Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Proof of live

Just a quick post to let you know I´m still alive. The reasons why I didn´t post the last three weeks was that number one : the computer was not working at all. For quite some time it has had various malfunctions but it seems the reason why the cursor was jumping up and down the pages, vanishing from the screen altogether, closing windows and erasing my work was that the mouse was kaputt. So I bought a new mouse which cost me unbelievable ten bucks but it was worth it. For now everything is working fine and I have my fingers crossed.

Reason number two : it seems that I may become one of the working class heroes again. A friend of mine has made the connection and I may get a real job. Right now it´s a bit difficult for me to get accustomed to working and especially using the brain for 8 hours straight. There are times when my head just switches off and I almost fall asleep. I have to get my act together because the others are all like the Legion and I´m like the new kid trying to join. Well, I hope this works out.

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    Mitleser said...

    Man sollte stehts eine Ersatzmaus im Vorrat haben. ;)

    Viel Glück bei der neuen Arbeit.