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It´s an asian sensation at Minka Monday !

Today South Korean adult model / exotic dancer / porn star Minka a.k.a. the asian woman with the largest breasts in the world ( 55KK ) turns 50.

And since it has been four years since I wrote her original cult siren entry I thought it´s time for a re - post. But more than a re - post this is actually an updated version since I didn´t write that much about Minka in the initial post. Also since I wrote her spotlight post back in 2016 I have put much more explicit material on the blog so I wanted to incorporate that.

But the deciding factor why I wanted to do this new version of Minka´s post is that I found a lot of material from when she started out and she hadn´t gone all gung ho with blowing up her boobs to giant - sized proportions. I still think that this is the time when she looked her best. 

Minka was born in Seoul and she owes her exotic looks to her french, korean and vietnamese heritage. She became a skilled tennis player in college and came to America in 1993 to compete in the Asian Olympic in Chicago where she won the Gold Medal in women´s double with her partner. Minka took up residence in the US to become a tennis instructor but when she couldn´t pass the license exam because of her poor english skills she became a model which ALL her former tennis partner suggested. 

But Minka wasn´t always the XXXL MILF we all know. Back when she started her career she was a pretty decent average breast size. True, she had some surgery done but nothing as extreme as what came later.

Now don´t get me wrong : I won´t deny that I love big boobs and if somebody wants to have plastic surgery that´s their decision. But sometimes you just can´t help but wonder if it really is necessary.

The mega inflated hasian herself confessed that because of her titanic tits she knows all security officers in her vicinity on a personal basis as they always single her out to be strip searched at the airport, the bus terminal, where ever she is traveling or the mall by all available male personnel. The horny officers usually take turns savagely pounding her before tag teaming her two, three or four at a time turning these into impromptu sex orgies.

I don´t know what it is that lets asian girls get you extra hard - meaning instead of rock hard you´re hard enough to cut diamonds - and I don´t want to say all asian are born prostitutes but Minka got it in spades. She´s a total wildcat in the sack and the bigger they are the harder they squirt.

One of my favorite movies with Minka is where she is a nurse at a clinic that specializes in penis enlargement who constantly test the patients supersized appendages and has to give the chief surgeon the special XXL boob massage treatment to avoid being fired after he catches her giving the latest patient a test drive. So if I could direct an erotic movie with Minka I would make her a nymphomaniac night nurse and all the electronic equipment would be out of commission so she had to test the patients stamina the old fashioned way by giving them a special endurance test.

Of course the equipment would be sabotaged on a regular basis by her horny patients and they would all take lots of viagra so they could last all night long during  Minka´s special " midnight olympics " drainage sessions.

Between her shifts she would be double dildoing Angelique, the lesbian nurse from the night shift - of course. Another possible scenario is that she would be working in a sex clinic that specializes in the treatment of well hung patients who produce too much sperm by milking them dry.

With her giant XXL melons Minka would soon become the oral and breast massage specialist for the extra hard cases and she would have to make them shoot buckets of manjuice every other hour so they do not die.

Then, the rich patients of the area would pay the corrupt doctor, to be diagnosed with this illness so that Minka ( who is there to be cured of her raging nymphomania ) would pump them dry on prescription. Especially elder, terminally ill patients would pay huge sums to get a chance to kick the bucket while being service by a megahot MILF boobstar like Minka.

Or - my favorite - she works as a sex surrogate in a clinic for sex therapy and all the male patients have oversized, giant members and a constant hard on. They would be fixated on asians with huge racks and bikini tan lines and Minka would have to participate in role playing and dress up in uniform so the patients could vent their frustrations with female cops.

And no matter how often they had these sessions, they would always come back ( with no sign of improvement ) and specifically ask for Minka.

Of course the boss of the clinic would be some perverted old guy who would take advantage of Minka and since she doesn´t have the right papers, she would have to let him pound her every night in the shower.

Or else he would sic the immigration on her and her underage daughter ( who already has a pornstar body at the tender age of 15 and would be played by Akira Lane or Miko Lee since Yaya Han probably won´t do nude scenes ). So she has to be his sex slave and obedient blow up sex doll every night to prevent him from sexually assaulting her poor daughter.

