Sunday, August 03, 2008

We are Legion !

Because it's been longer since I started my series on the Legion today I'm doing my comments on the final part of the SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES storyline and the story as a whole.

There are going to be some spoilers included from here on but I guess that's okay because it's already available in trade. If you don't want to get spoiled and you trust my judgement just stop reading and go buy the thing. Not that I'm going to post any major plot points.....besides the obvious. I mean you know Superman is not going to die in this one, right ? And we all know that the good guys are going to win.

In my last post I wrote that I hoped that Geoff Johns' ending to the story would surprise me. It didn't. As expected he brings the best legion story in a long time to a glorious finale that has all the things a good finale needs : the heroes fighting against impossible odds, last minute ( or better last second ) rescues and a legion deserving of the name. There is only one way the book could have been better ( not counting the costumes for the female legionnaries ) and that would have been if there had been a cameo by my alltime favorite sub : Arm - Fall - Off - Boy.

It wouldn't have had to be a speaking part, just seeing him in the background whacking some villain with a detached arm would have totally made my day. But that's probably only me. Even without him this sings the praises of a superteam that has been in the shadows for far too long. The legion is a franchise as strong as X - MEN with as much potential. Additionally it has a longer history and a great idea behind it. Unlike the X - Men the Legionnaries are not mutants and they don't get their powers by accident. In fact they don't have any special powers at all.

Say what ? I know what you think. But let's take a closer look. Lightning Lad does have the power to throw bolts of electricity. But that really is no special power. Because everyone on his planet can do it. You can walk. But you don't see that as a special power because everyone can do it. At least on your home planet. And that's the great idea of the Legion. Individually and on their home planets they don't have any powers.

Only by going somewhere else and combining the abilities of different worlds they become this Legion of Super Heroes. Who knows ? You could have a special power in a different country. I mean Superman's power all stem from the fact that he was born on another planet and went somewhere else.

Regarding the whole package of this story this is one of the cases where you damn yourself for buying the single issues because you just know you want the hardcover. On the other side ...who can wait that long to read it ? Whatever you do you can't win. So I recommend this one hundred percent as a book well worth the money.

Two things before closing :

Not all the new costumes are all bad. Phantom Girl also managed to keep some ventilation for those hot summer days in the future. I guess these are the benefits of global warming.

Another thing I liked is that Gary Frank's Superman looks just like Christopher Reeves - the one and only true Superman. So any last words on that, Superman ?

Couldn't have said it better. BEST. LEGION. EVER.

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