Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thorsday with Jack Kirby : Thor 171 part 1

With all the posts I have written about Marvel´s god of thunder it´s unbelievable that I have yet to make one about Jack Kirby´s issues which are the gold standard so to rectify that here is a post about Thor 171.

Now you might ask why I choose issue 171 from all possible Thor comics. The reason is that in my last THORSDAY post about Walt Simonson´s Thor I posted a link to german blog DAS SAGTE NUFF where he posted the original german black and white pages from THOR 171 and 173 with the german text as published by Hit Comics. But I didn´t just want to re - post them so I put them in the Jack Kirby folder. As luck would have it a few days ago I was cleaning up the laptop and once again came across those Thor pages. I still wanted to post them and this time I had found a few of the original art pages from the stories. Which got me thinking that it would be a good idea to look for more pages. Like the original pages, the printed color pages, maybe some german HIT COMICS pages in color etc.

Okay, I didn´t find everything that I set out to find but enough to do a few posts and enough additional material that it´s not just a re - posting from DAS SAGTE NUFF. Because I like to go in chronological order I start with issue 171 and because I don´t want to put more than 22 pages in one post - otherwise it gets too long - I´m doing it in two installments. Usually I count a black and white page and the corresponding color version just as one page but with THOR 171 almost every page is there in black and white art and in color which would bring the total picture count well over 40 and that is just too much for one post. For this issue I didn´t find much of the original black and white art so it´s mostly the german pages in black and white and the colored version of the original pages. In any case enjoy the first part and if the internet gods are willing we will continue next week.

One of the bonuses - or downsides depending on how you see it - of making posts about the same topic is that after a certain amount of time you run out of things to add because you have already posted them all. So in this post there are no links and since I´m skipping the birthdays Today we go straight to the videos, beginning with one I couldn´t post till now.

I like to throw these videos that have nothing to do with comics in from time to time because I´m always interested in people from other cultures.

Now for Today´s muisc video I had initially planned to post Kanye West´s new video Fade starring the incredibly talented Teyana Taylor but even if the video hadn´t gone viral so far every version on YouTube has been deleted. And I´m not sure if it isn´t blocked by GEMA in Germany anyway.

So I had to come up with something else that has to do with music or dancing or both but thankfully I had found this video of Zuleika Rivera, who was Miss Universe 2006 on Despierta America just a few days earlier.

Man, they have an absolute sexbomb like Ximena Cordoba doing the weather, they have guests like Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera, now this is what I call first class must see tv morning television entertainment.

Going over the last few posts I realized that is has been a long time since I posted a cosplay video and since I have only a limited number of Yaya Han videos - and I don´t want to ignore all the other talented cosplayers out there - here is Assassin Creed Riddle showing off her two breast assets.

Seriously, I have to give Ben Pace major props for being able to conduct a normal interview when faced with such perfect orbs. I would probably be staring at them the whole time if I would even be able to speak at all instead of just drooling all over them. This is one of the instances where I´m late to the party because I had just discovered this canal ( I´m talking about Ben Pace´s video canal not the tight canal between Riddle´s huge .... well, get your mind out of the gutter ) some time ago and now he´s retiring. Well, we can only hope we get to see Riddle somewhere else.

Speaking of huge torpedoes, the Juggernaut always goes off like a missile and he has tangled a few times with Thor which is always a test of the unstoppable force against the unmovable object. Scientists and thinkers have pondered that question for millennia but in the Marvel universe the outcome clearly depends on which force is good and which force is evil.

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