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My first Free Comic Book Day - part 2

It´s been longer than a week since my last post which is in part because my recovery has not gone as well as I expected. After leaving the pre - surgery effects behind me I thought the worst was over. Well, as it turned out once the healing begins it all starts over again and you have to keep fighting every day.

I thought I could continue the daily schedule I had worked out but you know how it is about the best laid plans.....On some days I was so weak that reading comics took too much effort. And reading stuff on the computer screen or even writing something was totally out of the question. On some days I didn´t even THINK about reading comics. That´s hard.

Of course there were other days when I was brimmimg with energy just waiting to be let loose on the unsuspecting internet community. Which were the days my computer decided to go crazy. Just the other day I tried to do a post but every time I uploaded a picture the internet program completely shut down. But Today there seem to be no problems, I have slept a little, I had something to eat and to drink and my shoulder doesn´t hurt too much. So let´s continue where we left off last time.

I was writing about my first FREE COMIC BOOK DAY reviewing the issues I got. The topic is not that current since a few weeks have passed but I wanted to finish this before starting on some other topic. In hindsight it might be fate that I didn´t finish this the last time. Because I have been to the comic shop since then where two new FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comics were waiting for me : the MERCY SPARX issue and WILLIAM SHATNER PRESENTS which brings my total quota to 13 books out of 15 I ordered. Not too shabby.


After actually reading the comic I can say that it´s a good lead - in to the Jenny Sparks universe....I mean Mercy Sparx. Dammit, I keep writig Jenny Sparks. Anyway, the comic gives you a good recap of the story so far while presenting the new status quo as well as end with a cliffhanger for the new storyline. But I also have to say that my last analysis of the story and art of the series was only reinforced. As someone who reads a lot of sci fi / fantasy stuff the overall plot seems just too unoriginal to me. And the hot chicks who beat the crap out of each other wear way too much to be of interest to me. Not really my scene.

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    I ordered this mainly because I have no idea what TEK WORLD is all about. Here in Germany William Shatner is always dubbed a one trick pony by the media that proclaims that STAR TREK was his only success. I don´t know but I seem to recall that he also starred in the hit tv series T.J.HOOKER and TEK WORLD which was based on the books he wrote. Anyway, for some reason I missed the series when it was aired in Germany and I therefor never had any interest in the comics. Which brings us to WILLIAM SHATNER PRESENTS.

    The comic presents three teaser stories of upcoming series. The first one, TEK WAR CHRONICLES is about TEK WAR and suffers from the usual movie / tv series franchise illness : mediocre art.

    Throughout uncounted millenia the powers that be in Tinseltown have applied the rule that if you have a successful franchise you don´t need good art in the comic adaptions. I think their reasoning for that is that the non comic fans who watch the series are a bigger target audience and they will buy the comic in spite of the art. Because most comic muggels can´t tell good art from bad.

    Which is the reason why having Walter Simonson on ROBOCOP VERSUS TERMINATOR, Kelly Jones on ALIEN or John Byrne on STAR TREK or ANGEL are the exception and not the rule. I know : the TOMB RAIDER comic sold probably pretty well. But can you imagine the numbers if it hasdn´t sucked ? They probably only sold because of the covers by babe artists like Adam Hughes. But back to TEK WAR.

    While the artist is capable enough to transport the story it´s too filled with cliches to hold my interest. I don´t know why so many writers seem to think that having a main character with a drug addiction makes them more interesting. It only diminishes them by showing how weak they are. Because let´s face it : if someone has a problem to just say no he´s not a big role model to begin with. I swear if I have to see / read one more story with a corrupt cop that has a drug addiction but a heart of gold and is the only good cop in town ( despite being corrupt and abusing illegal substances ) I´m going to.......well, I ´ll think of something drastic to do.

    The second story MAN O´WAR - which follows two pin ups - has an old comic veteran on art : Pat Broderick.

    I don´t know on how many books this guy has been on. Just from the top of my head I remember him being on BATMAN : YEAR THREE, RAGMAN, ALPHA FLIGHT, SPIDER - MAN X FACTOR, MICRONAUTS, FIRESTORM, SWAMP THING, GREEN LANTERN and DOOM 2099. As for the story for my taste it´s way too short ( 4 pages ) to present the lay of the land or to spark any kind of interest for the main character.

    Last but not least we have QUEST FOR TOMORROW and the less said about it the better. The art looks like KIM POSSIBLE gone wrong and let´s leave it at that.

    So the verdict on this free comic is also that it works pretty well to give you an introduction to the franchise although it would have worked better if they had included the series synopsis from their website instead of the pin ups. I know they look nice and are there to promote something but they should concentrate on the three titles they want to push. Here are some links for more about them ( like what they are all about ) :

  • tek war preview

  • man o war preview

  • quest for tomorrow preview

  • bluewater productions homepage

  • Again, the time is up sooner than I thought and because I only managed to review two titles there will be a third part. In this part we had two smaller comic companies who seem to have a very clear vision of what FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is all about. The next installment will take a look at how well the big two fare in that departement.

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