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By George ! The Brave and the Bold - 1

I thought about how I could start of a new month when I realized that I had only done one George Perez post last month. After Legion of Three Worlds was over I promised to continue with this but other things came up which brings us to this post that - almost - starts this new series.

Yes, I´m saying almost because I already posted issue 7 in a FLASH FRIDAY post in June. Anyway, the premise of this series was to team up heroes as the story required it so while we have Batman as one of the main character in this issue we have him and Green Lantern while the second issue is mostly Green Lantern and Supergirl. The series proved to be a dream project where George Perez basically got to draw everything and Mark Waid got to put his encyclopedic knowledge of the DC universe to good use. When the NEW 52 was announced one blogger made a list of the titles he wanted to see and one of them was GEORGE PEREZ DRAWS WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS but what we got was WORLDS´ FINEST with Huntress and Not Power Girl which showed that the bosses at DC had less business sense than you average blogger. Because if you have George Perez you don´t decide what he draws. You kindly ask him what he would like to draw and then you get a writer who can work a story around that. Which was what we got in spades in this THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

Now as I recall this was after GREEN LANTERN : REBIRTH which means that there was still animosity between Batman and Green Lantern about the whole Parallax thing although the whole ZERO HOUR thing was swept under the carpet. And I think the whole Hal Jordan as the new human host for The Spectre thing was over by that time but don´t quote me on that.

Anyway, here we have Hal Jordan and Batman as uneasy partners which depended very much on the writers and had Hal Jordan as the cool guy and Batman as kind of a dick in all the books Geoff Johns wrote and with different dynamics with other writers. Thankfully Mark Waid didn´t play favorites so readers could enjoy the story without dealing with any bias.

Since I didn´t post Yesterday and we only have one celebrity birthday worth mentioning Today I want to include the anniversaries from July the 31st and we stay in the DC universe with Dean Cain who celebrated his 50th birthday. He is most famous for playing Superman on Lois & Clark opposite the very hot Teri Hatcher as Lois and I know you expected to find a Teri Hatcher GIF here but I´m trying to dial it down a bit. Man, I remember when the show aired and I still can´t believe he´s 50 now.

Every time I get to mention that show on the blog it reminds me that I still haven´t started watching it - now that I have all the seasons on DVD - but I DO watch the Supergirl series and Dean Cain plays Supergirl´s adoptive father in that. Now they will have somebody new who finally plays Superman - because it became ridiculous to which lengths they went to not show him - but the first thing I thought was why didn´t they just get Tom Welling ? On the other hand those Hollywood guys are always afraid to be typecast so he probably doesn´t want to reprise that role.

But it would be so cool and the way they established the multiverse Tom Welling and Laura Vandervoort could visit as Superman and Supergirl from another universe. And how cool would it be if Stephen Amell would meet Justin Hartley kind of a younger version of Green Arrow ? Okay, all fan geekery aside I don´t want to say anything negative about the new guy who plays Superman before I have actually seen him in an episode but if I was the producer I would make sure not to have him stand next to Dean Cain in any scenes. Because Dean is the real deal. He is packed, dude ! 

J. K. Rowling turned 51 and it seems the Harry Potter series is continuing since Thalia already wants me to pre - order the first new book. I wonder if they will stick with the cast they have used so far or if they will just reboot it with younger people and restart the whole story. Now I don´t know when this new book will take place and if it´s just a continuation it might make more sense to stick with the actors the movie goers are already familiar with but when has this ever stopped Hollywood before ?

And speaking about Hollywood guys ruining movie franchises with their harebrain decisions when I saw that Wesley Snipes celebrated his 54th birthday Yesterday the natural thing for me to do was to find out with which hot actresses he had been in a movie. I mean, just last Saturday Woody Harrelson celebrated a birthday and Wesley was in Money Train with him as well as in White Man Can´t Jump which also starred latin MILF sexbomb the bra busting Rosie Perez. And he was on To Wong Foo with Naomi Campbell but I didn´t want to post another GIF with her just for that. So I was looking for a list of his female co stars but all I could find were posts about how he didn´t get along with anyone on the set of Blade : Trinity. Which is understandable as it was the worst Blade movie.

