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By George ! The Brave and the Bold issue 6

In tribute to Yesterday´s long awaited new episode of SUPERGIRL which continues season 3 we continue this series with issue six that guest stars - among many other heroes - Supergirl and the Legion of Super - Heroes.

Initially I wanted to post all of this Yesterday but as usual I got sidetracked while preparing everything for this post. But in the end it still works out as I have now seen the episode of SUPERGIRL with the Legion ( I have to wait one day until the episode is online ) and there´s also an additional piece of original artwork by George Perez in this post. Speaking about original artwork by George Perez, I wanted to include a few more pages from the first unpublished crossover between the JLA and the Avengers but I found so many pages that I will have to do a separate post on that.

Since it has been almost exactly 7 months that I posted the last part you might want to go back and read all the previous installments - especially since this issue wraps up the first storyarc - so here are the links for issue 1 , issue 2 , issue 3 , issue 4 and issue 5 . Read them first then continue here. Wow, seven months, talk about a cliffhanger. By the way, even if you don´t want to go back for the story I have included a link in my last post where you can get more information about the Lords of Luck so if you do not know them you might at least go back for that. And now let´s join our story in progress and I hope we can continue in less than seven months.

Like I said, I hope we can continue very soon because - as you can see by the blurb for the next issue - in our next installment we have the best issue as Power Girl pays Wonder Woman a visit on Paradise Island´s beach.

As there are no men on the island Wonder Woman introduces Power Girl to the amazonian custom of skinny dipping which gets interrupted when Guy Gardner decides to drop in on the gals. The usual hi - jinks ensue until Wonder Woman uses her lasso of truth on Guy and he confesses that he didn´t break the rule that no man is allowed on Themyscaria and instead played a little prank on them by teleporting them to a different island.

With everything sorted out the three decide to relax with a few drinks before engaging in a threesome. Or was that what I wished would have happened instead of the usual thing where they fight some villain ? In any case, it´s Wonder Woman, it´s Power Girl, it´s drawn by George Perez and thankfully it´s NOT the NEW 52 so what can go wrong ? Best. Issue. Ever.

Speaking of blonde sexbombs, since this is not my first George Perez post and not the first one from this series I have no links to offer and because there are also no comic book creators who celebrated a birthday since my last post that I covered in previous years Today´s entertainment block is almost exclusively a long list of cult sirens. In fact the post has become so long that I had to cut part from it. But don´t despair you can find all the uncensored hotties in our next post . That said we start with sexbomb Janet Jones Gretzky who celebrated her 57th birthday on January 10th.

Her posts have become a much beloved annual tradition so I wanted to do a new version of last year´s re - post and my initial plan here was to re - post the entire post and pimp it to the nines with some animated GIFs.

But I guess that it´s true what they say about the best laid plans of men and mice because this year I haven´t got the time and last year the strain was too big after adding all the GIFs and the page did not load completely anymore. So I had to cut a lot of stuff and pictures. In the end I made 3 new posts : one for Becky Mullen, one for Janet Jones, and one for Leslie Easterbrook who plays Callahan and had her best scene in Police Academy 4 - Citizens On Patrol where she emerged from a pool with a wet t - shirt .

Her spin - off post gets also re - posted on most years and it used to be in one post together with Janet Jones Gretzky who starred alongside her in Police Academy 5 and Becky Mullen . I also wanted to do a new version of Leslie´s post as well as Becky Mullen´s latest re - post from 2016 because there is some new material I already prepared in advance to add later on.

The post also included 80s cult siren Monique Sluyter and the Tutti Frutti girls but that part got too long and I had to give it a post of its own which I re - posted in 2016 in a new and better version . She was a candidate from my Justice League of America casting series - I cast her as Fire a.k.a. Beatriz da Costa in the Andy Sidaris Special - and before getting her solo post she was also regularly mentioned in the annual re - posts of italian mega soccer MILF Simona Ventura . I wanted to do a new version of her post since there was some new stuff that I wanted to add to it so I´ll have to see if I can get around to do it before her next birthday comes around.

We continue with a cult comedy series that went mostly unnoticed by the german tv audience and Richard Moll who turned 75 on the 13th of January. He has starred in The Flintstones, Jingle All The Way but is best known for playing Nostradamus " Bull " Shannon on Night Court alongside John Laroquette and one of my all - time crushes sexbomb Markie Post .

