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Happy birthday to cult siren Tatyana Ali

Today one of tv´s most famous guilty pleasures, Tatyana Ali celebrates her 38th birthday. She is best known for playing Ashley Banks on the hit tv show THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR which launched her singing career.

Since I already prepared all the stuff for this post last year and went to all the trouble and look for the best Tatyana Ali episodes for the animated GIFs it´s about high time to put cult siren Tatyana Ali in her own post.

Longtime readers of this blog know that Today is also the anniversary of Russ Meyer actress Haji´s birthday whose entry into the Hall of Boobfame I just re - posted last year . Since there is nothing I can add to the post this year - and I don´t like to repeat myself - I thought we could switch things up and in the future either alternate between re - posting the two or - what some readers might prefer - just put up the links to the posts.

By the way, if anybody out there knows where I can find more animated GIFs of Tatyana Ali, Karyn Parsons or Tura Satana, Haji or other actresses who appeared in the Russ Meyer movies please let me know. Okay, after that short public announcement let´s return to the topic of the day.

THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR had a lot of hot nubian sex queens - on the roster like Will Smith´s future wife Jada Pinkett and just passing through as guest stars - starting with airhead Hilary Banks, played very aptly by blow up sex doll Karyn Parsons who had a body made for erotic movies.

There was also MILF Janet Hubert - Whitten who played Aunt Vivian from 1993 to 1996 and who was released from her contract after a contract violation and multiple problems working with the show's star, Will Smith.

She was later replaced by the less sexually threatening Daphne Reid.

Of course a big part of that show´s success and continued appeal around the world ( there are probably only a few people on the face of the planet who can´t recite the lyrics to the title song in their sleep ) is Tatyana Ali who grew from a cute little girl into an incredible sexbomb over the course of that series and who got to show her musical skills.

Tatyana started on the show as the sweet little cousin but after a few seasons she was all grown up and filled out nicely in all the right places causing guilty consciousnesses and erections in male pants worldwide with her booming teenage body and her underage bouncing action.

Tatyana Ali a.k.a. Titfuck Anybody ? a.k.a. The Fresh Princess of Boob Air was on the mind of every healthy guy on the planet and soon her stories involved boys, dating and going to parties. I remember an episode where Will caught her at a frat party with much older students. Naturally he was not so thrilled about this because he knew why they invited Ashley.

It was only hinted at but in real life the guys at the frat party would have gotten her drunk so they could take turns breaking in an underage virgin with such a hardbody. According to statistics frat brothers rape 300 % more women than regular students and every fourth woman on campus is sexually assaulted at least once and if it happens at a fraternity party most often by multiple sexual predators. And as soon as the school year begins so do the reports of females sexually assaulted by their male classmates.  

Now one of my pet peeves on the blog is giving credit to all the forgotten sexbombs who validate otherwise worthless entertainment or upgrade good shows to great shows and I have to mention Yunoka Doyle here.

In episode four of season six titled Bourgie Sings The Blues Ashley Banks ( a.k.a. ASS - ley Bang Me Hard ) throws a party while her parents are away to get the chance to talk to a guy she likes. She is there with her two bosom bodies, Janet an asian ( played by Nicole Bilderback ) and Keesha. To impress the boy she likes Ashley has dolled herself up but then she gets nervous and insecure and her friends have to push her to talk to the guy.

But as good as Tatyana Ali looked in the episode she was outshined by actress Yunoka Doyle who really embodied the role of Ashley´s " bosom buddy " Keesha perfectly. With a big emphasis on the " bosom " part.

And when Will tells Ashley to make sure she stays friends with Keesha ( so he can bang her brains out later without going to jail ) you know you would do the same. Because with such a set of boobs this girl is going to be the most popular piece of ass at her entire school in a few years - at least with all the male students who are going to use her like a blow up sex doll, penetrating every orifice in her body and drowning her in sperm.

And probably a few of the male teachers too. With her booming teenage body she is prime cheerleader material and we all know their main role is to be used as sex toys by the entire football team to vent their sexual energy during the victory party. Speaking of parties she will also be part of the entertainment at every campus frat party which she is going to spend on her back as the horny students take turns banging her brains out all night long. And then there are the horny teachers who take advantage of her situation and whom she will be forced to pleasure in exchange for them giving her better grades - since she doesn´t have time to study as she is constantly used as a cheap hooker by the male body of faculty.

