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Logan´s Run - big finale : Cathedral Prime

With all the birthday posts this month and the trouble with Yesterday´s FLASH FRIDAY post ( looking at it now you might never guess but originally I was just going to continue with Race Against Time but then I found the complete issue of Stan Lee´s FLASH online ) other things have fallen to the wayside like Marvel´s LOGAN`S RUN and it´s not the first time either.

When I posted issue 6 - over two months ago - it had been one and a half month since posting the previous issue. I didn´t plan to do more than one issue per month but the last two took much longer than planned. Sorry !

Now usually I don´t like to repeat myself but seeing that is has been really long since our last post in this series and there might be new readers out there for whom this is the first post it might be beneficiary towards a better understanding to repeat a few things. As a fan of George Perez´ work I wanted to find a way to put more George Perez art out there so when I found an old disc with the complete issues of LOGAN`S RUN - probably while looking for something related with boobs - it was almost like fate. Now I didn´t want to step on anybody´s toes and have to deal with wild accusations of just copying other people´s post. I know from personal experience how disconcerting this can be so the first thing I did was go on the internet and look for this series. But though there were a few websites that had posts about the book ( and I think I have included most of them in the links ) there were none with extensive pages much less entire issues. Now I have to stress that I myself don´t own the issues and the pictures I post here were found somewhere on the internet so long ago that I don´t even remember where I got them from. But I still thought it would be a crying shame not to have these issues accessible to the general public and all the George Perez fans out there in particular. So I have been reading along with my fellow readers while posting the comic.

While the last two issues were not done by George Perez I decided to include them anyway because to me it doesn´t make sense if there are only two more issues anyway. Might as well throw them in. So, like I explained in previous posts, as far as I could ascertain from various posts on the internet Marvel wanted to continue with LOGAN`S RUN since it was a big success for them and they were negotiating with MGM which is the reason why they only did a twelve page story in the previous issue. In the end MGM told Marvel that they could not do any stories beyond the movie so although they were already working on issues eight and nine the series had to be cancelled. So this final issue is written by John Warner, penciled by Tom Sutton and inked by Klaus Janson and if this is your first post - or you want to go back an reread the previous installments - here are the links for issue 1 , issue 2 , issue 3 , issue 4 , issue 5 and issue 6 .

So this was the LOGAN`S RUN series by Marvel and as you can see by the letters pages below they had things all set up to continue from here.

Speaking about continuing, now that this is finished I don´t know if I can do any Marvel posts to counter George Perez THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD posts. I hope you liked this series and if anybody out there wants to write about it feels free to use the material from my posts. It would be nice if you set up a link though. Apropos links, Reggie Hemingway over at the WEIRD SCIENCE DC COMICS podcast website has a post on the last two issues of Logan´s Run which I understandably didn´t want to post before the last issue. You can also find more posts about the original movie, the tv series and comic adaptions from other comic companies on the site.

Today´s birthdays start with Petey Pablo who turns 43 and one of his greatest achievements to benefit mankind was his Freek - A - Leek music video that shot living blow up sex doll 34DDD Esther Baxter to fame.

Martial arts superstar Don " The Dragon " Wilson celebrates his 62nd birthday and while he has played a corpsman in Born On The 4th Of July and the gang leader in Batman Forever you have probably seen him as the lead in r - rated martial arts movies which include a lot of Bloodfist flicks.

Now as longtime readers know one of my pet pevees on this blog is celebrating all the brave actresses who turn unsufferable dreck into bearable entertainment by taking their clothes off or at least show what their Mama gave them and who don´t get enough recognition for that.

In the movie The Capitol Conspiracy also known as Prophet there is such a blond sexbomb who uses all her physical attributes to upgrade the film.  

Getting more info on her was very difficult because instead of using her real name Wendy Schumacher she goes by Alexander Keith in the credits which doesn´t sound very feminine. In the movie Don plays an FBI agent who was part of a special experiment to give operatives mental powers and the bureau is secretly using him to track down the other members of the group and kill them. Wendy plays his handler and boy DOES she know how to handle him. Not only does she f - word him figuratively she literally tries to f - word his brains out. Daim, she can handle my pole anytime.