80s Power Girl Markie Post is probably the best known cult siren on the entire blog because not only have I done many re - posts of her original post I also keep mentioning her in other posts and her original post is in the Top Ten Posts widget that appears on every post. Since I have done so many different versions it is not so tragic that I did not do a re - post this year even though I did the last version of her cult siren entry in 2016 .

Because there are actually no full episodes of Night Court on YouTube I usually use every opportunity to post more The Fall Guy since I already mentioned Markie Post who had her best bikini moments on that show.

But as coincidences would have it one of the many short clips from Night Court that I have bookmarked has actually Richard Moll as Bull in it. The clip also proves that society has always been making fun of Star Trek fans.

And while I can´t give you an episode of Night Court here is E ! Channel´s TV Tales with all the insight you could ever want. I´m posting this mainly for my german readers because there might only be a few who are old enough to remember this. For some reason there are no german DVDs or Blue Rays of this show so if you want to see it the only chance is to get the original american episodes through amazon or other internet shops.

Today´s first birthday also is connected to tv but since this is supposed to be a comic blog let´s talk about the comic part first. To tell the truth I almost didn´t include Garth Ennis´ 48th birthday because right now the surest way to get me disinterested in a comic is telling me he wrote it.

And I don´t like to say negative things on this blog. I like to keep things positive so instead of writing " such and such is a hack " I prefer to not write about them at all and talk about other positive things instead. But there are no other comic book related birthdays Today and while I have become tired of reading his series where he resolves his issues with super hero comics he did write a few series I really did enjoy like the first part of the Punisher stuff ( it got a bit repetitive over time and Frank Castle did devolve into the Ennisher who is absolutely unengaging as a character for me ), his Hitman series with all the limitations it had, his visit to the Hellblazer universe but most of all Preacher. Which would bring us to the tv part - if I had managed to watch an episode since I last mentioned the series. As it is I have not heard enough good things about it and after the changes they made to the Lucifer tv show, the constant gay noodle party American Gods was turned into and the really bad first season of Powers where the only character that was not a complete asshole was killed in the last episode I´m not sure if I really want to find out how good it is.

And it´s not like I don´t have enough else to watch now that all the CW series are starting again and I am making my way through Are You Afraid Of The Dark ? which I discovered thanks to one of the Teens React videos ( and which will be part of an upcoming entertainment section ). So let´s get back to the comic series. Like always I was a bit late to the party and it was already going strong when I got interested - or better persuaded to give the book a chance - but thankfully DC had already gotten it´s trade paperback program on track. Before that only a few trades were published very sporadically but when I put Preacher on my pull list all I had to do to catch up was read the first two trades. Now Preacher was never designed to be a marquee book but it essentially took the place of Sandman as a gateway book that brought a lot of readers into the Vertigo corner or into a comic shop for the first time. A lot of books tried to take up the legacy of Sandman but Preacher was the one that succeeded in that position.

If I am talking about Preacher I also have to mention the late Steve Dillon who´s flawless art is a great part of the book´s appeal. Now I don´t want to be a hypocrite and say that I have always been a fervent admirer of his art. When he was announced as the new artist on one of the books that I had on my pull list I didn´t immediately cancel my subscription without giving him a chance. But I also didn´t go out of my way to seek out his work unless I was interested in the story involved. That said he really hit his stride on Preacher because the creative team just clicked. There are some books where an artist comes in and makes it so completely his thing and defines the look of that world in such a profound and complete way that any other artist who comes on the book for a fill - in issue just looks wrong, no matter how good that other artist may be. It could even be your personal favorite artist he still would come in second place. Rick Leonardi did it on Spider - Man 2099 and Steve Dillon did it on Preacher.

So in spite of some comics from Garth Ennis I have to ignore to keep my sanity he brought me countless hours of joy and I hope he celebrates his birthday in stile in some pub raising a glass to absent friends, even if it´s that irish beer that you have to drink warm. To each his own and you have certainly earned it. By the way I met Garth Ennis and his collaborator on Hitman Steve McCrea in Erlangen in 2000. Since he was drawing a lot of the main character of that series, Catwoman or the Demon I wanted him to draw something else so I told him to draw Jesse Custer from Preacher.

The problem was that he had no idea how he looked like and I had no idea how to explain it. But then Garth Ennis who was sitting at the same table just said : " He´s a preacher with an eye - patch, just like Kurt Russell in Escape From New York, you know ? " and in the drawing I got he really does look like Kurt Russell. Not bad for a picture that was drawn from memory. 

