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Warlord Wednesday on Mike Grell´s 70th

Today I have a few sleepless hours to kill so I want to do a post to show my appreciation for all of Mike Grell´s work over the years. Hm, we have two Mike birthday posts in a row. Coincidence ? I have enjoyed most of his comics - the ones I could find - so here´s to a happy 70th birthday, Mike !

Now this should have been a very quick post but for some reason - either there is too much stuff on the hard drive or there is a program running that eats up almost all of the processor capacity - the laptop is superslow and it just took me four hours to select the 23 pictures for this post. And they were all in the same folder ! So there will be no comments on most of the pictures for the next few days - at least until this damned contraption works faster - and do not be surprised if the look of the post changes a bit. Also, the entertainment section will be copied from the Mike Grell post I did last year and changed accordingly when I can find the time.

That said, as always I tried to do a good selection but as you can see there is more from the WARLORD series in this post ( which thankfully made it easier to come up with an alliteration for Wednesday ) which is due to the limitation of accessible material. I just have more WARLORD stuff than anything else. And talking about accessibility, going over the art for this post I realized how much of Mike Grell´s work is still not available in trades or other collections. Yes, STARSLAYER is finally being reprinted now but for WARLORD there is only the black and white SHOWCASE PRESENTS edition so if you want a nice color hardcover - forget it ! Also I don´t think his issues of GREEN ARROW or GREEN LANTERN have been reprinted either.

Since one of Mike Grell´s signature comic books is Green Lantern I want to start Today´s link / celebrity birthday / video section with this topic.

Now we all know the classic Green Lantern oath, " The light of the Green Lantern pierces darkness and mystery, and it´s radiance will strike at the heart of evil ! " which has been translated a few times here in Germany. Which must have something to do with copyright because apart from the original translation way back in the old Ehapa comics all new translations sound worse than the one before. I mean, if somebody quotes the bible in a comic you would not do a new translation of that bible quote to german since there is already a translated version and if you DID a new translation nobody would recognize the quote. The same way you do not need to do a new version of the Green Lantern oath for the german readers unless the old version is copyrighted. What do you say ? The Green Lantern oath above it NOT the classic ? Well, it´s not Hal Jordan´s oath but it is one of the oaths used by the original Silver Age Green Lantern Alan Scott. Yes, I said one of the oaths because the writers used several ones on the series.

And you can find out the reasons for that as well as how many different Green Lantern oaths there are on this article from DIAL B FOR BLOG . By the way, I thought that maybe the people who did these bad translations of the Green Lantern oath to german were just using one of Alan Scott´s old oaths but that is not true either. They probably just do not care.

Coming from one Alan connected with the Green Lanterns to another, SAVAGE TALES has one of the most revered Green Lantern tales of all times, Mogo Doesn´t Socialize written by Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons. Whenever I hear the latest news about Alan Moore I want to get mad about him but then I remember all the great stories he did with Dave Gibbons and I give him a pass. I may wish he would do something more worthwhile again instead of all this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen nonsense and the other crap but he has earned to do whatever he wants to do now. I sometimes just feel sad about all the great tales we miss.

Speaking of Dave Gibbons, besides drawing the regular GREEN LANTERN book for years he also did the Green Lantern issue of Stan Lee Imagines the DC Universe and the first birthday on the obligatory list of birthdays we missed but I already covered is Kevin Maguire for whom I did a special FLASH FRIDAY post with the female Flash of that alternative hero universe.

I can´t resist to post anything related to Teen Titans : Kevin Maguire drew a few issues of the short lived spin - off Team Titans and SCANS DAILY has a post on issue 2 where they basically explain why Mirage was such a badly written character ( for people who don´t remember her claim to infame, she shape - shifted into Starfire so she could have wild all night marathon sex orgies with Nightwing. Boy, did she take his name - Dick - literal ! )

Speaking of nymphos who have changed their appearance, the first birthday babe is asian blow up sex doll Minka, and in her case that´s also meant quite literal since she has blown up her boobs a few times until she got her preferred breast size of 55KK ! Anyway, there is not much I can add to the post I did last year - which is probably a relief for some readers - and if the other readers want to get some relief ( you know what I´m talking about, time for some asian masturbation ) just click on the link.

On the other side I DID plan to do a new post for Heather Thomas - best known for her blue bikini on The Fall Guy - since my first cult siren solo post I did on her last year had more of 80s Power Girl Markie Post in it than Heather Thomas. Although you can never have too much Markie Post !

In any case, I just came across the material that was scheduled for this new post Yesterday so maybe I can still do that post - if I can manage to fix the laptop problems until then - at a later date ( like I did with Salma Hayek , where I still plan to make a second post. Not only because the first one is basically just  re - post but also to post all the GIFs of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN and other movies I could not fit into the first one ). 

Until then here is a video of Heather Thomas showing off her spectacular physique in a pink bikini on Love Boat. The more I see of this series the more convinced I am that I need to get this on DVD because not only is it a bikini bonanza of 70s and 80s Who´s Who of Hollywood sexbombs on top of that Teri Hatcher plays one of the on board dance group The Mermaids.

We continue with a few important cult sirens of notice beginning with September the 9th : Janet Fielding turned 64 who is best known for playing the fifth Doctor´s companion Tegan Jovanka on Doctor Who and wearing a very tight fitting boob tube on her second stint on the Tardis.

I think she is the first companion who came back after leaving the Tardis and if you want to watch her best parts there is The Black Guardian Trilogy which includes Mawdryn Undead, Terminus and Enlightenment.

Tom Wopat celebrated his 66th birthday who is of course best known for playing one half of the duke Boys on The Dukes of Hazard alongside Catherine Bach who really should have been in bikinis more often.

