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Flash Friday : Race Against Time - part 5

Because I had stomach cramps for most of the day I´m running late once again ( no pun intended ) with Today´s post but I know that my faithful readers can´t wait for the next installment of the Race Against Time story - especially since Wally West finally makes it back to his own time period.

I´m really feeling miserable right now so I´m not going to do a longwinded recap. If you have read the last FLASH FRIDAY posts you know that our Flash, Wally West, has been trying to get to his own time period while apparently bouncing randomly through time. He has been swallowed by the speedforce before and has managed to get back home thanks to his emotional connection to Linda Park. Enter 27th century Flash John Fox.

In order to prevent a catastrophe that was mentioned in the sketchy records that exist from the 20th century John Fox travels to our time better said to September 1996, when the story originally was published, in order to prevent it. Yep, here we have another story from the 90s. How is it that there are such great stories in a time that is said to be the worst period of comic book history ? Well, I have no answer for that but I did write a post that I don´t think that comic period was as bad as people paint it. Sure, there were an awful amount of bad comics - I mean they cut off Aquaman´s hand - and more than in any other periods BUT there were still a lot of good comics coming out and THE FLASH was one of it.

Okay, back to the Flash. If you have read part three of this story you know that John Fox encounters Wally in the 27th century but because of his travel through time Wally is almost amnesiac and John is not sure if Wally will make it back in time or if he is able to prevent the big catastrophe.

So John decides to pitch in for Wally as Flash and Linda´s boyfriend and he fails miserably in both. What´s even worse, because he tries to steal Wally´s girl Wally gets diverted through the speedforce one more time and when he finally makes it back we find out that the big catastrophe was actually John Fox getting Wally lost in the speedforce, the town overrun by villains and Linda put on ice - literally. Now so far I haven´t mentioned the artists very often, which is unusual for me, so this issue is drawn by Jim Cheung best known for his work on CrossGen´s SCION and his work on Marvel´s YOUNG AVENGERS. Back when he was doing the series it was hell to read because it took so long for the issues to come out but people who buy it now don´t even know it and are blown away by the art. By the way, not only is YOUNG AVENGERS one of Marvel´s finest series with young heroes out there ( ALMOST on the same level as the initial NEW MUTANTS series ) it also feature a gay couple within the team without making a big deal out of it. I guess back then Marvel wasn´t so desperate for attention.

Anyway, besides YOUNG AVENGERS one of the best series that Jim Cheung worked on is AVENGERS : THE CHILDREN`S CRUSADE which is a fantastic read and also redeems the Scarlet Witch. Bendis really screwed her over in every possible way. Anyway, I just thought I should mention Jim Cheung since he also did part three of Race Against Time that I linked to above.

By the way, right now AVENGER`S : THE CHILDREN`S CRUSADE is going for a lot of money as everything connected to the movies and especially the Avengers does but german readers can get the inexpensive hardcover from Hachette´s Marvel Collection for 13 Euros and there might be an english edition of this as I know that the collection has been published in the UK before it came to Germany. Speaking about inexpensive hardcovers, I´m not sure if PANINI is keeping up with what the competition is publishing, otherwise they would never put out the KORVAC SAGA after Hachette already released their hardcover. I mean with 13 Euros it is cheaper than the 20 Euro trade and who will pay the triple price of 30 Euros for PANINI´s hardcover ? They have to do an edition with a lot of extras to justify that.

Anyway, the next FLASH FRIDAY post will be the big finale of Race Against Time, issue 118 and I will put all the links for the previous issues in it.

Next week I´m starting with a new class from the jobcenter to improve my job application portfolio and after that there´s another much longer one at the Karlshöhe I have to take so I don´t know how much that is going to impact my posting schedule. It will be good to get out of the house on a regular basis although I wish it didn´t start right when the temperatures outside are falling dramatically. We´ll see how that goes.

Today´s celebrity birthdays start with a throwback to when I was still watching WWE wrestling on a regular basis as Stacy Keibler ( I always have problems writing her name because in Germany Keibler would be written Kiebler ), the woman with possibly the longest legs on the planet turns 37. No kidding, usually I´m more of a breasts man but Stacy has legs up to her neck and one of the best butts in professional wrestling ASSembled.

Longtime readers know that I have bitched about the WWE´s Divas DVDs before since they seem incapable to understand that when customers pay money for a DVD with the photoshoot of the Divas, they want to see the Divas. Not what they do before the photoshoot, not some interviews with them, not what the photographer is doing nor anything else. For a company that has made filming female wrestlers their source of income they seem to have a really hard time filming female wrestlers when it´s actually the easiest. I mean, they are already posing for pictures so you don´t have to film them from behind, or from the side or from above.

They are posing for a guy with a camera that is standing right in front of them. So that is the position from where they look best. You might think that just putting a guy who is filming this next to the photographer would be pretty obvious but so far the WWE hasn´t grasped that concept. If you are one of the longtime wrestling fans you might remember that back in the day the WCW did a swimsuit video with the hot Nitro Girl sexbombs and even they had a hard time actually filming the women in the bikinis.

Anyway, with the WWE Diva most of them look like casting videos not swimsuit videos ( maybe the guys from the WWE should have checked out Ironman´s Swimsuit Spectacular videos to see how it´s done ) and the best parts are the extras. Because most of them are matches and you actually get to see the divas in them. Instead of the guy filming them.

There is one exception though Divas Undressed because one half of it is the Divas competing in a lingerie contest and they manage to film that right. And of course Stacy steals the show with her perfect bubble butt.

And we´re staying with people who look good in red as canadian latex / fetish model Bianca Beauchamp celebrates her 39th birthday. She caused quite a ruckus a while back with her sexy Harley Quinn cosplay and some readers may remember that I already posted links to the censored version of the video on YouTube and also on vimeo where you can download it .

I must say that I never was a big fan of Harley Quinn in the comics ( liked her in the cartoon ) since the first thing they did when they gave her her own series was to change everything about her but Bianca has won me over. I have seen a few versions of Harley cosplay but this is be the best.

So I was looking for a new video to post and I found a good one but for some reason it´s age restricted. And it fits better for Christmas anyway.

Since Pokemon Go seems to be all the rage with kids nowadays here a video where Bianca tries to figure out the game. I have no clue either.

Speaking about having no clue, Katy Manning turns 70 who is best known for playing Jo Grant on Doctor Who whom the writers decided to make not the brightest companion. She proved that you don´t have to be a genius to travel with the Doctor and that she can do more than wash the test tubes but I don´t know why they gave her such a bad starting point.

Roger Moore celebrates his 89th birthday who is best known for replacing Sean Connery as James Bond, a substitution that never really worked for me since Roger had as much charisma as the local supermarket manager.

Before that he became famous as Simon Templar on The Saint which was called Simon Templar here in Germany and the rest of Europe. He also played himself in The Cannonball Run but let´s not get into that. While I can´t stand Roger Moore as James Bond he´s terrific in The Persuaders ( which was simply called The Two in Germany ) alongside Tony Curtis and this is one series you HAVE to watch in german because it´s one of the rare cases where the dubbing improves the show at least 100 percent.

For Today´s cartoon I have chosen a classic from my youth. Halloween is just around the corner and there´s a Grinch video I want to post then but to make readers - especially the younger ones - familiar with the original Dr Seuss cartoons here is The Lorax. I know they just recently made a new 3d version but so far Hollywood remakes have not scored that great and I somehow doubt they´ll keep the ecological message of the 1972 version. 

I wasn´t sure if an honest trailer about the Flash tv show was the right way to end the post but after watching it I have to say that the show is so good they had trouble finding any obvious flaws they can point out.

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