s an entire storyline - is the original Age of Apocalypse so I will put any videos about the movie in that post. Anyway, back to Logan I really enjoyed the movie not only because they avoided most of the story of the godawful source material and I could really relate to Hugh Jackman´s Logan ( he really did a great portrayal of the character throughout the movies ) not in the way that I am an ex - X - Man team member who has lost almost everyone. But as somebody who has had to suffer from my share of injuries and health problems the last few years and who is trying to get back in shape I have to say that yes - I can understand where Comicbookgirl13 is coming from with wanting Logan to redeem himself - but sometimes it´s not a question of if you are willing to fight on but how much fight is left in you and how much more your body can endure. At some point you just reach the limit of your physical capabilities and you have to give your body time to heal.

Caliban plays a big role in Logan so here´s a post from SCANS DAILY about the Uncanny X - Men Annual 18 in which Caliban kidnaps everyone´s favorite asian mutant massssita Jubilee and keeps her in his secret lair.

I don´t know if my asian fascination was already in full effect when I read it but I was a huge fan of Jubilee from day one ( the fact that she totally boobed out later in the NEW WARRIORS reboot during CIVIL WAR didn´t exactly hurt either. Although the whole depowering during HOUSE OF M and the vampire crap that is going on right now has almost ruined her character ) and I should have picked up on the fact that Caliban was probably looking for some asian procreation here. I do remember that at the time I liked the art as cringe worthy as it may be now to look at it.

This part was split from the Thalia birthday post as I said in the beginning so for all who have not read that post yet I want to repeat that since I have two posts on the same day I have decided to split all the various birthdays between the two posts with the more riskier stuff in the cult siren post and the more regular stuff here in the comic book related post.

Or that was the plan. As usual the addendum in the other post got totally out of proportion and I fear the fun section in this post will also be longer than expected and not as tame as I hoped. Nevertheless I do my best.

We start with some of the celebrity birthdays I missed and the first one is singing sexbomb Christina Milian who is a real cult siren since she sings like an angel and she´s absolutely hot. She turned 36 on September the 26th.

Christina is one of those cult sirens where I always think I have written something somewhere about her but when I check there is nothing there.

I had a few posts about Christina Milian at my old boobblog and I thought I could fall back on those but after checking them out I realized that it was mostly pictures so I have to come up with something new on the spot.

For me Christina Milian was one of those singers who is always below everybody´s radar and I think the first time I actively sought out her albums was when I read somewhere that she did the title song of Kim Possible which is a show I mostly watch because of Ron Stoppable.

Anyway, I got a few CDs of her way back when I still listened to music on a regular basis which was not easy since she is not well known in Germany. I like her performance in most of her movies I have seen although she is in a lot of chick flicks or teen comedies like Bring It On. She also was in Ghosts of Girlsfriends Past where she is uncredited for some reason which is a real shame since her part - which I happen to see through the wonder of the internet - is spectacular. I really should get that movie because while it is another chick flick that lays all the blame in the world at the feet of men there are a lot of hot sexbombs in it like Lacey Chabert who turned 35 on the 30th of September and who is featured in the other post.

Coming back to Christina Milian, like I said I always think I have already posted something about her because I have a lot of bookmarks for her and I even made a special folder for her best pictures. But each year I have to postpone it for some reason or another so this year I have decided to include something about her even if it makes the post that much longer.

There is an almost endless supply of really hot pictures of Christina because she´s one of those women who makes all the other celebrities look bad. In every papparazzi shot she looks like she just came out of the gym and the pictures from her live performances are even better. I can´t begin to describe how gorgeous she is on the pictures of the photoshoots but here is a video from a red carpet where you can judge for yourself.

Since I mentioned her live performances I wanted to include one and this one has the best resolution I could find. Also her outfit is pretty on point. Now I could have put one of her music videos here but it´s too hard to chose just one and in the end most of them get deleted after a while.

