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Reposted birthday cult siren Traci Bingham

Initially I didn´t want to re - post one of my favorite tv sexbombs of all times, nubian über sex goddess Traci Bingham ( or Traci Banghim or Traci Banghimhard like I like to call her ) on her 49th birthday and just mention her in the FLASH FRIDAY post. But after I made the animated GIF for that post I went over the old Traci Bingham post I couldn´t resist the chance to collect the best animated GIFs of all BAYWATCH bombshells in one post.

She is of course best known for her role of buxom 36D hardbody Jordan Tate on BAYWATCH and whatever you say about David Hasselhoff but he sure has an eye for hot babes. On BAYWATCH we had Traci Bingham

ultimate Power Girl Pamela Anderson from my SEARCH FOR POWER GIRL series ( who was in Playboy most often of all the hot Baywatch babes )

the first Power Girl of the show Erika Eleniak ( she was also a playmate ) who is best known for her mindblowing striptease on UNDER SIEGE

dancer Carmen Electra ( like Pamela she was in Playboy several times )

Yasmine Bleeth who I have to admit never did much for me babewise

Donna D´ Errico who also appeared on spin off BAYWATCH NIGHTS

Nicole Eggert, who coincidentally celebrates her 45th birthday Today

Gina Lee Nolin who came in at the series tail spin and the last episodes

Alexandra Paul who was there from the first episode of the series

the sexy and exotic Stacy Kamano from BAYWATCH HAWAII spin off

playmate Brande Roderick also from that show but most important

Krista Allen who is best known as the big boobed neighbor in LIAR, LIAR. 

Besides that Krista played famous french soft sex nympho Emmanuelle in 8 made for tv movies. As she did it when her body was in prime condition she was able to believable portray the sex machine with the high moan factor who merciless milks men until they can´t remember on which side the doorknob is. The show had some strange 3D effects - because that was the new thing at that time - and the stories were not that great but it was all worth it to see Miss Allen get her freak on. Whoa, did she ever.

And then there were guest stars like Vanessa Angel from WEIRD SCIENCE

and also Playmate / Penthouse pet and later pornstar Teri Weigel.

BAYWATCH was really big in the 90s and it is like THE ultimate babe tv show. No kidding. No other show had more actresses who were featured in Playboy or playmates. If there was a hot babe during the time the show was produced you can bet that she´s in - at least - one of the episodes.

David Hasselhoff is really my hero for putting all these hot horny sexbombs on prime time television even though he never took them up on their various casting couch sex offers ( at least that´s what he says ) .

Well, if that´s true he was probably the only one who didn´t get any as buxom blonde Pamela Anderson paints a different picture of the set of Baywatch in an article from 2003 . Pam admitted having steamy sex liaisons with all of her hunky lifeguard co - stars and often enjoyed some extra - curricular activities with her cast mates in their trailers." I think I slept with everyone at least once. Everybody was having sex behind the trailers, in the trailers, around the trailers. "Colleague Geena Lee Nolin adds the cast's motto was" If the trailer's rocking, don't come knocking. "

One last bit of Baywatch trivia : Michael Newman, called Newmie on the show was a real lifeguard, he was the inspiration for the show created by his childhood pal and fellow lifeguard Greg Bonnan and also was David Hasselhoff´s body double or leg double because he had chicken legs.

But aside from putting some of the hottest women on tv screens all over the world BAYWATCH also taught everybody the basics about CPR along with 25 other life lessons - according to the BuzzFeed community. 

One last thing about Pamela Anderson : she is always portrayed as the stereotypical dumb blonde by the media but she managed to turn her popularity as a universal sex fantasy into a very lucrative career and many other actresses who were no less sexy and definitely more talented never achieved the level of success Pamela did. Not even Traci Bingham and she´s build like a porn star - in fact none of the other cast members of BAYWATCH did. Carmen Electra is the only one who was anywhere near the success level of Pam and she also was often in Playboy. A coincidence ?

Speaking of Playboy you might think that the producers of BAYWATCH were happy if female stars from the cast were featured in the magazine because they would become more famous and then more people would watch the show but as Traci Bingham recalls that was not always the case :

Playboy actually approached me before I was on BAYWATCH. I was getting ready to do the spread. They had asked me not to do it while I was on the show, and I said . " Are you joking ? " And this is the same producer that wrote that book, maybe the same producer that may have been sexually expressive, if you will. This producer, Greg Bonann, I thought how could you have a show like BAYWATCH - everyone on BAYWATCH has pretty much been in Playboy - and you're telling me you don't want my Playboy spread to come out while I'm on the show? He wanted me the classy black girl : " Just shut up and put up and do what we say. " Before the show ended, I did pose for Playboy and many times after.

