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It´s a Giant - Size Thursday with Gil Kane !

I should try to get some rest since I haven´t slept since Sunday but as it´s Gil Kane´s birthday I am waiting with it until the main part is on the blog.

Since this is a special occasion I decided to go with Gil Kane´s GIANT - SIZE covers but of course I have omitted a few since that would be an unusually long post and also because I didn´t like some of them. There, I said it. Anyway, there are only a few post left to do with all the covers I have pre - selected but of course there is a lot of other Gil Kane stuff still to post. So don´t worry that I´ll run out of material of this comic master. 

According to blogger this is my 850th post and this is really not how I had envisioned it. What I had in mind was another special Best Of The Best post but things don´t always work out the way we planned it. So now that this post has lain unfinished for over a week let´s wrap things up.

Today´s first celebrity birthday is Diora " Double Dee " Baird who turns 34.

I have to admit that so far I haven´t seen any of her movies but I know of her - mostly because of her impressive 37E double airbags - which was the main reason that I cast her as the REAL Batgirl, the original Barbara Gordon Batgirl in my first Casting the Justice League of America movie post .

Since this is a Marvel themed post it´s only fitting that our next candidate is Paul Rudd who celebrates his 48th birthday since he plays the Scott Lang Ant Man. He also played Desmond Fellows on Veronica Mars with bikini 34D siren Charisma Carpenter best known as Cordelia on ANGEL.

One of these days I´ll have to get the first season of Veronica Mars to find out how it all started since I came in at the tailend of that season - as usual. Besides Veronica Mars Charisma Carpenter was also in episode 11 of season 5 of Burn Notice where she showed she still can deliver the goods.

In Germany only the first three seasons of Burn Notice have come out on DVD and right now I´m halfway through season 2. I´m not sure if I should wait any longer to see if they will do the rest someday or just get them through imports. Now that I´m invested I want to know how it plays out and there is even a spin off with Bruce Campbell´s character Sam. In any case Charisma´s funbags alone are worth the price of admission . Daimn !

We are staying with incredibly hot women a bit longer as famous soft sex / erotic movie / b - movie cult siren Mia Zottoli turns 49. So far I haven´t managed to do a full post on her and it looks like this won´t change soon.

The month of April really has a lot of hot sexbombs that celebrate their birthday that month and with Krista Allen, Mia Zottoli and Nikki Fritz ( who celebrates her birthday Tomorrow ) this was always an extra busy time for me checking all the links back when I had my old boob blog.

This is almost like the trifecta of erotic actresses but not quite as my top three erotic actresses are Nikki Fritz, Mia Zottoli and Shauna OBrien - in that particular order. Too bad nobody ever made a movie with all three.

Back to our cult siren of the day, since I still hope to give Mia Zottoli a solo post at some point I´m not going to put everything from my old post here. If you watch b - movies you have probably seen her in some movies and if you watch erotic movies chances are very high you have seen her take her clothes off. She had some breast surgery early in her career from which she benefitted greatly as you can see in her best best movies which are The Mummy´s Kiss, Fast Lane to Las Vegas and Sinful Temptations.

Especially the last one is my favorite Mia Zottoli movie not only because she´s in her best physical condition in this one but also because it has a lot of nude scenes with her in such a relatively short film. So check out her movies - if you haven´t yet - and for Mia Zottoli : many happy returns, as always good luck, stay strong, healthy and thanks for the mammaries !

Speaking of that part of the female anatomy Mark Strickson celebrates his 58th birthday who had the luck of playing Turlough on Doctor Who at the same time that Janet Fielding returned as Tegan in her boob tube outfit.

But Mark even managed to top that by getting his hands on possibly the hottest Doctor Who companion ever - Peri played by Nicola Bryant.

Which brings us directly to our next video. While I usually would look for a video or a trailer with Turlough I think it might be more interesting for my readers to see a few bits of original footage from other actors who were considered for the role of the space hopping timelord but turned it down.

We continue with cult sci fi franchises although we make the journey from Great Britain to Amerika as Billy Dee Williams turns 80. The charismatic actor who played Harvey Dent in the Michael Keaton Batman movies was also in a Defenders series and a Nighthawks series - which naturally had nothing to do with the Marvel characters of the same name - but he is of course best known as Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars movies.

I have finally managed to get the third hardcover omnibus of Marvel´s original Star Wars series but so far I haven´t had the time to start reading them. Maybe when the course I´m doing for the jobcenter is over I can get to it so there might be more Star Wars comics content on the blog. 

We continue with Ingo Insterburg, one of the founding members of the german comedy quartett Insterburg & Co who has achieved the ripe age of 83 Today. To people of my generation you don´t have to explain who he is : besides being part of the german kabarett bedrock he has appeared in four movies and written several books. He is famous for playing countless instruments among them many strange ones he invented himself often made out of kitchen appliances like a saxophone he built out of a waste water tube. Since this is the second year in a row that he has graced this section and this is my last Insterburg & Co video he won´t return in 2018.

So far I haven´t had a lot of videos for the birthday candidates - and it was especially frustrating to try and find a video for Mia Zottoli or the other hot sexbombs from my alltime favorites like Nikki Fritz or Shauna O´Brien as an alternative - so I am including a few videos that are not specific to any particular theme or that have been bookmarked for ages. One of those is Kaliman - El Hombre Increible. I don´t know when I will get the chance to write about Kaliman again - especially since I really don´t know that much about Mexico´s most famous hero - and the best part about the film is getting to hear the main villain swear in german.

Apropos german, I´m always trying to include more videos for my german readers so here is a review of Chris Ware´s Jimmy Corrigan by literary critic Denis Scheck which is one of the books on my to read bucket list.

I wanted to end the post with a video about Gil Kane so here is DC Nation´s Sword Of The Atom. Sadly they didn´t even try to emulate Gil Kane´s art style and I could not find a video on YouTube with the full cartoon so you will have to go through the various chapters one by one.

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