Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gil Kane´s gorgeous Green Lantern covers

You might have noticed that so far there have been no GREEN LANTERN covers in my DC posts about Gil Kane although that´s one of the titles he´s most associated with thanks to his lengthy runs on the book.

The reason for that is that I just could not narrow it down to one or two covers and so I decided to give it a post of its own. Since I´m much more familiar with his later working period all the covers in this post are from that time but if there are enough reader requests I may do a post on the classic Gil Kane covers For GREEN LANTERN. As usual I have added the original black and white art for the covers or pin ups where I could find it.

Today´s first celebrity birthday is argentinian telenovela star Luisana Lopilato who celebrates her 29th birthday. She is famous for playing Mia Colucci on Rebelde Way and I mentioned her in the last post of the Hollywood edition of Casting The Justice League Of America series. I am sorry for the bad quality of the GIF but I only had a low quality clip to work from, if anybody knows where to find this in better quality let me know.

Next up is Tina Fey´s 46th birthday. So far I haven´t checked out 30 Rock - I still have to watch Mad Men - but I know that America´s answer to Ana Morgade was in the terribly underrated Megamind movie ( I did a spoiler free post about the movie here ) which all comic book fans MUST watch.

The next anniversary is more for my german readers as Sandra a.k.a. Sandra Cretu a.k.a. Sandra Ann Lauter turns 54 years old. She was one of the biggest pop stars in Germany during the 80s and 90s ( she also sold over 30 million records worldwide ) and she started her career as lead singer of the pop trio Arabesque before she was discovered by music producer Michel Cretu who launched her solo career. He married her later and strangely enough he also celebrates his birthday Today - he turns 59. 

Sandra and Michel had twins but they separated in 2008. In 2010 Sandra married Olaf Menges and they separated in 2014. The sexiest dimples in pop music was one of my big teenage crushes and I remember that one of my first music video tapes I bought was a best of collection of her. If you want to find out more about her here are links to a gallery and videos .

Another music video tape I got was The Best Of Kylie Minogue because she had some of the best videos around that time including Step Back In Time, Shocked, Better The Devil You Know, What Do I Have To Do and my favorite Give Me Just A Little More Time. This must have been around 1997 so none of the sexy videos like Spinning Around or Can´t Get You Out Of My Head were on this. Man, those were some good music videos, I should really look for a DVD of this the next time I´m at a DVD store. 

My third Best Of music video tape was of Kylie´s sister Danii Minogue who is best known Today as the coach of Dami Im on X - Factor Australia but what most people forget is that she had a music career before Kylie did and not only was she quite successful - she was already a big superstar when Kylie started - but Doctor Doom was in one of her music videos. Kind of. Here is the best video of Danii Minogue, it´s her appearance on a french tv show in the mother of all sideboob dresses that doesn´t really cover much of her glorious breasts. I may have posted this before but as these videos disappear rather quickly I´m posting this just in case.

Mala hierba nunca muere like we say in Spain so it is no wonder that Thomas Gottschalk celebrates his 66th birthday. For those who haven´t read how he messed up Janet´s raunchiest appearance on german tv for me here is the link to the belated Salma Hayek birthday post from 2014 where I explain what a colossol dick Thomas Gottschalk is in detail.

I probably would not have mentioned Dwayne Hickman´s 82nd birthday if I hadn´t seen that he starred in Cat Ballou with Jane Fonda. This or last year I got a DVD copy of the movie of which I only remembered Jane Fonda´s hot outfit as Trixie but as usual I haven´t had time to see it yet.

Okay, I also remembered that Lee Marvin was schizophrenic in that movie. Or at least I thought so because when I first saw the movie I didn´t quite get that he was supposed to be two guys. I thought it was kind of the SUPERMAN III thing where the good part fought the evil part. Now I know that he´s playing two roles and he even got an Oscar for it. I think Jane Fonda deserved one too for her red dress and I wonder if she wasn´t the inspiration for another buxom cult sexbomb in a red dress.  

Speaking about Jessica Rabbit, it seems I have to read the news more because I totally missed that german sexbomb Heid Klum cosplayed as Jessica Rabbit last Halloween and gave a stunning lip synch performance.

Seems like the lady has some hidden stripper talents as she could not rehearse before getting into the dress and just had to wing it. And she still knocked it out of the ballpark. The GIFs are from the people at MOVIEPILOT but the video in the post is deleted so here is a new one.

Coming back to the birthdays and a bit more chaste things Today would have been the anniversary of Pope John Paul II, who was always the " cool " pope to me. Okay, being the pope he was as catholic as the day was long but he did all the cool things like driving around in the Popemobile and he even had his own comic book. Papa Razzi never was in a comic and all he did in regards to pop culture things was condemn the Harry Potter books. 

Another guy who was a big part of pop culture and my youth in particular and who is not longer with us is Pernell Roberts. To Today´s kids the name may not mean much but he played Adam Cartwright on Bonanza which we all watched back in those days. Pernell, who also would have celebrated his birthday Today also was the main lead actor in Trapper John M. D.

My main sources for entertainment as a kid were tv and comics since I could not always go to the movies. Quite often getting the MAD spoof of a movie was the only way I could kind of see it and I had a huge collection before I lent it to a friend who lent it to a friend who lent it to a cousin until nobody had any idea who ended up with the issues. Which bring me to our next would be birthday candidate Don Martin. Back in school one of the things I had to learn for my classmates was to draw like Don Martin and I am a huge fan of his drawings especially how he drew womenfolk. 

I wanted to add a video of his animated art to the post but since those are rather short and you can easily find them on YouTube here is the unaired The Mad Magazine TV Special from the year 1974 instead.

Last but not least I have to mention Frank Capra´s anniversary. He has done many movies but his It´s A Wonderful Life, Arsenic And Old Lace and Mr Deeds Goes To Town are ones I can watch over and over again. No matter how often I have seen them. He also has become part of our cultural vocabulary as many people talk about Capra - esque things.

Since Today´s post was about Green Lantern and I didn´t want to post another version of Ring Capacity here´s one of my favorite episodes of the only worthwhile adaption, Green Lantern - The Animated Adventures. The title is The New Guy and they managed to make Guy Gardner cool AND an a$$ at the same time. Which not many people can pull of.

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