Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Late-Linking Lad´s excellent adventure

Since Saturday I´ve been trying to post something new but as always other things kept getting in the way. One of the reasons why I wanted to do a post is that there are new links concerning the Legion of Super - Heroes.

Get-a-Life Boy´s Legion of Super-Heroes blog

The first one is also the newest member in our blog roll. He posted a comment on my last post about the Legion and I asked him if he would be interested in doing a link exchange. Being the gentleman that he is he immediatelly put up the link while it took me a few days to return the favor - as usual. I´m a bit worried that I got listed with all the other Legion blogs since my blog is not only about the Legion. But there is some Legion content coming up in the future.....and I don´t mean it as a pun.....because I have finally read the last issue of LEGION OF THREE WORLDS. And I´m not complaining since that way my blog is on the top of the links. And we all know that the links on the top get checked out first. Which is the reason that all the new links on this blog are always at the top.

GET-A-LIFE BOY´S LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES BLOG is a blog about...well, I don´t know if you could say " everything Legion ". For that I haven´t read enough of it. It does cover all the Legion appearances of the week - with spoiler warnings where necessary - as well as other topics like fixing the Legion chronology, what´s up with the " lad " or " boy " tag in the Legionnaires names or tells you all about the gayest Legion story ever.

Although I don´t know how serious that last one is. In his own words Legion wannabe Get-a-Life Boy comments on the Legion of Super-Heroes: latest appearances, history, drooling-fanboy opinions, and whatever else. So if you have read SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF SUPER - HEROES in ACTION COMICS and / or FINAL CRISIS - LEGION OF THREE WORLDS and you want to know more about the Legion this is the right way to start.

And if you haven´t read those stories......what the f-word-ing bleep bleep is wrong with you ? How can you ignore such literary masterworks for base pointless crossover tie-in nonsense crap ? Here are some post by yours truly about the awesomeness of the stories ( with more LEGION OF THREE WORLDS coming up ) :

  • the history of the superman legion crossovers

  • superman and the legion part 1

  • superman and the legion part 2

  • Go and read it !

    Anyway, go and check out Get-a-Life Boy´s Legion of Super-Heroes blog. And to Get-a-Life Boy thanks again from yours truly SUBZERO a.k.a. Late-Linking Lad.

  • Get-a-Life Boy´s Legion of Super-Heroes blog

  • more Legion for your ears : Super Future Friends

    Yes, if you haven´t enough with THE LEGION OF SUBSTITUTE PODCASTERS Legion podcast there is a new Legion podcast called SUPER FUTURE FRIENDS. The podcast is done by Adriana and Kristen who are also artists as you can see when you go to their art blogs - Adriana is showing her skills on VERYVERY ( sorry, tried to do a facsimile of the blog header but it was more difficult than the other one )

    as well as on her art blog ( I hope I got that right ) and Kristen on TOP SECRET WORLD ORGANISATION OF LOVE.

    As with the previous Legion blog there´s a disclaimer but in this case it´s because of explicit content in the form of foul language.

    Now I have listened to part of one podcast ( god, I just can´t finish anything because I´m megabusy right now ) and so far I couldn´t find anything that sounded inappropriate but that could also mean that either I didn´t listen long enough or I´m just so foul mouthed myself and used to profanities that I don´t notice it anymore. I send them an e - mail about a possible link exchange but so far I haven´t got a response. But I guess I´m not the only one who´s busy. Here are some samples of their work ( I hope it´s okay I used it ) :

    Anyway, you can find the newset episodes on their blog and to access the archive you have to click on the " Click for mocking images " link. So far there are 27 episodes online.

  • Super Future Friends blog

  • acess to the Super Future Friends archive

  • adriana´s blog

  • adriana´s art blog

  • kristen´s blog

  • And that´s all for today. I´ll tell you more about what I did on the weekend in my next post. I thought I could put it into this post since I have already collected all the necessary pics for the post but as usual the research and the various links took more time than I thought. So the story of my visit to the Comicbörse Leonberg will have to wait. As I have done so much Legion links in this post I think it´s appropiate to put up two links from my own blog.

    Here I covered a lot about the Legion. You can of course also click on the " Legion " tag but those are my most important Legion posts with background infos, links and - especially important for readers outside America - both seasons of the Legion cartoon to watch.

  • legion background, legion links and the cartoon episodes

  • my legion beginnings and comments on the threeboot legion

  • New to the blog ? Everything you need to know about TALES FROM THE KRYPTONIAN :

  • top ten posts

  • more posts of interest

  • Every day that passes I have more in common with myself.


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