September the 26th 1981 must have been a great day for singers who grow up to be real sexbombs since Collien Fernandes was also born on that same day. Besides being a starlet, vj and tv host the german photomodel who has to thank her portugese, indian and hungarian roots for her exotic look used to be a singer. Although she does not like to be reminded of that because her shortlived career as a pop star had less to do with her singing voice than with Collieen´s erectioninducing 34C - 24 - 34 measurements.
Her hardbody was also the main reason that she was hired as a vj for the first german music channel VIVA where she got the highest ratings when she was wearing a deep cut cleavage or reporting live from Spain in a tiny bikini. Sadly there are no clips from that show available in good quality but there is a video from one of her most famous episodes of the call - in show interaktiv where her huge boobs are almost completely visible in a deep plunging cleavage and her pokies are pressing through the thin fabric.

Besides doing lots of photoshoots for the kind of magazines girly men buy who are too embarrassed to buy real wank material like MAXIM, HQ and other Collieen was never in PLAYBOY in spite of being one of the hottest german celebrities. What a gip ! She also was on various tv shows like Maxim Tv where she often wore nothing more than a bikini or the german version of THE SIMPLE LIFE which was much better than the original show because with Collieen Fernandes and her best bosom buddy Gülcan ( who put a really big emphasis on the bosom part ) it had twice as much boobs.

Collieen also tried her hand at acting like in the horror movie Night of the Living Dorks where she was completely miscast. Let me tell you one thing : there is no way in hell a sexbomb with a centerfold body like Collieen would ever hang out with the kind of nerds that were in that movie.

What confirms this theory is that in real life Collieen seems drawn to alpha males or at least people that are successful to some degree which is the only reason I can think of why she married german douchebag Christopher Ulmen. Or maybe it´s true what they say : women just prefer @ss#0les !

On the other hand I know that mexican 40 C Über Power Girl Ninel Conde whom I have cast as Zatanna in my Justice League casting prefers real manly men. She celebrated her 47th birthday on September the 29th.

Ninel Conde is a mexican singer and actress and - with her incredible chest size of course - swimsuit model who has starred in the very popular telenovela REBELDE which you can see in a lot of countries like Spain.

Ninel Conde was born on September the 29th 1970 in Toluca which means that when I made the post with her red plunging cleavage dress from the Latin Grammy Awards she was around ...... 40 years ? ? ? Holy Makarel !

I bet if you look in the mexican dictionary under MILF ( or MMIGF in that case ) there´s a picture of Ninel Conde. And it´s a probably a foldout.

Since she is not well known outside of the spanish speaking world I also wanted to include some videos from other shows she has been on like Desmadrugados where I found one years ago where she is wearing a red dress with a generous cleavage that really showcases her ample bust. Sadly I could not find that on youTube although I did find a lot of sketches with her from the comedy show Estudio 2. In fact I found so many that I had to leave them all out and go for quality instead of quantity with these two clips where you can see why Ninel Conde has had such a successful career.

On September the 30th playmate, erotic movie star and wrestling diva Candice Michelle, the model who put GoDaddy on the map with her commercials that were so hot they were strongly censored turned 39.

I cast Candice Michelle as Catwoman in my Wrestling Babes and Swimsuit Models Special Edition of Casting The Justice League Of America which also includes April O´Neil, Cori Nadine, 36DD bombshells Tylene Buck a.k.a.

Major Gunns ( another wrestling sexbomb ) and busty hasian LeAnna Scott who were in the same Ironman Swimsuit Spectacular with April Hunter.

We are staying with wrestling - or like Uncle Sal put it so well opera for Hillbillies - as Terri Runnels celebrated her 51st birthday just Yesterday.

She is of course best known as Golddust´s bitch Marlena, the original wrestling MILF before the term MILF was even invented. Terri always looked like the small version of a blow up sex doll - the travel version that fits in your suitcase - and she was always at Golddust´s side sucking seductively on a big cigar while every male in the audience fantasized about getting some oral lubrication from Terri. She also wasn´t above using her naked breasts to distract her man´s opponent although sadly none of these great moments of wrestling history were captured on film.

What was shown was when Terri surprised the APA members in their lair and poured beer on her shirt like she was auditioning for a wet t - shirt contest. Of course the shirt was specifically chosen because it would not show her nipples but you could see her big pokies that pressed through the fabric like two big thumbs. Naturally all of this was just part of a cheap ploy to distract them so they could be brutally clobbered from behind.

