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Happy asian persuasion birthday Miko Lee !

Miko Lee, the human suction pump with the addiction to oral sex turns 39 on this very day so after a lot of thought - and because I just did a post with lots of animated GIFs with her Yesterday - she gets her solo post.

Usually I am very cautious about what kind of material I put on the blog but since I already mentioned Miko in a few other posts and I´m using that material for the most part I think I´m okay. I mean, most of this is already on the blog, I´m only collecting it in this post so I can link to it.

Born of chinese and vietnamese descent and joining the hardcore game at sweet 18 years of age, Miko quickly became one of the most popular asian pornstars at the turn of the millennium. Taking cues from both Asia Carrera’s humorous, sophisticated style and Mai Lin’s all - out attitude, Miko proved an all - purpose sex super weapon, taking on guys with a vengeance. She is one of my favorite asian adult movie stars and one of the things about Miko Lee that has always impressed me is that you totally believe that she can suck a baseball through a garden hose. Heck, this nymphomanic suckcubus can suck a bowling ball through a garden hose.

Because of her superior oral skills she was a trainer for fluffers - women whose job it is to get male porn actors ready to perform when they can´t get it up anymore - and even handled a few emergency cases. There is no male who can resist Miko´s asian charms which has led to a few problems because most of her on screen partners can´t stop performing. And there have been many times where the frustrated director and crew have gone for a three hour lunch break while leaving the camera rolling so they could get everything on tape while Miko was engaged by up to four porn actors.

And while she is often booked with gay actors - porn productions often use them in regular movies because they can last longer as they normally don´t get aroused by sexual intercourse with women - there are a few who refuse to work with her after she turned a few gay actors straight.

I don´t know what it is that lets asian girls get you extra hard - meaning instead of rock hard you´re hard enough to cut diamonds - and I don´t want to say all asian are born prostitutes but Miko got it in spades. She´s a total wildcat in the sack and the bigger they are the harder they squirt.

She attacks their big, swollen, pulsating members with an unbelievable ferocity and nymphomaniac doesn´t even begin to describe her insatiable sex drive. And not only does she swallow the biggest schlongs like you wouldn´t believe, her tight body also seems to be made out of rubber.

This human blow up love doll gets impaled by giant boners that don´t seem to fit into such a small girl. It´s not possible. But Miko just smiles knowingly and mounts them for a hot rodeo that drains all of their juices.

And let us not forget her incredible bubblebutt here that was just made to absorb erect meatpoles. I do not want to sound racist but there seems to be some mysterious correlation between asian girls and sexy butts.

It may be the genes or just magic but like the song says - her butt makes me so horny. Man, those asian butts are just too hot to resist. I am not an authority regarding if they have the best butts in the world but just the thought of some g - string clad asian sexbomb makes you hard as a rock.

When you see Miko in action you can believe all those cliches about asian girls and almost expect her to say : "Me so horny, me love you long time."

Now because of Miko Lee´s special oral expertise I had a real problem with finding good pictures or animated GIFs where she is not slam - banged like a cheap inflatable sexdoll by some brutal pervert with a giant member to make a horse envious or drilled in every hole by various guys at the same time. Or where she doesn´t deepthroat a really ginormous schlong all the way to the shaft like there´s no tomorrow. In the end I did find some pictures I could safely post and I made some animated GIFs myself.

I casted Miko Lee as Batgirl in my Justice League of America movie but originally I had her planned as Doctor Light, a part that I later switched to Akira Lane while Miko Lee became Batgirl so I still could keep them both. For some reason I can´t see Akira Lane play the part of Cassandra Cain.

In the movie Doctor Light has to team up with Guy Gardner  with whom nobody of the girls wants to work with since he has a habit of sexually assaulting the female Justice Leaguers. His preferred object of desire is of course Power Girl - and he constantly thinks of new ways to get her under his mental control - but he uses every female super hero he comes across as a sex toy. In the Green Lantern Corps he has ravaged the body of most female members : he had Boddikka ( who is one of the few women in the galaxy with bigger breasts than Power Girl ) give him a double airbag boob massage, he got Soranik Natu addicted to oral sex since the women on Korugar only have pretty tame sex practices and when he found out that he could change Arisia´s body with his power ring ( since she had already used her own power ring to change her underage body to that of an adult woman so she could have sex with Hal Jordan ) he quickly turned the blonde into a walking, talking blow up sex doll with giant twin torpedoes.

During a mission he tied up Wonder Woman with her magic lasso and when that released her accumulated sexual frustration took advantage of her.

He also sexually tamed the underage Mary Marvel - who DOES have the adult body of a porn star in her super hero identity - for months and later sold her to her archenemy Dr. Sivana as his personal obedient sex slave.

And speaking about personal sex slaves, I don´t want to go into detail here about all the sick, perverted and degrading sex practices Guy used to tame Vixen after her break up with John Stewart left her emotionally vulnerable. During a mission Guy somehow managed to use Vixen´s animal totem to make her horny like a cat in heat and pumped her relentlessly.

