Friday, September 02, 2016

Flash Friday : Race Against Time - part 1

As announced in my last FLASH FRIDAY post I have decided to go back to the beginning of Wally West´s travels through time and finish up this storyline before returning to the issues of Paul Ryan´s FLASH run.

As this is all part of a longer story - man, I love this period because it´s just one big continuing story - we have to go back to the events of the previous story DEAD HEAT. Without spoiling too much at the end of the story Wally was in the Speed Force but his friends and most of all his fiancee Lind Park knew everything was going to be okay when in the last pages of the issue somebody emerged from the Speed Force in a blinding light : John Fox, the Flash of the 31st century. WTF ? While Wally is trying to get back to his own time over the next issues we have John Fox holding down the fort at Keystone City without any ulterior motives.

Because he´s a superhero and would never do anything to intentionally harm Wally just to build up his own ego, right ? Okay, let´s not spoiler anything and continue with the story. Or more accurately start with the story since we did part two last week. Time travel can be so confusing.  

Today´s birthdays start with mexican massita Salma Hayek who turns 50 which I find hard to believe. After looking through my files I have decided that there is enough material to re - post last year´s Salma Hayek post.

Now I still want to include a Salma Hayek video in this post and because I know that a lot of my readers either skip the entertainment section completely or don´t read my cult siren posts on principle I´m putting the longer video here so the chances that people will watch it are higher.

Keanu Reeves celebrates his 52nd birthday and among his many movies is also what I call a quasi - but - not - quite comic book movie because Constantine was nothing like the comic. A few years after that I kept hoping that they would do a movie that was faithful to the comic but since they have done the Constantine tv series ( which I thought was brilliant with a believable John Constantine ) I don´t think there isn´t the need anymore for Keanu to portray that character. It just was not meant to be and we can enjoy him in other movies. And there are a few which I can watch again and again no matter how many times I have seen it.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, if you have ever been flipping through the channels until you got stuck with a b - movie western, gladiator movie or Bud Spencer flick the chances are high that italian actor Giuliano Gemma was in it. He is our first celebrity in the Dearly Departed section and there even is a comic connection. Among the many westerns I found on his imdb rap sheet was one where the title started with Tex and the name of his role was Tex Willer which for some strange reason sounded familiar. So I opened the respective link and the movie poster looked REALLY familiar with the yellow shirt and the red TEX logo. Some readers may recall that I already wrote about this comic by italian publisher Bonelli who also does Nathan Never, Martin Mystery and Dylan Dog. Tex is written by Claudio Nizzi with art by Giovanni Ticci and I remember that I wanted to buy a few hardcovers which contained a story that the great Joe Kubert had illustrated and which were translated into german by Kult Editionen.

Coming back to Giuliano Gemma the movie is Tex e il Signori degli Abissi and I even managed to find it on DVD for five bucks at amazon. As I snatched up the last copy here is the movie for the rest of Germany.

We stay with b - movies and strange coincidences with our next candidate : in a previous FLASH FRIDAY post we had the birthday of Tawny Kitaen, who was in Bachelor Party, a movie mostly remembered for the scene where living blow up sex doll Monique Gabrielle shows her incredible naked body and Today, on another FLASH FRIDAY post we have the anniversary of director Walerian Borowczyk, best known for Emanuelle 5 in which Monique Gabrielle played the title character of Emanuelle, the french soft sex kitten with the high scream of pleasure factor who rides guys so hard they forget on which side the bedroom doorknob is. 

As I´m splitting Today´s birthdays between this post and the next one I can do a callback to Yesterday´s post and include a Gloria Estefan video.

I also mentioned Captain Planet And The Planeteers not too long ago and while the cartoon was very corny at times this fan - made trailer shows very effectively how a Captain Planet movie could totally rock by concentrating on Today´s ecological disasters. Of course Hollywood would turn this into another run of the mill disaster movie by Michael Bay.

Since Race Against Time deals a lot with the Speed Force - and because that is also very important in the tv series - I thought it´s about time for some Flash facts about the power source of all DC universe speedsters.

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