And that was not the only strange experience Traci had with producers :

One of the producers came into my trailer because he wanted to see me in person. He asked me to put my red suit on, and he wanted to look at me in the swimsuit. I don't know if it was a sexual thing or a sexual - harassment type of deal, which I felt it was because he was looking at my breasts intensely. He wanted to know what the deal was with my huge breasts. When I told him that I was not padding my suit he didn´t believe me and said he had to make sure for himself. First he just kind of, like, touched under my breasts but then he slid his hands under my swimsuit and began to fondle my breasts. When he pulled them out and started to bury his face between them I could feel he was getting a huge erection. When I grabbed him and shoved him out of my trailer he said he only wanted to make sure that I didn´t pad my suit but I´m sure that if I hadn´t stopped the pervert he would have assaulted me sexually. 

Now I always hoped they would cast hardbody Traci Bingham as Storm in the next X- Men movie since there were rumors that Halle Berry wouldn´t return to the role. I guess I´m probably the only who would cast Janet Jackson as Storm but in my opinion she got the best body in showbiz.

Especially her incredibly round derriere is awesome and could go head to head ( or butt to butt ) with the likes of Beyonce. Sadly, Janet doesn´t seem to think so but if you have seen her ultra raunchy live performance of her hit ALL NIGHT ( DON´T STOP ) at Jay Leno where she had one of her best almost wardrobe malfunctions EVER you know it´s 100 % totally true.

During that performance Janet had some problems with keeping her pants on as it seems that she miscalculated the weight of the cable box thingie.

Janet was already wearing her jeans way low but the added weight of it plus the chains she put on her jeans were pulling her pants down showing lots of butt cleavage ! Also her constant grinding and hip shaking didn´t help much either. But Janet was a real trooper and kept going even if the audience got to see more than she initially intended to show. Throughout the entire performance she kept pulling up her jeans to cover up her juicy perfectly round cheeks and at the end she almost managed to get it under control but at the beginning you can see that she really has no reason to be ashamed in that department. She didn´t completely loose her pants - sigh - but it slid waay down to give a good view of her almost uncovered bubble butt and you even could see her hot bum cleft for short periods.

Speaking of having perfect chocolate bubblebutts Traci Bingham sure could give Janet a run for her money in that department. Daimn, baby got back !

Okay, back to casting Janet Jackson as Storm in an X - Men movie : let´s say I´m okay with Hollywood thinking she´s not right for that but how about casting her as Storm´s lost sister ? Come on, work with me here.

With all the useless changes you have done in comic movies so far, how about doing some good ? We could have Janet AND Traci in a movie.

Speaking about birthday cult siren Traci Bingham, for a long time I was hoping that they would cast her as the next Storm, preferably donning the black " swimsuit with leather boots " outfit which she would totally rock

or maybe even the yellow bikini she wore in the Savage Land story line.

Or maybe something even skimpier, in this case less is really more. 

Boy, that John Byrne guy really knew how to draw some hot babes which was one of the reasons why I got hooked so easily by the series. Subzero wasn´t old enough to buy Playboy so comic book massitaas were my porn.

And sometimes it was even kinky sado maso porn without my knowing.

Especially the issues with the Hellfire Club although I wasn´t so sure at that time what the big brouhaha about Jean Grey´s outfit was since you could see more of her when she was in a bikini. Yes, the full appreciation for the Emma Peel inspired corsage and leather boots came years later.

Okay, back to Traci Bingham - she is after all the celebrity birthday babe of Today - and my dashed dreams of ever seeing her in an X - Men movie as Storm in a yellow bikini. Here she is sporting a yellow two parter :

And here´s a close up of Storm in a yellow bikini by John Byrne.

Oh, if only we could have seen Traci Bingham going all the way on the big screen ( I know she went full frontal for Playboy ). I mean in the comics Storm always wanted to swim nude so it would not be out of character.

Or imagine Janet Jackson´s bare buttocks frollicking in the sand as she plays Storm relaxing at the X - Men beach party in Acapulco or Jamaica.

I also know somebody who could play the part of southern belle Rogue.

Alas, but so far that has not come to pass. And now that Halle Berry will probably not reprise her role of Storm in the next X - Men movies because they are constantly rebooting the franchise I´m looking at it with - like the germans say - one crying eye and one laughing eye. The crying one because once again we won´t get to see blow up sex doll Traci Bingham showing her naked hardbody getting it on with Janet Janet in a lesbian love fest or Halle Berry doing the full monty like in Password Swordfish.

Man, the only luck Halle Berry has with comic book based movies is bad luck. Catwoman totally flopped although she had the best Catwoman costume in the entire history of Batman related movie or tv adaptions.


And in X - Men she never got to do much which is a shame if you have an Oscar winning actress among your cast. It´s no wonder she was never satisfied with her part and now we can probably forget seeing her do the horizontal Monster´s Ball boogie with Hugh Jackman in an X - Men movie.

But for those hoping to see Halle let it all hang out there might still be hope as there is another comic adaption for which Halle would be perfect.

And because it´s an adult title Halle can even use her stripper moves.


Wait, you want to know why I said the thing about the laughing eye ? What is the upside to Halle Berry leaving the X - Men movies because of the rebooting ? Well, we get a totally new X - Men cast and so far we already have sexbomb Olivia Munn as Psylocke which I call spot on casting.