Another great television moment in wrestling history had to do with the consequences of a fight in which Golddust lost Terri to Flying Brian Pillman and all the wrestling fans wishes came true when he made her wear a skimpy leather porn outfit. I don´t know if he really used Terri in his hotel room to vent his uncontrollable sexual stamina since there is no way to know if it really happened. Those are just the things where you can get no confirmation like on the rumour that the Filthy Animals took turns at banging Torrie Wilson´s brain out whenever they were on tour with her.

Besides participating in the usual badly shot WWE Diva videos like Divas in Hedonism , Divas Tropical Pleasure or Postcards from the Carribean ( the only WWE Diva video I can really recommend is Divas Undressed because the main part is a competition and therefore they could not screw this up ) another of Terri´s greatest moments in wrestling history was when she competed in the Miss Rumble Contest during the Royal Rumble in 2000.

Not only did she wear a suit that left little to the imagination - her entire backside was practically naked - she also knew what the audience wanted and leaned wide over the top rope to the point where she almost fell off.

I also have to give props to nubian sex goddess Jaqueline who seldom got as much play as she deserved for being an afro american wrestler with huge melons. Her swimsuit barely covered anything and her giant milkshakes were in full effect. Of course the WWE had to ruin the end - like they do in most bikini, swimsuit, wet t - shirt or other Diva contests that could arouse their audience - by bringing on some old wrestling fossils. I don´t know why they have to be so giant erection stoppers.

Although the post has already exceeded all limits I want to mention two more birthdays of Today. First off there is french tv cult sexbomb Julie DuPage turns 44 who may not be someone known to american audiences but I first saw her on the french tv show EXTREME LIMITE . The show was called DIE DRAUFGÄNGER in Germany which means THE DAREDEVILS so you might say that in some way it is connected to comics even if in title only. I tried to find it on Blue Ray or DVD but there was another show of the same name later on and it´s the only one that you can find. In any case, Julie DuPage doesn´t have as big breasts as the wrestling blow up sex dolls above but boy, did she know how to squeeze ´em right. I bet Mutenroshi would be beyond himself and when I saw this I instantly knew which part of my body would fit perfectly between Julie´s funbags.

Ah, that´s what I call poetry in motion, guys. Merci beaucoup, Julie ! 

Julie DuPage also played another character, Lucie on another french soap called SOUS LE SOLEIL ( Under the Sun ) or simply ST. TROPEZ in german with another tv cult sexbomb, Florence Geanty who was perfectly cast as she plays the ex - stripper Marie ( who is called Marion in the german version which made it a bit difficult for me to find infos on her ) who the ex - cop of the series tries to reform. It´s not hard to see why and he even ends up marrying her but like in all soaps it has to end in tragedy.

Now very often women in soaps don´t look like they could really do the job they have on these shows - like Kyra Sedwick who in real life couldn´t scare a mouse - but Florence Geanty really has a porn star body that could have launched her into a very successful career as a striptease super star.

So far I have only bought half a season of ST. TROPEZ - for some reason they have divided all the seasons into two parts - because the other one with the best episodes of Florence Geanty is going for an obscene amount of money at amazon right now for obvious reasons. But I´m not getting any younger and I really don´t know what exactly I am waiting for here.

We also have a comic related birthday with Adam Kubert who celebrates his 58th anniversary and is of course one of the sons of the legenday late Joe Kubert. Now you might ask yourself why I didn´t do a special post for him but the truth is that I have trouble to keep track of how many series he has worked on. Like I said in the main part of this post ( although with the length of this section one might argue as to what really is the main part ) he was one of the artists who picked up the slack when most of Marvel´s top artists left to form iMAGE and besides working on everything mutant related from WOLVERINE to the X - Men books where he did a lot of the heavy lifting with the also aforementioned AGE OF APOCALYPSE he did a bit of everything. Which also included a good chunk of Peter David´s legendary INCREDIBLE HULK run. So you might say that this is even more reason to do a special post about him but because he was so prolific his art is divided between various folders and would take a lot of time to sort it all out. One reason why that would be so time consuming is that I am not always sure which art is his and which was done by his brother Andy.

