Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Carmine Infantino Day to everyone !

Today is the birthday of the great Carmine Infantino and because I did not want to do another comic cover post I have decided to post some interior pages so you can appreciate his art. Remember his RED TORNADO mini ?

I was so excited when I found it in the comic catalogue that I didn´t even look who was drawing it ( this was before the internet ) and boy, was I disappointed when the comics arrived. I didn´t appreciate Carmine´s art back then with his rigid body postures, weird angles and the square faces.

Since it would take too long to go over his entire career I´m focusing on his work as an artist here. I still want to mention that besides being one of the most liked editors of DC he was one of the main forces during the Silver Age and he worked on all the big titles like FLASH where he designed the new costume and came up with the red and yellow blur when the Flash runs, GREEN LANTERN, JUSTICE LEAGUE and LEGION OF SUPER HEROES. He also co created Christopher Chance, the second incarnation of THE HUMAN TARGET, the Barbara Gordon Batgirl and Deadman.

Now for some reason I could not find much of his DC work and because I didn´t want to fill this post with dozens of FLASH covers - which is what I have - this section is very short. This should by no means be seen as a comment on my part about said work. If you know where I can find more art ( I can´t believe there is none of his NEW TEEN TITANS pages out there ) please write me a comment and I will gladly add it to the post.

One series I only became aware of through my Gil Kane posts ( even if I still have to do that particular post ) is THE DARING ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL. And she even is wearing my favorite Supergirl costume with the puffed sleeves and the hot pants here. I don´t know if it is because the tv show is so popular now but the first trade of this series will be available in July. If you don´t want to wait that long maybe I can do the second Gil Kane DC post before that where I will include a plethora of links where you can read entire issues that also include the LOIS LANE backup.

Here´s a splash page from a HAWKMAN backup Carmine Infantino did in WORLDS FINEST. This was another problem with finding pages : often he did the backup or like in the case with his work on NEW TEEN TITANS there is a framing sequence and most people only post the splash page.

As I have said I found much more of his Marvel work which is strange since he often did only a few issues of a certain title. To make up for the low DC content I have included as much original artwork as I possible. Now the next Carmine Infantino comic on my reading pile is the first STAR WARS : THE ORIGINAL MARVEL YEARS omnibus hardcover.

There are the obligatory links to cover because while I didn´t find the stuff I was looking for I came across a lot of other things which might be interesting for my readers. Paul O´Conner at LONGBOX GRAVEYEARD takes a look at all the innovations Carmine Infantino brought to THE FLASH, Mike Cecchini at DEN OF GEEK gives a rundown of his career, Bob Reyer on TALKING COMIC BOOKS also appreciates Carmine Infantino, Tom Bondurant at ROBOT 6 remembers Carmine Infantino and iFANBOY also has a post in memoriam of Carmine Infantino with more art from the master. Gary Groth did an interview with Carmine Infantino for THE COMICS JOURNAL and you can listen to the Carmine Infantino interview on COMIC ZONE RADIO. Brian Cronin at COMIC BOOK RESOURCES has The Greatest Carmine Infantino Stories Ever Told , Steven Johnson at THE WORLD`S FINEST BLOG has another Carmine Infantino HAWKMAN splash on his post on World´s Finest 282 which features a 9 page Black Canary back up by Gil Kane, BLOG INTO MYSTERY has a post on DAREDEVIL 149 and other Carmine Infantino comics ( just check the links ), the guys at COMIC BOOK BRAIN have tons of pictures of Spider - Woman, old and new and while I didn´t manage to find any art from Carmine Infantino´s Defenders issues THE BRONZE AGE OF BLOGS has the ( sort of ) first appearance of the Defenders. Thanks and kudos to all for this content.

Our first anniversary is Michael Chabon´s 53rd birthday and I must confess that I still haven´t read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. I did read some of the Escapist comics he wrote later though.

