Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy comic book birthday Harlan Ellison

Yes, after the big announcement Yesterday I thought it would be a while before I can post again but it seems my batteries recharged faster than I expected them to ( or I haven´t fully crashed and burned yet ). So I wanted to do just a little post in honor of Harlan Ellison´s 82nd birthday.

He is best known for his over 1.700 short stories and books but he was also a big comic book fan and he wrote several comics which is the main focus of this post. I think the earliest stuff I read from his were The Summons of Psyklops in AVENGERS issue 88 drawn by Sal Buscema and Five Dooms To Save Tomorrow in issue 101 drawn by Rich Buckler.

Other Marvel books Harlan Ellison worked on :

Of course Harlan Ellison also wrote stories for Marvel´s " Distinguished Competition " his most famous one Night of The Reaper ! illustrated by Neal Adams in BATMAN 237 which was included in many trade paperbacks.

Aside from the big two Harlan has most collaborated with Dark Horse.

Here is the rest of Harlan Ellison´s comic work. I bet there are a few issues you don´t have in your collection. I know I don´t have all of these.

Since there are no links for this post let´s get right to all the other people who have completed another year. I don´t know if Jamie Oliver, who turns 41 Today, approves of Denise Van Outen´s treatment of a cucumber but the hot blonde who is one year older than Jamie shows impressive skills.

Speaking of skilled actresses Today is also the 58th birthday of scream queen Linnea Quigley who has starred in a lot of b - movies during her career, a big part of them horror movies that benefit from her disrobing.

Completing his 80th year is Louis Gosset Jr who was the voice of Lucius Fox on the animated Batman show and appeared in such classics like An Officer And A Gentleman, Jaws 3D, The Principal, The Punisher with Dolph Lundgren, Iron Eagle, Iron Eagle II, Aces : Iron Eagle III and the indispensible Iron Eagle IV. Part 3 of the series had Rachel McLish in it, the first Ms. Olympia and you may remember that I had casted her as Dawn in part seven of my casting the Justice League of America series.

Today is also the birthday of Lewis Collins who is no longer among us and is best known for playing Brody on the british tv series The Professionals. When I was a teen this was a big thing and I almost bought the series on DVD - until I learned that the german DVDs only contain the german version. Back then german tv cut the original one hour episodes down to 45 minutes so they could fit better into the transmission schedule. You can watch a few episodes on YouTube but the format is pretty small.

We also have two actors from the british cult Hammer movies ( after Peter Cushing Yesterday ) and the only reason that Christopher Lee doesn´t get a video and Vincent Price does is I had bookmarked this.

Last but not least we got Dashiell Hammett who was one of the inventors of the hardboiled detective story genre. You probably know his movie work on The Thin Man or The Maltese Falcon starring Humphrey Bogart.

I already posted this video in another post but since that was probably deleted in the meantime here is a repost of this documentary featuring comic legends like Will Eisner and Jack Kirby hosted by Harlan Ellison.

It feels kind of strange being here and not at the Comic Salon in Erlangen. Since it started there were two times I didn´t attend : the first time it was held and this was because I didn´t know - and now. No matter how things were I would always go. If I had a job, no job, a car, no car, money, no money, health ..... I guess this one really caught up with me. Anyway, when I start feeling bad about not going I remember the last time I went which probably had a big part in why I needed knee surgery afterwards. But for all who haven´t been there yet here´s a little tour of the Salon.

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