Friday, January 06, 2017

Paul Ryan Flash Friday again : Hell to pay

It seems that I have been trying to do this post forever as something has always come up since this post was originally scheduled to appear on the blog - seven weeks ago. Normally I would not post this Today either but this has gone long enough and I already did the re - post of swimsuit thong cult siren Linda Kozlowski in advance so it doesn´t matter if I finish the post Today, I got all day Tomorrow to put the usual bells and whistles on it.

Lately I have not managed to keep up with the FLASH FRIDAY posts but I hope now that the holidays are over I can return to more regular postings. If this is your first FLASH FRIDAY post you might want to go back to the last one because I put up all the links of the posts so far into that one. All others are probably already anxious to read on so let´s continue with the story in progress which features Jay Garrick, one of my favorite Flashes.

Today we have a rather short post but before we get to the birthday / video part I want to mention the Epic Collections I pimped in my last post. There are still four copies of Amazing Spider - Man : Cosmic Adventures available for a measly 26 EUROS but I hope that those who wanted to order Moon Knight : Shadows Of The Moon did so because it´s now back at 34 EUROS. Like I always say, these book bargains don´t last very long.

Today´s first celebrity birthday is Janine Turner who turns 55 and I almost skipped her anniversary because I already mentioned Northern Exposure a few times and although the series in now - finally ! - available on DVD in german there are no episodes in good quality on YouTube. But I did find a clip of the stunning Janine Turner on David Letterman. What a tomato !

So last week I was binge watching Justice League Action and afterwards I really got the sudden urge ... to go back and watch Justice League - The Animated Series. Because if you think Teen Titans Go is bad think about throwing the complete NEW 52 / REBIRTH universe in the mix and it just gets worse. The only good thing on that show is that they kept most of the voice actors which is really a testament how spot on the work of Andrea Romano - who celebrates her 62nd birthday - is. To give props I couldn´t possibly use something from the new JLA cartoon abomination so here is a clip from Justice League - The Animated Series that serves as an example on why those shows will never be surpassed. I mean they made Aquaman cool when nobody thought Aquaman was cool. This may have even been the inspiration for the NEW 52 Aquaman comic book.

Today´s music video is by Marius Müller Westernhagen who turns 69. He´s probably unknown outside of Germany but here he is like an institution.

Normally I don´t put two cartoon videos in one post but the first one is rather short. Also when I stumbled upon this I remembered that when I started this whole anime / cartoon meme in the videos the idea was to feature what I consider to be the best of the best. Like usual I got a bit off the path over time - trying too much to include an anime / cartoon video that has something to do with the theme of the post - so whenever I can I will be smuggling in some from my best of the best list. Anyway, it has been a while since this was on television - way back when there was a german branch of Mtv and they had gone from a music video only channel to showing the best anime / cartoons like The Maxx, Aeon Flux, Golden Boy, Cowboy Bebop or Samurai Champloo. Which means that there is a whole generation out there who might not be familiar with this series.

As always we end the post with a Flash video and since there are more and more new fans of the tv series I thought it appropriate to include a little Flash 101 which in this case means 101 facts about the Flash. Which the Flash also did in the comics : since a lot of kids read comics in those days the writers thought this would be a good opportunity to bring some science across to kids so they started to give kids some short scientific information called Flash Facts. Which makes this 102 facts about the Flash.

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