Originally I wanted to add The Capitol Conspiracy but the embeddin on this video has been disabled so you have to watch it on YouTube. The quality is not the best but you can see all of Wendy´s nude scenes.

Since I still try to keep the posts SAFE FOR WORK - at least mostly - and because I don´t know which ones are the best I´m not going to post any of Don´s martial arts movies but I´m sure you can find Wendy´s classic midnight movies on YouTube like Scorned 2 or Animal Instinct III where the lesbian four way in the bathtub alone is worth the price of admission. And speaking of movie cult sirens, Amy Irving who starred in Carrie and Yentl and who played Emily Sloane on Alias turns 63. Her greatest contribution to culture is as the sexy singing voice of male toon fantasy Jessica Rabbit.

The animated high quality GIF above is just one of the over 150 GIFs - some of them too big to post here OR on DeviantArt - you can find in Toongod´s Jessica Rabbit gallery at DeviantArt and be sure to check out his gallery where you can find GIFs about toon hotties like Cool World´s Holli Would, Lily Allen, Lonette or Tex Avery´s Little Red Riding Hood.

Apropos great contributions to pop culture, Gerry Conway celebrates his 64th birthday and his movie and tv writing credits include - naturally - some episodes from the new Daredevil tv series and the 90s Spider - Man cartoon with the Punisher since he co - created that character, episodes of the new Flash tv show and Super Friends with Firestorm since he also co - created him plus episodes of Batman : The Animated Series, Batman : The Brave And The Bold, Centurions, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Hercules - The Legendary Journeys, Baywatch Nights, Silk Stalkings, Matlock and Perry Mason as well as the screenplay for Ralph Bakshi´s Fire And Ice.

His accolades in the comic book field are even more impressive and the list is too long so I am only to mention a few highlights. At DC he co - created Vibe, Vixen, Killer Croc, Jason Todd and most important of all Power Girl and wrote most of the Justice League issues from 151 to 255 including the double - sized anniversary issue 200 who was done by an all star cast of artists including George Perez, Jim Aparo and Brian Bolland ( and which will be featured in an upcoming post ) among others. At Marvel he co - created Man - Thing, Jack Russell a.k.a Werewolf by Night and was the writer of Fantastic Four issues 133 to 152 and Amazing Spider - Man 111 to 149 which includes the death of Gwen Stacy and the first ( official ) crossover between DC and Marvel featuring Superman and Spider - Man.

He really would deserve his own post - or several posts - but I sadly don´t have the time for it. Thankfully you can find a lot of his issues at always reliable DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND where we start with a team up between Supergirl and the All New Doom Patrol he did with Arvell Jones and Romeo Tanghal that was published in three parts in Superman Family 191 , Superman Family 192 and Superman Family 193 . A special treat for Don Newton fans is Prelude To A Holocaust from Return Of The New Gods 12, Let Loose The Hounds Of War from Return Of The New Gods 13, A Child Shall Leave You from Return Of The New Gods 14, The Apocalypse Child with Rich Buckler and Bob McLeod from Return Of The New Gods 15, The Titan And The Hunter from Return Of The New Gods 16, The Memory Machine from Return Of The New Gods 17, The Song Of The Source from Return Of The New Gods 18 and The Secret Within Us from Return Of The New Gods 19. On the Marvel Comics side we have Eye Of The Beholder with Mike Ploog from Werewolf By Night 1 and The Yesterday Connection with Ross Andru and Mike Esposito from Giant - Size Spider - Man 3.

Speaking about co - creating things, Joe Perry turns 66 who was a co - founding member of the band Aerosmith as well as the principal song co - writer, lead guitarrist and co - producer. It must have been hard to watch band member Tyler Perry´s daughter grow up to be such a sexbomb and not being able to do anything about it. I mean he had to watch her wear those tight too short leather pants and showing her skills on the stripper pole in the Crazy video knowing that she´s un - f - word - able for him.

Our last celebrity is Jose Feliciano who celebrates his 71st birthday.

In further homage to Gerry Conway and his creation Firestorm I want to add Retroblasting´s review of the various Super Friends cartoon shows.

It has also been a long time since I posted a video from this enlightening - at least for someone who knows the perspective of an outsider - series.

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