Monday, May 21, 2018

Wild Wild West Monday with Gardner Fox

This has become kind of an annual tradition even if technically speaking Gardner Fox´ anniversary was Yesterday. But Today is a holiday - which nobody told me and I was about to leave the house to go shopping when my brother stopped me at the last minute - so I have a little time to write a post which hopefully will be much shorter than Yesterday´s mega post.

The reason why I can do this post so quickly is that I still have enough covers left from when I started these posts. As longtime readers already know I like to keep things diverse so since I did a post that was all about DC´s super hero comics last year this year we are going with an all western comics post. Yep, that´s not my first western comic post either. But before we get to the rest of the comic covers here are the links to the Gardner Fox posts I did in 2016 just in case : I did one about his superhero DC comics and also a second post about his science fiction comic work .

Wow, a new post in under 4 hours. That must be a personal best. Now one of the reasons why I could finish this up so quick is that there are no links for this post as I did not have to do any research and I have no old links bookmarked that are western comic related. Plus since I already covered Yesterdays birthdays in last year´s Gardner Fox post and Today´s celebrity birthdays in one of last year´s Janet Jackson birthday posts I am trying to do an entirely western themed entertainment section and we start with one of my favorite western comic book series growing up in Germany.

Originally I wanted to post a video with an extremely sexy latina in a bikini participating in a bull riding contest but the quality of the video was really and I don´t get enough opportunities to post videos of female wrestlers.

Here´s one of the best known german cowboy songs - at least for people from my generation - Thommie Bayer´s sad ballad of The Last Cowboy.

We continue with the best western cartoon of all times, Galaxy Rangers and yes, I currently rank it above Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. For a long time I have planned to rewatch both shows but while I know where to find the Galaxy Rangers I have no idea where Saber Rider ended up.

Finally we are closing things Today with a David Carradine movie that I wanted to include in a previous post but then I had to leave it out.

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Thankfully, dreams can change. If we had all stuck with our first dream, the world would be overrun with cowboys and princesses.

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