They both came to Marvel´s rescue during the artist´s exodus to iMAGE and I have to admit that their styles are similar enough that I don´t always know who did what. To make sure I got a piece of Adam Kubert artwork for this I went with a signed cover although sexy Storm being in it helped.

I already put a link about a german article on Don Lawrence´s masterpiece The Trigan Empire in the text but there´s also a post about the series on STEVE DOES COMICS and I could not pass up the opportunity to post this interview with the master. I think it´s from belgian tv but since Don Lawrence does speak english in it you should have no problem watching it.

Now I would like to end this post with a cartoon video but it seems that I have no X - Men related ones left. I did put a bookmark on one that was titled Apokalypse and apparently was part of the X - Men : Evolution series that I´m not particularly fond of. The only other cartoon video I could post at the moment would be from the Corto Maltese series and that really doesn´t fit the topic of Today´s post anyway. So as I promised in my last post I am going to write a bit more about MILF newscaster Oana Andoni who would be perfect for the role of Power Girl. I had hoped that I could find some more intel on her but like the Power Girl from italian tv Emanuela Boto there is not much information on the internet so her age or measurements remain a mystery for the moment. What I can tell you is that she works for the romanian tv station Pro Tv and like I said in my last post I have been looking for videos of her in vain for years which is one of the reasons why I am including her in this post. There are a few more videos I will include in my next post ( if I ever manage to finish this one ).

I also promised to tell the story of how I became aware of Oana which is quite simple : through channel surfing. Whenever my Mom is in Spain and I have access to the tv again I do that from time to time when I´m bored. At the time I first stumbled upon Oana we had this tv package where you get some foreign tv stations. They had only two spanish tv stations but for my mother this was enough and she is the one who pays the bill. So together with the two spanish tv stations there were all kind of foreign tv stations and I often flipped through them because in the past this has brought me great results. It´s how I first came across Quelli Che Il Calcio with mega MILF Simona Ventura and über Power Girl Federica Ridolfi.

Now I didn´t know much about Pro Tv but around New Year´s Eve I had also flipped through the channels and they had an interesting New Year´s Eve gala show with some hot sexbombs. But since we did not get those foreign tv stations through the regular tv cable it was almost impossible to tape it which was a real bummer. I did manage to tape part of one show but to do that I had to rearrange all the wiring and it also meant that I could only watch tv via the recording device and since I knew the rest of my family would not be okay with that I had to undo it again afterwards.

I don´t know if I have explained it in other posts but when it comes to New Year´s Eve shows or any kind of galas german tv sucks. Big time.

They used to know how to make these kind of shows but now it´s all crap.

Which is why I watch spanish galas or the ones from other countries whenever I can. So I had seen the New Year´s Eve show from Pro Tv and while flipping through the channels I had seen part of a comedy show that would never fly in Germany. I did not understand a word of what they said but you don´t have to understand the language to appreciate a hot chick.

They had a Putin lookalike in a giant birdcage hanging from the ceiling. Let me tell you this : you will never ever see a comedy show in german tv where Angela Merkel is inside of a giant birdcage hanging from the ceiling.

Coming back to Oana Andoni, I was looking what was on Pro Tv more regularly and one day I caught the news with her and of course I was immediately smitten with her which should not be a surprise to any reader who knows my fixation on women who look like Power Girl. Naturally I tried to find out more about her but back then there was even less info on her and definitely no videos on YouTube or anywhere else. That was two or three years ago. Now last week while working on a post I almost erased the folder with the few pictures of her I found on the internet because I mistook her for somebody else. Luckily I looked through the folder before erasing it and afterwards I went on YouTube to look for some videos of her more out of curiosity and not really expecting to find any. To my big surprise I did find quite a number of videos of her although to be fair the name Oana Andoni does not appear in most of the video´s titles.

So since I have been searching for these videos for literally years I want to put them on the blog as soon as possible and for this post I have selected the best three I could find. If you have seen any other please contact me.

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