I only really liked the first Blade movie, the second one was too much monster oriented for my taste and the third one finally broke the camel´s back. When I first heard they would bring a version of the Nightstalkers I was excited but when they came on screen it was more a Kindergarten then a group of kickass vampire hunters. If I had been Wesley Snipes I would have been pissed too. Because they were destroying something that was associated to him. Wesley just killed it in the first part technically making the Marvel movie universe a reality through his performance and then he went one further and did what few people had done before him : he was a black actor that made people go crazy for a sequel. And then part three came and it all went down the toilet. The only good part in it was hardbody Jessica Biel who got a lot of Wesley Snipes´ screen time.

Jessica kind of made up for that awful movie with Powder ( which is best seen fast forwarding to the good parts ) where she showed her stripper skills and perfect body. Daimn, how could any man be angry with her ?

After Captain America : Civil War there is no chance we will ever see Wesley Snipes as the Black Panther - now that they have another actor in that role - but maybe you wonder what the real inspiration for him was.

The next birthday made me even feel older as Michael Biehn turned 60 since I remember seeing the original Terminator with Arnold in the movie theater when I was still in Realschule. This was during the 80s and he was still Arnold Schwarzenegger, not just Arnold like Today. And to think that there are kids out there who have never seen the original Terminator and only know the sequels. This would be a great idea for another Teenagers React To video. Anyway, here´s one of the pivotal scenes of the movie.

Speaking about actors who has had great influence on my formative years is french comedian Louis de Funes who was a big part of german culture for decades with his Fantomas movies or his role of the Gendarme of St. Tropez - although when I first saw those movies I didn´t quite understand what the problem was with people just having a good day at the beach. He was an iconic figure of pop culture even if the choleric characters he played on the tv screens were a bit too close to my father for comfort. 

The same goes Ivan Rebroff - the part about being a big part of german culture not the part with my father - who had an extraordinary vocal range of four and a half octaves, from the soprano to bass registers. He became famous for singing russian folk songs but he also performed opera, light classics and folk songs from other countries. In Germany he was best known for songs like Kalinka, Weißt Du Wohin ?, the german version of the theme from the Doctor Zhivago movie with Omar Sharif and probably his greatest role of Tevye in The Fiddler On The Roof.

And this brings us finally to the only interesting birthday of Today as it is Dom DeLuise´s birthday who - among many other geat roles - was forever immortalized as Captain Chaos in the Cannonball Run comedy movies.

The most remembered scenes from that movie involve the Lamborghini Babes played by Tara Buckman and cult siren Adrienne Barbeau. I have written about Adrienne before who was in such cult classics like THE FOG, SWAMP THING, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and - arguably - CREEPSHOW.

Now I don´t think I have to explain the Lamborghini Babes whose main trick to avoid getting hassled by the cops is flashing some cleavage.

Speaking about Cannonball Run, one of my pet pevees on this blog is celebrating all the brave actresses who turn unsufferable dreck into bearable entertainment by taking their clothes off or at least show what their Mama gave them and who don´t get enough recognition for that.

Now if you have seen Cannonball Run you will remember the hot waitress with the extra - large double whoppers in the opening scene whose name is not in the opening credits, in the end credits or on any internet page ( and believe me fella, I´ve looked ). Well, just recently I found a clip with some scenes of Farrah Fawcett from the movie and her scene is also in there. So far I just called her The Busenwunder Waitress but now I can tell you that her real name is Vickie Reigle. Now in Germany Vickie is not really a good name for a woman - just ask german singer Nikki who had to suffer a lot of dirty jokes because of her name ( what rhymes with " Nikki ? " ). So to be actually called Vickie - not a good thing in Germany.

With the last video I want to close the circle and return to the DC universe as Neil Gaiman not only wrote Coraline which was adapted in animated from with the aforementioned Teri Hatcher as the voice of the mother, he also wrote Sandman in which Destiny played a big part. It´s his book the players in the next issues of The Brave And The Bold are after.

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