So Guy Gardner is a real piece of work and at first he is not very excited to have Doctor Light as a partner because her just sees her as a total square. Then they have to go undercover and when he sees her bootylicious butt he gets a huge erection and to save their JLA mission Dr. Light reluctantly has to orally satisfy Guy till he can´t get it up anymore ( nine times !!! ).

With her superior deepthroat skills she manages to tame Guy and because Doctor Light loves to pump huge meatpoles dry she persuades Guy - who is hung like a horse - to a threesome with the equally inclined Batgirl.

During a weekend filled with the rampant abuse of viagra and illegal alien sex drugs and double dildos the two human suction pumps turn Guy into their mindless sex slave by banging him into oblivion with their insatiable pornstar bodies. Again and again the deepthroating duo polishes Guy´s steelhard loveshaft until he showers their sweaty bodies in gallons of cum.

The good news : the mission is successful. The bad news : after the mission Dr. Light disappears. Only after 8 months she is found - bound, gagged and sexually assaulted an incalculable number of times - in Guy´s basement where he has been using her relentlessly as his new sex toy.

I also mentioned Miko Lee in my alternatives post about casting the Justice League movie where I introduced Katana from BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS series to the fold just so I could have Yaya Han in the movie.

Man, speaking about megahot sexbombs with the ultimate pornstar body there´s just gotta be a way how I can include megahorny cosplay goddess Yaya Han in the cast of my JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA fantasy movie.

I´d even bend the rules a bit and have her as the Outsiders´ Katana. She was a great character and they even brought her back in the ARROW tv series even if they gave her a different costume. I don´t know much about the NEW 52 version but she looks like a cheap Kabuki clone ( and shame on you if you don´t know to which comic I´m referring here ).

BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS has always been a personal favorite of mine - not in the least because of Jim Aparo´s great art on the book - and now that the first twelve issues are going to be reprinted in hardcover at the end of February 2017 I should do another post about them. So far I have written a general overview of the series and done posts about the first issue and their Christmas issues but I still have material for more posts.

Daimn, just check out the size of those opai on Yaya Han. We have to get her to do full frontal nudity in the JLA movie, her body was built for it.

Since I already casted asian pornstar Miko Lee (  a.k.a. the human dick suction pump ) as the Cassandra Cain Batgirl Yaya could give her some combat training during which they would get their skintight clothes all wet and transparent before ripping it to shreds. Naturally the two naked asian beauties would end up in an imprompto " duel of the double dildos - last nympho cums screaming " marathon sex session impaling each other´s sweat soaked tireless bodies again and again and again without mercy.

Speaking about exotic sexbombs, since Kiana Tom is also in the movie as the female post CRISIS Dr. Light I should try to include her in the scene.

I´m not sure if Kiana would do too explicit sex scenes but she probably would not have a problem getting naked for the camera as she not only posed nude for the PLAYBOY but did it when her body was at it´s prime.

She only got to show her boobs - and not even her naked boobs - in Universal Soldier 2 and I bet she has the stuff to go the full monty.

Now I have an idea that would work and include the hot Akira Lane : she could be Judomaster - the new female version from Geoff Johns´ JSA run back when he wrote great stories - and spar with my Batgirl Miko Lee.

Then while they have their double dildo climax battle Katana ( Yaya Han ) and Dr. Light ( Kiana Tom ) would do the same and the respective winners - and losers - would take on each other in another bout. So in any case you would have four asian sex queens going at it twice and the viewer would win in the end, no matter how the individual battles turn out.

And there just has to be a way how we can get Yaya Han to wear the same sex outfit as Akira Lane here. Can you imagine Yaya Han´s king sized XXL breasts with the areolas of the nipples being totally visible in that mesh shirt and her naked butt only covered by a tiny string of dental floss ?

Now being realistic I thought about a possible body double for Yaya Han if she´s not comfortable with the amount of explicit nudity the role would require but it´s not easy finding one for a 40D girl. I thought about banker / model Li Ling Ling from Singapore who also goes by the name of busty Singaporean and about whom I wrote in an earlier post . Supposedly a few pictures of her were " leaked " on the internet by an IT person who was repairing her laptop and landed on various adult websites under the title of " nude pictures of Yaya Han ". Now as you can see below this woman has an impressive chest but it´s only 38DD. Yaya is two sizes bigger !    

Still I´m not giving up hope as there has to be someone out there who is in Yaya Han´s league and can double for her. I would really like to meet someone like that for a special weekend session on the casting couch.

Miko Lee as Batgirl ( Cassandra Cain )

If you have read the Hollywood edition you might have guessed that I´m not that big a fan of the ninja Batgirl. But I just had to include her in my list so I could cast asian rubbergirl and human vacuum cleaner Miko Lee.

Being one of the top experts at giving head in the adult movie business made the task of finding pictures of oral suction pump Miko Lee " So Horny " a.k.a. The Men Milking Machine - also known as the Dude Juicer - that looked good but were still safe to post a bit difficult but I found some where she´s not engaged in any unsavory practice. What was I thinking ?