Today a few musicians celebrate an anniversary but I just had to pick Sade who turns 59 since her album Promise was the first record I ever bought. I remember that when she announced her music career all journalists were going " Oh no, another model who thinks she can sing. " and were blown completely away by how good she was. So never give up on your dreams. 

Since I have already mentioned Kurt Russell and Escape From New York in this post I have to address John Carpenter´s 70th anniversary. One of the actresses in Escape From New York was sexbomb Adrienne Barbeau who besides the comic book movie Swamp Thing from 1982 and Creepshow which was inspired by classic horror comics like Tales From The Crypt was in another cult movie by John Carpenter, The Fog. Adrienne also showed her breast side as one of the Lamborghini Babes in The Cannonball Run.

Speaking about Cannonball Run, one of my pet pevees on this blog is celebrating all the brave actresses who turn insufferable dreck into bearable entertainment by taking their clothes off or at least show what their Mama gave them and who don´t get enough recognition for that.

Now if you have seen Cannonball Run you will remember the hot waitress with the extra - large double whoppers in the opening scene whose name is not in the opening credits, in the end credits or on any internet page ( and believe me fella, I´ve looked ). Well, just recently I found a clip with some scenes of Farrah Fawcett from the movie and her scene is also in there. So far I just called her The Busenwunder Waitress but now I can tell you that her real name is Vickie Reigle. Now in Germany Vickie is not really a good name for a woman - just ask german singer Nikki who had to suffer a lot of dirty jokes because of her name ( what rhymes with " Nikki ? " ).

The Fog also starred Jamie Lee Curtis who started her career with another John Carpenter movie : Halloween. Jamie quickly became famous for her impressive set of lungs as one of Hollywood´s scream queens although she later became quite literal famous for her impressive set of lungs as her boobs had busted out and she quickly got the nickname " freezeframe " because her scenes in movies like Trading Places or Perfect became the most paused on the vcr thanks to her 34C - 22 - 34 measurements. Today she is best known for her incredibly hot striptease on True Lies, the best striptease in movie history - at least according to a poll conducted in 2007.

Which is all the more impressive if you keep in mind that Jamie Lee Curtis was 36 at the time. So she did her best movie scene when her body was in remarkable shape - she exercised every day for this - and I can´t even begin to imagine how epic it would have been if she hadn´t kept on her underwear and gone full monty frontal nudity. Because James Cameron had seen her in A Fish Called Wanda and wrote the role of Helen Trasker specifically to see her nude body. A lot of other actresses auditioned for the role and while I could definitely see Demi Moore in that part ( who got her own entry in the Top Ten Movie Stripteases thanks to her spectacular performance in Striptease ) or even Kim Basinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Geena Davis, Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Jennifer Jason Leigh and possibly Lea Thompson or Sharon Stone I thank God that it wasn´t given to Emma Thompson, Melanie Griffith, Debra Winger, Anette Benning or Joan Cusak.

I have already done a number of posts on JaMILF Lee Curtis : the original post which mostly contains pictures with links to animated GIFs , one post with all the pictures I could find , a re - posted version with a few GIFs added and the latest one, the post I did on her in 2016 which has lots of great GIFs. Sometimes writing this part makes me sad and in this case I guess that instead of the best striptease in movie history by Jamie Lee Curtis the only thing True Lies is going to be remembered for will be the fact that 12 year old Eliza Dushku was sexually assaulted by then 36 year old stunt coordinator Joel Kramer . And coming back to John Carpenter here is Fear On Film also featuring John Landis and David Cronenberg.

Today´s entertainment block is a bit tv heavy but I just have to include one of the forgotten heroes of my childhood. In America he is probably best known as Gobinda from Octopussy but for me and anybody who grew up in Europe during the 70s Kabir Bedi who turns 79 will always be The Tiger Of Malaysia. I despair because there are entire generations who have no idea who that is. Back then we had tv series like Sandokan, Arpad The Gypsy or Yao and tv really was as cultural diverse as they are Today pretending to be but such shows are of course not politically correct.

Originally I wanted to end the post with another episode from the Swamp Thing cartoon series but even if I risk never being mentioned on CHRIS STERLING`S PROGRESSIVE RUIN again the show is not that good that I need to include more than one video. Instead here is the first episode from C.O.P.S. which may also not be the pinnacle of cartoon comic book adaptions but if I had done a post for Bart Sear´s birthday I would have included it there since it was one of the few series he worked on at DC.

And it´s seldom enough that you find complete episodes on YouTube.

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