Comic artist Walter Moers doesn´t have to be explained in Germany since most people know him from the movies which adapt his comics, the kids show Kapt´n Blaubär or his various bestselling book. He turns 59 Today and the fact that he is so popular was one of the reasons why it took a while to find a video that was not an audio book or e review of his books.

Life is weird. Just two posts ago I mentioned austrian sexbomb Sybil Danning and now she is celebrating her 64th birthday. Sybil is a cult siren from my youth who has " upgraded " a lot of tv series ( she was on Der Kommisar, Derrick, Vegas, Simon & Simon, Masquerade, The Fall Guy, Deadly Nightmares, Street Hawk, Superboy and The Lair ) and b - movies like Herkules with Lou Ferrigno and Malibu Express with her presence. 

In some cases those movies are only still watched because of her parts like with The Howling II - Your Sister Is A Werewolf. I have recently re - watched it and have to conclude that the movie lives through Sybil´s presence and would be long forgotten if she didn´t take her clothes off.

The producers also were aware of how much the movie owes to her which is why the scene with Sybil Danning revealing her substantial bare breasts was repeated seventeen times ( ! ) during the end credits screen crawl.

I couldn´t find a clip from The Howling II that included her topless scene although I´m not sure if I would have posted it. I´m already chancing it with the GIF above. And I think I already posted the best clip from it. So here is They´re Playing With Fire where you get to see her in underwear.

We have two birthdays involving music which means I can only mention Patti LaBelle´s 72nd anniversary while 75 year old Bob Dylan gets a video. Yes, I would also have preferred it the other way around but I found the Bob Dylan related video faster. That said it always sounded better when somebody else sang his songs since he´s a better writer than singer.

Since I could not find a good video about Carmine Infantino here is the tale how the creator of Howard the Duck stole him back from Marvel. For all the clueless people out there who have no idea that they are reading about a soulless clone in all the new comics with Howard Disney puts out. 

There have been some complaints about the lack of Yaya Han videos and some people went as far as asking me if I´m ill. While I DID have stomach problems last night here is a new Yaya Han video to show I´m all right.

People always say I exaggerate with Yaya Han´s breastsize but according to internet sources she´s a 40D - which to tell the truth does not tell me that much. So she is a 40D but then her cupsize is 36D ? How does this work ? I know that women wear shoes two sizes too small but I would think with breast you would pick a bra that fits, right ? That´s confusing.

Anyway, the consensus seems to be 40D with Yaya Han on most internet pages. Now in centimeters that is 102 which means that keeping in mind she´s only 5 foot 1 ( 155 centimeters, about my height ) most porn stars don´t measure up. I remember there was a girl in PLAYBOY when I was in school who was the same height as Yaya Han and she only had a 95 centimeter bust but because of her height she looked like she could easily star in a Russ Meyer movie. And Yaya got 7 centimeters more of boobs !

Which adds even more confusion is the strange case of the nude pictures of Yaya Han you can find on the internet. You may remember that I wrote about banker / model Li Ling Ling from Singapore who goes by the name of busty Singaporean. Supposedly private photos of her were " leaked " on the internet by an IT person who was repairing her laptop and landed on various adult websites under the title of " nude pictures of Yaya Han ". Now as you can see by the - slightly censored - picture below this woman has an impressive chest but it´s still only 38DD. Yaya is two sizes bigger !

Now I included the video below in my big Yaya Han post but because it will take a while until I can finish that I wanted to put it on the blog as soon as possible. Sadly the preview picture is a bit weird but I made a GIF ( which took me a few days ) so you can see how Yaya Han looks in the clip.

There are quite a few videos on the internet of Yaya in this get up but I guess when you put a lot of time and work into making such an elaborate costume you try to milk it for all it´s worth. No pun intended. Oh man, I should not use the words " Yaya Han " and " milk it for all it´s worth " in the same sentence. That just puts inappropiate pictures into my head. Do you see now why it takes me so long to finish my big Yaya Han post ?

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