On the weekends he would take sex drug overdoses so he could ravage her body again and again, turning the time from Friday night till Monday morning into one long sex orgy marathon with a few breaks for resting, drinking alcohol - and taking more of the sex drug. He is doing his own experiments trying to find a better viagra and he´s testing it on Minka.

Then some day a few rapists who escaped from prison would assault the clinic, but the nymphomanic Minka would bang them into submission. One after the other. Think DIE HARD but with lots of sex - kind of DRY HARD.

Anyway, this is my new version of MILF Minka´s cult siren post with less animated GIFs ( I´m going with quality over quantity here ) and more new pictures of Minka in her younger days. As always I couldn´t include all the pictures I wanted into this post ( applying the 23 pictures per post rule that I also use for all of my comicbook related posts ) so there might be a Minka bonus spotlight post popping up in the not too distant future.

Now while I am writing this almost a week after Minka´s actual birthday I am still stuck in the middle of April and it will take me quite a while to catch up. If ever. So I am skipping the celebrity birthdays for this post.

As longtime readers know asian girls are my kryptonite so I am including the choreography of Lil Boi´s Big Talk because it has an asian sex goddess coming in at 3:13 minutes. The best part with this blow up sex doll is at 3:45 minutes where she not only shows that she can spread her legs better than Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers but we get an incredible close up of her crotch area. Which is also a good reference for all struggling artists who have problems with that part of the female anatomy. And if that filly doesn´t make you immediately cream your jeans I don´t know what will.

Apropos blazin asians with sick moves, I had a Hyuna video in my very first Minka post so to continue the tradition - and because I haven´t posted a video with her in quite some time - here is one of the few I have left.

Breaking up the whole asian fascination theme of the post here is another long episode of Inside Of You to help you go through these long hours during the quarantine. Since season nine of Smallville has finally arrived from amazon Today we listen to John Schneider who played Superman´s - adoptive - Dad on Smallville ( who did a way better job of raising Clark Kent than Kevin Costner did in Man Of Steel ) but also Bo Duke on The Dukes Of Hazzard. So you have Lex Luthor interviewing Jonathan Kant. 

Speaking of breaking up things, while I like to have a theme in the bonus section I don´t want to have too many videos that are similar and I like to cover different things or genres. So while we return to the sexy asians with Jenny Babas the main reason why I chose to include her is that she also is hilariously funny. And we all need something that makes us smile.

I am not trying to come up with a clever segueway from the previous video and the fact that Jenny Babas is in a similar pose in the preview picture of her video than Momiji is pure coincidence. In any case Jenny has done some hot dancing in her videos before and hope springs eternal.

I like watching these videos not only because it´s helps bide the time but also because you learn a lot about other countries. Especially which kind of foods that are very cheap here are not as affordable somewhere else.

For Today´s movie discussion we turn to the adaption of the Alita - Battle Angel manga. There have been quite a few manga into movie adaptions in the last few years - because basically Hollywood has run out of ideas - and one thing americans always do when adapting foreign movies, books or comicbooks for the american audience is changing everything to american.

I have never understood why that has to be because I think it is more exciting to experience life somewhere else. So when you just change everything to how it is in America you take away a big part of the appeal of the story. Anyway, I have only seen parts of the movie but what I have seen so far was interesting. Of course the SJWs are crying bloody murder because the big eye thing and Alita being turned into basically a sex doll.

Which is a big part of the underlying themes of the manga series : the gender roles people try to force on Alita and her fight to emancipate herself from them and get to define for herself what she wants to be. But hey, why ruin a movie experience by reading the original source material ?

On the other side we have one of the most american tv shows with Rawhide starring Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood during his younger days.

Closing out things for Today - and I can´t believe that I managed to do a done in one even with finding a lot of pictures AFTER I started writing the post - is the anime Dark Cat because I already posted the full animated Alita - Battle Angel movie in a previous post and also because it is more explicit so I didn´t want to include it in my comicbook related posts.

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