Martial arts superstar Don " The Dragon " Wilson turned 63rd on September the 10th and while he has played a corpsman in Born On The 4th Of July and the gang leader in Batman Forever you have probably seen him as the lead in r - rated martial arts movies which include a lot of Bloodfist flicks.

Now as longtime readers know one of my pet pevees on this blog is celebrating all the brave actresses who turn unsufferable dreck into bearable entertainment by taking their clothes off or at least show what their Mama gave them and who don´t get enough recognition for that.

In the movie The Capitol Conspiracy also known as Prophet there is such a blond sexbomb who uses all her physical attributes to upgrade the film.

Getting more info on her was very difficult because instead of using her real name Wendy Schumacher she goes by Alexander Keith in the credits which doesn´t sound very feminine. In the movie Don plays an FBI agent who was part of a special experiment to give operatives mental powers and the bureau is secretly using him to track down the other members of the group and kill them. Wendy plays his handler and boy DOES she know how to handle him. Not only does she f - word him figuratively she literally tries to f - word his brains out. Daim, she can handle my pole anytime.

Since I still try to keep the posts SAFE FOR WORK - at least mostly - and because I don´t know which ones are the best I´m not going to post any of Don´s martial arts movies but I´m sure you can find Wendy´s classic midnight movies on YouTube like Scorned 2 or Animal Instinct III where the lesbian four way in the bathtub alone is worth the price of admission. And speaking of movie cult sirens, Amy Irving who starred in Carrie and Yentl and who played Emily Sloane on Alias celebrated her 64th birthday on the same day as Don " The Dragon " Wilson. Her greatest contribution to culture is as the sexy singing voice of male toon fantasy Jessica Rabbit.

The animated high quality GIF above is just one of the over 150 GIFs - some of them too big to post here OR on DeviantArt - you can find in Toongod´s Jessica Rabbit gallery at DeviantArt and be sure to check out his gallery where you can find GIFs about toon hotties like Cool World´s Holli Would, Lily Allen, Lonette or Tex Avery´s Little Red Riding Hood.

Speaking about male sex fantasies, Joe Perry turned 67 who was a co - founding member of the band Aerosmith as well as the principal song co - writer, lead guitarrist and co - producer. It must have been hard to watch band member Tyler Perry´s daughter grow up to be such a sexbomb and not being able to do anything about it. I mean he had to watch her wear those tight too short leather pants and showing her skills on the stripper pole in the Crazy video knowing that she´s un - f - word - able for him.

We are staying on the subject of male sex fantasies with one last cult siren as the impossibly hot Taraji P. Henson celebrated her anniversary on September the 12th. You can say what you want about the effectiveness of PETA - as long as their ad campaigns manage to convince sexbombs like Taraji to show off her 38C ( ! ) - 28 - 37 measurements I´m okay with that.

Daimn, can you believe she´s 47 ? Which means that if I ever managed to bone this nubian sex goddess I would be doing it with a younger woman.

Speaking of nubian sex goddesses, Today´s birthdays start with Yunoka Doyle who turns 39 and whom I mentioned in my CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE REDUX post. She was Ashley´s " bosom buddy " Keesha on The Fresh Prince Of Bel - Air with a big emphasis on the " bosom " part.    

Of course a big part of that show´s success and continued appeal around the world ( there are probably only a few people on the face of the planet who can´t recite the lyrics to the title song in their sleep ) is Tatyana Ali who grew from a cute little girl into an incredible sexbomb over the course of that series and who got to show her musical skills.

Much to the chagrin of the show´s producers she really bOObed all out in later movie appearances like The Clown at Midnight or Fall Into Darkness .

Frank Marshall celebrates his 71st birthday who produced a lot of films with a big impact on culture like the Indiana Jones movies, Poltergeist, Twilight Zone, the Gremlins movies, Young Sherlock Holmes, the Back To The Future movies, the Feivel movies, Innerspace, Arachnophobia, The Sixth Sense, the Jason Bourne movies, Seabisquit and last but not least Who Framed Roger Rabbit ? which created the sexiest toons in history.

Since I already posted a cartoon video from Who Framed Roger Rabbitt ? here is real life Jessica Rabbitt the argentinian blow up sex doll model Celina Rucci ( I mentioned her in a few posts before ) making every guy´s wet dream come true on Bailando Para Un Sueno which is their version of Dancing With The Stars only that it´s a striptease competition. It´s no wonder the Miss Playboy TV 2004 won thanks to her giant 34E gazongas. 

I mentioned the Feivel movies before because Don Bluth has his 80th anniversary Today. He was Disney when Disney had stopped being Disney ( I know this sounds weird but it also makes total sense ) and the first movie which I saw and where I was aware that this was by Don Bluth was The Secret of Nihm. Although my all time favorite Don Bluth movie is Anastasia which I have finally bought on DVD. I will probably get the Blue Ray sooner or later because this really demands a high quality resolution.

So it should not surprise longtime readers that I´m using this opportunity to post another video with latin masssita Thalia who really looks much better in the blue dress from the movie. She did the songs Una Vez En Diciembre and Viaje Tiempo Atras for the spanish language version which is one of the resons why haven´t gotten it because you can´t access the spanish language version on the german Blue Ray. Back to Thalia I´m not sure if I have already posted all the parts of her appearance on this show but here are two videos of higher quality than what I posted previously.

We are staying with movies as Today is also the anniversary of Richard Kiel´s birth who is best known as the extra large Bond antagonist from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. He also appeared in Cannonball Run II and episodes of The Fall Guy and Superboy. As I already mentioned the main sexbombs from The Fall Guy, Markie Post and Heather Thomas you can probably guess with what we close out the post. I could not find the episode with Richard Kiel so I picked the one with Priscilla Presley.

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