Anyway, we didn´t get to see more of Yunoka Doyle on the show because she only appears in three episodes. Now I don´t know if that was because she stole the scenes from Tatyana Ali or because her bold boobies became too big to play a schoolgirl but sadly in none of the episodes she appeared in she was allowed to wear a bikini - which would have been truly epic.

Speaking of bikini scenes that could have been epic there is an episode where Ashley shoots a commercial but cousin Will covers her up almost immediately and we don´t even get a good close up of her perky breasts.

By the way, Will Smith always said that he didn´t have sex with Tatyana Ali and if that is true I have to say he lost some of my respect. Because I would have done her - if not during the time of THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR then definitely later when Will was helping her with her music career.

We do get to see her showing what mother nature gave her all pimped up in latex in another episode but as always the part is much too short.

Tatyana also wore a bikini in the episodes about Ashley´s short lived career as a pop star sensation ( which goes to her head in a big way ) although the real sensation was the outfit she wore for her audition.

Does she have a booming hardbody like a teenage Janet Jackson or what ?

Man, with that terrific body and a voice to match Tatyana Ali´s the total package - and I´m not talking about Lex Luger. You work that body girl !

Seeing her grind her body so expertly with her fit midriff section exposed and her mouth wide open in such close proximity to the microphone we all wondered how it would be to feel Tatyana´s full and soft lips wrapped tightly around our pulsating member deepthroating it. Her perfect lips are made to massage huge boners - and I´m talking about both sets of lips.  

They gave her a similar outfit to Janet at her steamy Vma performance.

Although she still could take some grinding lessons from Janet Jackson.

Especially this move is very popular with the male audience members.

Yep, Tatyana really could learn some things from the hottest body in showbiz where slutty outfits and hot stripper moves are concerned.

Coming back to Tatyana Ali, much to the chagrin of the producers of THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR puberty hit and she really bOObed all out in later movie appearances like The Clown at Midnight or Fall Into Darkness .

She must have hit it off really good with Fall Into Darkness co - star Johnathan Brandis because she was in a relationship with him for six years before she married Vaughn Rasberry in 2016 with whom she has a son.

And with that we wrap up the main part about Tatyana Ali and speaking about nubian sexbombs , you might remember the sexsational Kenya Moore whom I mentioned in this post. She also has an anniversary Today - it is her 46th - and since I posted a video of her last year I won´t Today.

Our next celebrity birthday is Andreu Buenafuente who turns 52 and I´m not sure if he is known outside of Spain where he is kind of a national institution of comedy and late night talk shows. Here he is going mano a mano with his only rival El Gran Wayoming. I wish I could say more about them but my mother never let me watch either of their talk shows.

Speaking about talk shows our next clip is from The Jonathan Ross Show : Jools Holland - who has a show himself Late Night With Jools Holland - explains the roots of Boogie Woogie. He celebrates his 59th anniversary.

We also have a comic related birthday with John Romita Sr who turns 87. I did a post on him last year which is all about the Marvel Visionaries : John Romita Sr hardcover which I can´t recommend enough and I also posted issues 108 and 109 of Amazing Spider - Man ( which you might want to check out ) but this year I just didn´t have the time to do another post.

Since John Romita Sr is one of the writers on Luke Cage I wanted to add a clip from that show but since I haven´t watched an episode yet here is the trailer. I have to say that I DID watch the first season of Daredevil and if Luke Cage is only half as good ... I am not that impressed by what I have seen from Iron Fist. I don´t know anything about the guy who plays Daniel Rand Kai but he looks too skinny to be a believable martial arts master.

Among the people who would have celebrated their birthday Today is comedian John Belushi who really left us too soon with only 33 years.

I also want to pay tribute to Ernest Borgnine who would have celebrated his 100th birthday Today. He has played many roles like Mermaid Man on Spongebob but for me he always was Dominic Santini from Airwolf.

Last but not least here is a short documentary about Russ Meyer from german tv - spoken by the same guy who does his voice in all interviews - which I want to add because hasian Haji has a short appearance in it.

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I was only eleven when we filmed the pilot of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. I didn't really expect anything to come out of it. I mean, the idea of a rapper being a star on a sitcom just wasn't heard of.

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