Tuesday, May 05, 2009

another random comic stuff post

One thing I found out because of my injury is that floppies have one advantage over trades : you can read them with one hand. You need a table but you can still read them with one hand.

Now Today I´m not feeling so good so instead of the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY post I´m doing another one of my patented " random comic stuff " posts. During the last few weeks some interesting links have accumulated that I either wanted to comment on to post or both. And since I still haven´t read all my FREE COMIC BOOK DAY comics I´m going to pack them all into one post.

state of the industry

Kleefeld on comics has some interesting points on his article about what the comic industry can learn from the newspaper industry although as an one armed comic reader 22 - page pamphlets are all I can read. So I still need them.

  • what comics can learn from newspaper

  • Over at Weekly Crisis an interesting series has started about what Marvel is doing right and wrong. Unusual is that it dissects every point methodically with point and counterpoint, looking at the problems from both angles. So far there are two entries : one about Marvel´s imprint - or better their nonexistence - and one about their business practices like increasing the price to 3.99, flooding the market with variant covers ( on which I have a little rant of my own coming up ), random renumbering of their titles and constant lateness. All very informative.

  • what marvel is doing wrong - the imprints

  • what marvel is doing wrong - business practice

  • L.E. Becker, owner of WARP 9 in Clawson, Michigan, also writes in to share his frustration regarding the ever increasing number of late comic book titles from big name creators :

  • comic book lateness

  • creator interviews

    Here´s an interview with the makers of BATMAN IN BARCELONA a comic that is going to be released simultaniously in America, Italy and Spain on the 27th of this month - which is the opening date of the SALON DEL COMIC DE BARCELONA 2009 :

  • batman in barcelona

  • An interview from Graphic NYC with artist Walter Simonson :

  • walter simonson interview

  • Another comic creator interview from Graphic NYC. This time it´s legendary writer Denny O Neil who reinvented Batman and helped usher in the adult age of superhero comics :

  • denny o neil interview

  • Another artist interview, this time from Express Night Out with Art Spiegelmann, the father of the graphic novel. Funny, I always thought Will Eisner had earned the title because he did A CONTRACT WITH GOD which was the first one. Awww, those newspaper guys.

  • art spiegelman interview

  • top 10 comic lists

    Just in time for the X - MEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE movie here´s a list of the top 10 superheroes with traumatic origins although it´s kind of strange to see Lex Luthor on the list.

  • top 10 traumatic origins

  • Going from the traumatic to the psychotic here´s a list of the top 10 greatest mentally ill superheroes :

  • top 10 mentally ill superheroes

  • There´s a list of the nine least necessary female versions of male superheroes ( and villains ) over at Topless Robot. All good points although I have to veto on two candidates. First of all May " Mayday " Parker shouldn´t even be on the list. I mean she´s the only good thing left from the whole Spiderfranchise.

    I mean in my opinion a female version is validated when her comic is far superior to the comic of the male original. So this could be a top 10 list because if it includes Spider - Girl we absolutely need to include Batgirl Cassandra Cain who is the embodiement of an unnecessary female counterpart if there ever was one.

    The other one where I have to raise the finger is Laurel Kent because I just like the stripper outfit.

    Come on, we´re talking 70s legion here. All the hot legion chicks were wearing similar outfits. I think at that time even women on the street were wearing such clothes.

    And it´s not like Supergirl hadn´t one of those herself.

    That´s what we need more of : stripper costumes in comics. Aside from that all good choices. Here´s the link :

  • The 9 Least Necessary Female Versions

  • And that´s all for Today. Next time : Free Comic Book Day. Promise.

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