Their choice for Storm did not convince me but on the other hand she didn´t have much to do so far so it´s difficult to have a valid opinion.

Well, it looks like I wasn´t entirely successful in doing an entirely comic related post as I couldn´t resist the temptation of posting hot pics of showbiz Üeber MILFs Janet Jackson and Halle Berry. Even I´m only human.

At least I managed to do a Traci Bingham post this year. Who knows ? Maybe next year I will mention Traci Bingham briefly and then go to the comic part for the rest of the post. Hey, it could happen. Anyway, once again I say : Happy birthday Traci Banghim and many happy returns.

Wait, because of popular demand by one reader ( hey, if you have so low hits per day like me every one of them counts ) I can´t end this post without mentioning sexbomb Kelly Rowland who is hotter than Beyonce.

So what do you think ? Who is sexier ? Kelly Rowland or Beyonce Knowles ?

And if you are still undecided who is hotter - Kelly Rowland or Beyonce Knowles - here are two special videos to help you making up your mind.

Since this is a re - post there was not as much research involved as with the regular posts but with such an extensive backlog of bookmarks as I have there are always a few links that fit in with the topic of any post, especially because you find the links you are looking for while writing other posts. We start with the hottest body in showbiz in the form of  The 25 Hottest Janet Jackson GIFs on GUY SPEED . Ken Kneisel at STORM ARCANA writes about Storm´s first encounter with Emma Frost and speaking about John Byrne our pal Old Groove at DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND has a post on the story Dark Asylum from Giant - Size Dracula 5 by Tony Isabella and David Kraft which was John Byrne´s first professional job and - since we are on the subjects of famous firsts - the origin of Scott Lang as Ant - Man from Marvel Premiere 47 and Marvel Premiere 48 . There is more John Byrne goodness on MARVEL COMICS OF THE 1980s where you can find his Power Man & Iron Fist covers and last but not least PHIL AND CO has Storm´s outfits through the decades.

Before finishing the post there are a few videos I want to re - post, and the first one is Halle´s rack - tastic appearance on the Jay Leno in 2013.

Man, at 46 she made all eyes pop out with a sexed up f - word me dress !

Since I have mentioned the hot women on the Jay Leno show here´s  a boob - tastic one with Mariah Carey in a black dress that has no hope of restraining her huge melons and Jay Leno is chest choking, just joking.

But seriously Mariah Carey looks just totally doable in her black dress.

Next up is Jessica Simpson´s wowing appearance on the Jay Leno show ( you might say she´s not the brightest lightbulb but daimn, she had a booming body back then ) where she looks almost like Marilyn Monroe.

Okay, the porn version. Did she ever play a femme fatale or porn star ?

Also here´s Jennifer Love Hewitt in a black dress on the Ellen Degeneres show where she´s almost falling out of its huge cleavage. You go girl !

I really ought to start watching The Client List one of these days !

Okay, originally I didn´t want to add new videos to this post but since I went in to tone things down a bit so reader´s heads would not explode from too much erotic stimuli ( I can´t guarantee that other body parts won´t explode though ) and add a bunch of links I don´t care how long this post gets. And since I didn´t mention Howard Stern´s 63rd birthday last Thursday I can kill two boobs with one stone with our first video.

In last year´s Traci Bingham post I included a video with ultimate belly dance goddess Didem Kinali so I want to continue with that tradition. Because you can never have too much Didem Kinali on your blog. I don´t think this is the last Didem video I bookmarked but it is the only one I could find - which at least made it easier to decided which video to post.

The cartoon / animated video last year was Lisa´s pole dance from Dead Or Alive but I don´t like to repeat myself so since I mentioned Olivia Munn and her role of Psylocke - not that I´m suggesting a scene of Olivia Munn as Psylocke working the pole in the next X - Men movie or the Psylocke spin off that is in the works according to rumours - butt you never know.

Speaking about butts working that pole, nobody does is as good as Daje Monroe who could surely give Olivia Munn a few pointers about how to do it right. Who knows maybe Olivia could send a bit of cash Daje´s way for some twerking lessons and that way she could continue making these wonderful videos. Now we only have to find a way to get Olivia Munn into contact with Daje Monroe. Anybody out there has some ideas about this ?

In the last years Hollywood has completely run out of new ideas so it was only a matter of time until they rebooted Baywatch. This trailer looks actually better than the last tv series movies - like they are treating it seriously and not trying to do a spoof or comedy - but you never know. Often the trailers look terrific and the movie sucks or vice versa. I guess we will have to wait and see if The Rock can end his streak of bad movies.

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I am aware of the nicknames the yellow press gave me like Traci Banghim or Traci WhamBangThankYouMaam and the truth is I have definitely earned them. When I was on BAYWATCH I would go to the bank after shooting, walk out with a backpack full of cash and then get in a car full with sixteen - , seventeen - , eighteen - year old boys. We would buy licor, drive to my place and once I got them drunk enough those eager teenagers took turns trying to tame me all weekend long. I still love taking hot baths and hot showers with young studs using my entire body to drive them crazy.

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