Well, I know with which part of my body I was thinking and since the JLA movie casting was only meant as a mental exercise there didn´t need to be a practical side to it. Miko had stopped doing movies when I first wrote this or she got out of it soon afterwards. She did appear in a new video in 2011 so maybe I could get her after all. And here is a short biography :

Miko was born as Connie T Chang in San Diego on March the 30th, 1980 and is of vietnamese and chinese descend. She began her career as adult model around 1999 / 2000 when she started to appear in various adult picture layouts, which were distributed through various adult websites. 

Her career as an adult actress began in 2000 as she started to appear in mostly asian themed adult flicks. In the beginning of her career, she was known for being a buxom figured asian oral nympho with a round face. Later she went through a dramatic transformation in terms of her entire appearance, with a more slender body, a leaner facial structure and blond dyed hair as well as getting her boobs blown up to arousing proportions. This is also around the period when she developed a special friendship with her fellow co star Lexington Steele and the two went on to perform in many flicks. Her scenes with Lexington Steele are still regarded as some of her best as well as her scenes in HEAVEN SENT, HOT WHEELZ, RED DRAGON and her best scene EVER in LECHEE NUTS. Miko has also made several virtual interactive flicks, interactive movies produced to give the viewer the impression that they are experiencing the scene.

Miko was the voice of Natsuno in the hentai anime Desert Island Story X. After Fornic - Asian in 2009, Miko disappeared from the porn business for several years but she re - appeared in 2011. In 2012 her movie company MIKO LEE PRODUCTIONS made SPARTACUS MMXXII : THE BEGINNING in which Miko Lee also appeared. The movie won an AVN award in 2013 and was nominated for eleven more as well as for two Sex Awards, fourteen XBiz Awards and two XRCO Awards. Her latest movies are THE HUNTED : CITY OF ANGELS from 2014 which co stars Katsuni and the comedy A TALENT FOR TROUBLE where she has a non porn role as Noodle Box Girl.

Not much is known of her life outside the business, although she´s been pretty outspoken about her personal life in various interviews. Miko speaks fluent Chinese and has a predilection for bisexual relationships. 

She also claimed planning to pursue a degree in law. Contrary to this statement, a source from IMDB suggests that she is pursuing a degree in computer science. Authenticity of this information is in question.

According to adult star Mika Tan Miko initially concealed her porn career from her parents, claiming instead to be working as a grocery clerk. But the secret was revealed to her parents when Miko's disgruntled former manager mailed her layouts to her parent's house.

Many who have worked with Miko have claimed that she has a very down - to - earth personality and is very easy to work with. Veteran director Bud Lee has stated that " ...I love Miko Lee. She's one of my favorite, favorite stars ever...She comes extremely prepared. She brings tons of clothing with her and so forth. Just a real good person to work with."  

Her down to earth personality is also apparent in Behind The Scenes footage, where she is often seen goofing around with her costars.

She keeps her loyal fanbase updated via her Twitter account where she’s never shy of sharing nude pictures of her still gorgeous self, both from former days as well as current ones. To me, Miko Lee is one of my personal revelations in asian porn, defining the new breed of asian super sex dolls fated to take the industry by storm, still making rods around the world hard in no time when you watch one of her scenes. Domo arigato, Miko.

So this is - finally - my Miko Lee birthday post which I am NOT actually writing on Miko Lee´s birthday but I will date the post to correspond to the right date. Which is a bit confusing now but not as confusing if I posted this on the actual date I´m writing this because that could lead to me missing Miko´s birthday. Anyway, you will see this post - probably in a much shorter version - pop up on the blog on an annual basis from now on.

Usually I don´t re - post videos but since this is the basis version of the Miko Lee birthday post I´m making an exception. And it´s not like I found a better one on YouTube. Plus I really like Miko´s outfit in this interview.

Now I thought about adding more pornstar interviews as I have found some with Cindy Starfall and Akira Lane but I don´t want to have too many videos of the same type in one post because after the third interview it gets boring. I also entertained the idea of including more videos I can´t put on the normal comic posts but it takes just too long to find them. So instead I doing the usual selection of videos starting with an anime I have wanted to post for a long time now : Battle Of The Planets or G - Force.

Going over my Outsiders posts I found out I already posted the New Teen Titans / Batman & The Outsiders crossover so here is Katana´s origin.

Speaking of Katana, in all seriousness I think it would be a great costume for Yaya Han no matter if she does the original version or if she puts her own spin on it and decides to include a boob window - as long as she keeps it old school. The NEW 52 costume of Katana is just too unoriginal. Anyway, I thik this is a great costume where you can show your costume making skills and it´s especially good for those cold months of winter or if you are not comfortable with showing much skin and want to cover up.

We end the post with another steamy performance by Hyuna and there are rumors that she had some breast surgery. I´m not so sure since I have been following her career only recently and in any case it is something that she has to decide for herself. In any case she looks better than ever and her look keeps changing in almost any new video so it´s hard to tell anyway. Man, I went to the trouble to look for some Hyuna GIFs and now that I have found some good ones this is the second post where I can´t put any of them in it because I already have too many GIFs here. Well, there is always another Hyuna video left to post and hope springs eternal.

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